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of June 2, 2005 No. 2633-IV

About heat supply

(as amended on 18-11-2021)

This Law determines the main legal, economic and organizational basis of activities on objects of the sphere of heat supply and governs the relations connected with production, transportation, supply and use of heat energy for the purpose of ensuring energy security of Ukraine, increase in energy efficiency of functioning of systems of heat supply, creation and enhancement of the market of heat energy and consumer protection and workers of the sphere of heat supply.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

In this Law the main terms are used in the following value:

the asset holder (buildings, groups of buildings, housing complex) - the owner of the corresponding property or the legal entity who under the agreement with the owner contains the corresponding property on balance and signed the purchase and sale agreement of heat energy with the heatgenerating or heatsupplying organization, and also agreements on rendering housing and communal services with final consumers;

production of heat energy - the economic activity connected with transformation of energy resources of any origin, including alternative energy sources on heat energy by means of technical means for the purpose of its sale based on the agreement;

the guaranteed supplier - is used in the value determined by the Law of Ukraine "About bases of functioning of the natural gas market";

group of buildings (constructions) - two or more buildings (constructions) which together with thermal networks to installation site of node of commercial accounting of heat energy have one balance sheet accessory;

source of heat energy - the production facility intended for production of heat energy;

investing program - the complex of actions approved in accordance with the established procedure, for increase in level of reliability and ensuring effective work of systems of centralized heat supply, containing obligations of the company in the field of centralized heat supply for construction (reconstruction, upgrades) objects in this sphere, to service quality improvement, with the corresponding calculations and reasons, and also specifying of financing sources and the schedule of accomplishment;

cogeneration installation - the equipment complex working with method of the combined production of electrical and heat energy or the energy potential of engineering procedures turning waste in electrical and heat energy;

the high-level thermal network - the complex of pipelines and constructions providing transportation of the heat carrier from source of heat energy to local (distribution) thermal network;

local (distribution) thermal network - set of power stations, the equipment and pipelines which provides transportation of the heat carrier from source of heat energy, the central heat distribution station or the high-level thermal network to thermal input of the consumer;

regulations and rules - certain requirements, including the instructions accepted and registered according to the procedure, established by the legislation, on ensuring proper technical condition of the thermal, heatusing installations and networks, their operation, designing and construction;

objects in the field of heat supply - the heatgenerating stations or installations, thermal power plants, combined heat and power plants, boiler, cogeneration installations, thermal networks which are intended for production and transportation of heat energy, and also the objects and constructions, the capital and service equipment used for ensuring safe and reliable operation of thermal networks;

the conservation zone of thermal networks - lands along thermal networks for providing normal conditions of their operation, the prevention of damage, and also for reduction of their negative impact on people, adjacent lands, natural objects and the environment;

deliveries of heat energy (heat supply) - the economic activity connected with provision of heat energy (heat carrier) to consumers by means of technical means of transportation and distribution of heat energy based on the agreement;

Current accounts with the special mode of use for borrowing facilities (further - special accounts for borrowing facilities) - the accounts of subjects of managing in the field of heat supply opened in national or foreign currency, intended for accumulating and use of the credit (loan) means received from international financial institutions, foreign public institutions or according to intergovernmental agreements or the funds raised by the state or subjects of managing in the field of heat supply under the state or local guarantees only for preparation and accomplishment of investing programs (actions) in the specified sphere at the expense of such means and also for receipt of funds for return and servicing of the credit (loan) according to agreements of the credit (loan);

current accounts with the special mode of use for carrying out settlings with the guaranteed supplier of natural gas (further - accounts with the special mode of use) - the accounts of the heatsupplying organization opened in authorized bank and intended for transfer of funds deposited by consumers of heat energy and the heatsupplying organizations receiving heat energy for further supply of consumers for which production the natural gas delivered by the guaranteed supplier is fully or partially used;

current accounts with the special mode of use for carrying out calculations for investing programs (further - special accounts) - the accounts of subjects of managing in the field of centralized heat supply intended for accumulating and use of means only for accomplishment of investing programs in the specified sphere;

rate (price) of heat energy - monetary value of production costs, transportation, delivery of unit of heat energy (1 Gcal) taking into account profitability of production, investment and other components which are determined it agrees with the techniques developed by the national commission performing state regulation in the field of utilities;

thermal installation - the equipment, devices intended for production, transformation and consumption of heat energy;

the heatused installation - the complex of the equipment (devices) using heat energy (heat carrier) for heating, ventilation, hot water supply, technology or household needs;

the heatgenerating installation - complex of the interconnected equipment making heat energy irrespective of the place of its arrangement;

the heat carrier - liquid or gaseous substance, circulating in pipes or channels also transfers heat energy in systems of heat supply, heating, ventilation and technology installations;

the paragraph of the twenty second is excluded;

the sphere of heat supply - field of activity on production, transportation, delivery of heat energy to consumers;

the metering device of heat energy - the means of the measuring equipment having the normalized metrological characteristics which type is entered in the state register of the approved types of means of the measuring equipment on the basis of which indications the amount of the consumed heat energy is determined;

the market of heat energy - the sphere of the address of heat energy as goods on which there is demand and supply;


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