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of November 26, 1992 No. 1982-XII

About environmental protection

(The last edition from 18-06-2019)

Environmental protection is the integral condition of providing ecological safety, sustainable economic and social development of society.

This Law establishes the legal basis of environmental protection, environmental management, preserving and recovery of biological diversity, natural resources and objects and is aimed at providing constitutional rights of citizens on the environment, favorable for life and health.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law and their determinations

In this Law the following basic concepts and their determinations are used:

anthropogenous object – the object created by the person for ensuring his social requirements and which does not have properties of natural objects;

the biospheric wildlife reserve – the part of the territory of the Republic of Belarus including the separate especially protected natural territories (their part) and (or) the natural territories which are subject to special protection (their part) and also other territories in which rational (steady) use of natural resources by application of elements of the economic mechanism of environmental protection and environmental management when implementing nature protection actions, separate types of economic and other activity is purposefully stimulated;

biotope – natural object (the site of the territory or the water area) with homogeneous ecological conditions which is the habitat of community of these or those types of wild animals and growths of wild-growing plants;

the favorable environment – the environment which quality ensures ecological safety, steady functioning of natural ecological systems, other natural and natural and anthropogenous objects;

impact on the environment – any direct or indirect impact on the environment of economic and other activity which effects lead to change of the environment;

the harm done to the environment – the negative change of the environment or separate components of the environment, natural or natural and anthropogenous objects having money value expressed in their pollution, degradation, depletion, damage, destruction, unlawful taking and (or) other deterioration in their condition as a result of the harmful effects on the environment connected with violation of requirements in the field of environmental protection, other violation of the law;

harmful effects on the environment – any direct or indirect impact on the environment of economic and other activity which effects lead to negative changes of the environment;

the state inventory of natural resources – the systematized code of the natural resources this about quantity and quality characteristics, their economic evaluation and use;

natural ecological system – objectively existing part of the environment which has space and territorial borders and in which live (objects of plant and animal life) and its lifeless components interact as single functional whole and are connected among themselves by exchange of substance and energy;

environmental pollution – receipt in environment components, stay and (or) origin in them as a result of harmful effects on the environment of substance, physical factors (energy, noise, radiation and other factors), microorganisms, properties, location or the number of whom lead to negative changes of physical, chemical, biological and other indicators of state of environment, including to exceeding of standard rates in the field of environmental protection;

pollutant – substance or mix of substances which intake to the environment causes its pollution;

quality of the environment – the state of environment which is characterized by physical, chemical, biological and (or) other indicators or their set;

environment components – the earth (including soils), subsoil, waters, atmospheric air, plant and animal life, and also the ozone layer and near-earth space providing in total favorable conditions for existence of life on Earth;

The Red List of the Republic of Belarus – the list of the rare and being under the threat of disappearance in the territory of the Republic of Belarus types, including subspecies, versions (further – types) wild animals and wild-growing plants;

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