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The agreement between the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic on cooperation in the field of culture and art

of March 15, 2007

The government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic which further are referred to as "Party"

- aiming at further development of friendship between the people of two countries,

- considering long experience of cultural ties between Tajikistan and Azerbaijan,

- recognizing value of culture and art in development of mutual understanding between the people of two states and strengthening of interstate communications, agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties will create favorable conditions for cooperation in the field of culture and art and, by mutual consent, will carry out Culture Days of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Azerbaijan Republic and Culture Days of the Azerbaijan Republic in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Article 2

The parties proceeding from importance of increase in role of culture in spiritual communication of the Tajik and Azerbaijani people, on the basis of respect of identity of each national culture and enhancement of universal cultural heritage will aim at cooperation increase between cultural institutions and arts of both Parties, and also to promote development of creative contacts of the art intellectuals of two countries.

Article 3

The parties will render assistance in establishment of direct cooperation between theaters, the concert organizations and art collectives, the museums, the organizations for protection and restoration of historical and cultural monuments, libraries, educational institutions and other organizations and cultural institutions.

Article 4

The parties, on the basis of the approved bilateral plans and programs of cultural cooperation, will help the organization of tours of art collectives and contractors, mutual exchange of the printed and electronic materials which are turned out in both countries, to creation of system of the interlibrary subscription, free use of electronic catalogs and electronic libraries.

Article 5

The parties will cooperate in area of mutual preserving cultural heritage, and also restoration of historical historical and cultural monuments. Also the Parties will promote mutual access to the state libraries, archival and museum funds of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Azerbaijan Republic for citizens of these states on equal terms.

Article 6

The parties will encourage inclusion in the repertoire of on-stage performance groups of works of poets, writers and composers of Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, expansion of the translations of works of dramatic art, for professional and amateur theaters.

The parties will promote development of cooperation in the sphere of protection of copyright and related rights between the relevant organizations of two countries.

Article 7

The parties will encourage holding meetings between cultural figures, experience exchange, specialists in the field of art education, and also participation in joint cultural programs.

Article 8

For the purpose of illumination of cultural life of two countries of the Party will regularly provide information concerning results of bilateral cooperation in press organs, publishing houses and other mass media.

Article 9

The parties will hold jointly festivals, competitions, conferences, seminars and other actions directed to expansion of bilateral cooperation in the field of culture and also will encourage participation of the representatives in the international actions devoted to questions of culture, organized by both Parties.

Article 10

By mutual consent of the Parties changes and additions which are drawn up by the separate protocols which are integral part of this agreement and becoming effective according to the procedure, stipulated in Article the 11th this agreement can be made to this agreement.

Provisions of this agreement do not affect the rights and obligations of the Parties following from other international treaties which participants they are.

Article 11

This agreement becomes effective from the date of the last written notice of accomplishment of the interstate procedures by the Parties necessary for its entry into force.

This agreement is signed for five years and will be prolonged automatically for the subsequent five-year periods if any of the parties not later than six months before the expiration of the corresponding period does not notify other party through diplomatic channels about the intention to terminate this agreement.

It is made in Dushanbe on March 15, 2007 in two authentic copies, everyone in the Tajik, Azerbaijani and Russian languages, and all texts are authentic. In case of disagreements in case of interpretation and application of provisions of this agreement the text in Russian is used.


For the Government

Republic of Tajikistan

For the Government

Azerbaijan Republic


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