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of June 24, 2004 No. 1864-IV

About ecological network of Ukraine

(as amended on 22-03-2018)

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Legislation of Ukraine on ecological network

The relations connected with forming, preserving and rational, unexhausted use of ecological network (further - econetwork), are regulated according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "About the Nation-wide program of forming of national ecological network of Ukraine for 2000-2015", this Law, and also the laws of Ukraine, other regulatory legal acts adopted according to them and international treaties of Ukraine.

Article 2. Tasks of the legislation on econetwork

Tasks of the legislation on econetwork are regulation of the public relations in the field of forming, preserving and rational, unexhausted use of econetwork as one of the most important premises of ensuring steady, ecologically balanced development of Ukraine, protection of the surrounding environment, satisfaction of modern and perspective economic, social, ecological and other interests of society.

Article 3. The terms used in this Law

In this Law the stated below terms are used in the following value:

econetwork - single territorial system which is formed for the purpose of improvement of conditions for forming and recovery of the environment, increase in natural and resource potential of the territory of Ukraine, preserving landscape and biodiversity, places of the settlement and growth of valuable types of animal and flora, genetic fund, ways of migration of animals by consolidation of the territories and objects of natural and reserved fund, and also other territories having special value for protection of the surrounding environment and according to the laws and the international obligations of Ukraine of subjects to special protection;

the summary scheme of forming of econetwork - the regulatory legal act determining priorities and conceptual bases of forming, preserving and unexhausted use of econetwork of Ukraine, development of system of the territories and objects of natural and reserved fund, forming of structural elements of econetwork at the national level;

object of econetwork - the separate component of econetwork having signs of space object - certain area, borders, characteristics, etc. The territories and objects of natural and reserved fund, water fund, forest fund, agricultural holdings of extensive use (pastures, haying grounds), etc. belong to objects of econetwork;

structural elements of econetwork - the territories of econetwork differing on the functions. The key, connecting, buffer and recovered territories belong to structural elements of econetwork. The key territories provide preserving the components, most valuable and typical for this region, landscape and biodiversity. The connecting territories (ecocorridors) connect between themselves the key territories, provide migration of animals and exchange of genetic material. The buffer territories provide protection of the key and connecting territories against external impacts. The recovered territories provide forming of space integrity of econetwork for which priority actions on reproduction of primary natural condition shall be executed.

Article 4. Principles of forming, preserving and use of econetwork

Forming, preserving and use of econetwork is performed according to the following basic principles:

a) ensuring integrity of ecosystem functions of constituent elements of econetwork;

b) preserving and ecologically balanced use of natural resources in the territory of econetwork;

c) suspension of losses of the natural and semi-natural territories (occupied with the vegetable groups of natural origin and complexes changed in the course of human activities), expansion of the area of the territory of econetwork;

d) ensuring the state support, stimulation of subjects of managing during creation on their lands of the territories and objects of natural and reserved fund, other territories, subjects to special protection, developments of econetwork;

?) ensuring participation of citizens and their associations in development of offers and decision making on forming, preserving and use of econetwork;

e) ensuring merging of national econetwork with econetworks of the adjacent countries entering into Pan-European econetwork, all-round development of international cooperation in this sphere;

e) enhancement of structure of the lands of Ukraine by providing scientifically based ratio between different categories of lands;

є) system accounting of ecological, social and economic interests of society.

Article 5. The constituting econetworks

Join in the constituting structural elements of econetwork:

a) territories and objects of natural and reserved fund;

b) earth of water fund, wetlands, the water protection zones;

c) earth of forest fund;

d) the windbreak forest fields and other protective plantings which are not referred to lands of forest fund;

") the earth of improving appointment with their natural resources;

e) the earth of recreational appointment, the populations used for the organization of mass rest and tourism and holding sporting events;

e) other natural territories and objects (sites of steppe vegetation, pasture, haying grounds, meadows, stone scatterings, sands, saline soils, the parcels of land within which there are natural objects having special natural value);

є) the parcels of land on which the natural vegetable groups included in the Green book of Ukraine grow;

g) the territories which are habitats or growths of types of animal and the flora included in the Red List of Ukraine;

h) partially the earth of agricultural purpose of extensive use - pasture, meadows, haying grounds, etc.;

i) it is radioactive the contaminated land which are not used and subject to separate protection as natural regions with the separate status.

Article 6. Property right to the earth and other natural resources of objects of econetwork

1. Inclusion of the territories and objects in the list of the territories and objects of econetwork does not attract change of pattern of ownership and category of lands on the corresponding parcels of land and other natural resources, their owner or the user.

2. Owners and users of the territories and objects included in lists of the territories and objects of econetwork have the right:

a) address to executive bodies and local government bodies with offers on provision of the financial support directed to preserving landscape and biodiversity;

b) take part in discussion and entering of offers into drafts of appropriate programs of development of econetwork;

c) prepare and submit in accordance with the established procedure proposals on provision of the status of object of natural and reserved fund;

d) obtain information on ecological condition of the territory or the object included in econetwork;

?) take part in international cooperation concerning forming, preserving and use of econetwork.

3. Owners and users of the territories and objects included in lists of the territories and objects of econetwork shall provide their use on purpose.


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