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of February 21, 2006 No. 3447-IV

About protection of animals against ill treatment

(as amended on 15-07-2021)

This Law is directed to protection against sufferings and death of animals as a result of them abuse, protection of their natural rights and strengthening of morality and humanity of society.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

In this Law terms are used in the following value:

animals - the biological objects relating to fauna: agricultural, house, wild, including domestic and wild bird, fur, laboratory, zoo, circus;

wild animals are animals whose natural environment of existence is the wild nature, including being in bondage or semi-free conditions;

pets - dogs, cats and other animals who during long historical period traditionally contain and get divorced the person and also animals of the types or breeds which are artificially removed by the person for satisfaction of esthetic requirements and needs for communication who, as a rule, have no the viable wild populations consisting of individuals with similar morphological features and exist long time in their natural area;

farm animals are animals who contain and get divorced the person for product receipt and raw materials of animal origin;

homeless animals are the pets who were left without leaving of the person or formed semi-free groups capable to breed out of control of the person;

experimental animal - the animal used for carrying out scientific experiences, experiments;

euthanasia - the humane methods of killing of animals excluding them agonal sufferings;

cruel killing of animals - killing of animals without use of the anesthetics preventing feeling animals of pain and fear;

biosterilization - deprivation of animals by surgical or biological method of capability to reproduction of posterity (reproductive capability);

dolphinarium - the company, organization, the organization which part the complex of technical constructions and systems for content in the conditions of bondage of marine mammals, and also for the organization of shows with their participation is;

no content of wild animals in semi-free conditions - content in simulated conditions of the wild animals acquired in accordance with the established procedure in case of which they eat mainly natural sterns, but is had by possibilities of free movement out of limits of artificially isolated site;

the center of rehabilitation of animals - the legal entity created for the purpose of the organization of rescuing, content and treatment in the conditions of bondage of animals who were traumatized of natural disaster, unlawful taking from the environment and also for the purpose of physical and psychological recovery of such animals for their return to the wild nature or the perpetual maintenance;

animals abuse - mockery at animals, including the homeless which entailed their tortures inflicted on them physical pain, suffering, including the entailed bodily harms, mutilations or death, incitement of animals at each other and on other animals, made from hooligan or mercenary motives, leaving of animals to the mercy of fate, and also other abuses of regulations of content, the address and transportation of animals;

the humane attitude towards animals - the actions conforming to requirements of protection of animals against ill treatment and providing the benevolent attitude towards animals, assistance to their benefit, improvement of quality of their life, etc.;

portable menagerie - specially equipped non-capital constructions, temporary rooms, transport, mobile cages, barriers, other portable designs used by cultural institutions, circuses, portable circuses, the tour centers and other persons for content and transportation of wild animals for the purpose of their use in circus, variety, entertaining activities (public and private nature) and also for their public demonstration, attraction to the displays, exhibitions which do not have scientific value

the quarantine platform - specially equipped rooms or parts of rooms intended for temporary content of pets in case of their catch or temporary isolation;

content in house conditions - the restriction of natural freedom of pets excluding them free movement outside the apartment, the yard of the certain house;

animals shelters - the non-profitable organizations which are specially intended and equipped for content of homeless animals;

animal mutilation - bodily harm which led to loss of any body or part of body of animal and/or to loss of physiological function of body of animal;

bodily harm of animal - the violation of anatomic integrity or physiological function of bodies and tissues of body of animal arising owing to action of one or several external damaging factors;

testing of dogs - selection for breeding work of the dogs, full-fledged on behavioural reactions, conforming to requirements of the standard.


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