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of June 29, 2004 No. 1914-IV

About urban electric transportation

(as amended on 20-09-2019)

This Law determines legal, organizational and social and economic basis of functioning of city electric common carrier in the market of transport services and is directed to creating favorable conditions for its development, requirements satisfaction of citizens in available, high-quality and safe transportations.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Determination of the main terms

1. In this Law the stated below terms are used in the following value:

the automated system of accounting of payment of journey - the software and hardware complex intended for implementation of accounting of the provided transport services by means of the electronic ticket;

the ticket - the travel document of the established form which grants the right to the passenger on receipt of transport services;

activities in the field of urban electric transportation - implementation of complex of the works and measures connected with preparation, the organization and rendering transport services;

customers of transport services (customers) - the local executive bodies, local government bodies and/or the legal entities authorized by them ordering transport services;

route (line) - driving direction of the tram, trolleybus (the train of the subway, the high-speed tram) according to the established schedule between determined and respectively the equipped Items at stops;

urban electric transportation - the constituent of single transport system intended for transportation of citizens by trams, trolleybuses, trains of the subway on routes (lines) according to requirements of life support of settlements;

objects of urban electric transportation - railway vehicles, contact networks, transformer stations, track tram and the subway, and also the constructions intended for ensuring rendering transport services;

the passenger - physical person which uses the vehicle, staying in it, but not involved in management of it;

unit of transport work - run of one unit of railway vehicles of urban electric transportation with passengers on distance in one kilometer (car-kilometer or trolleybuso-kilometer);

carrier - the legal entity who renders transport services in the procedure established by the legislation, performing operation and content of objects of urban electric transportation;

railway vehicles - tram cars, trolleybuses, cars of the subway;

rate - the cost size of payment for one-time journey of one passenger or transportation of one piece of luggage by urban electric transportation within the established distance (zone) or term;

transport services - public conveyance and their baggage urban electric transportation, and also rendering other services connected with such transportation;

the electronic ticket - the travel document of the established form which after registration in the automated system of accounting of payment of journey grants the right to the passenger on receipt of transport services.

Article 2. Law coverage

1. This Law governs the relations connected with activities in the field of city electric common carrier in which customers of transport services, carriers and passengers participate.

Article 3. Legislation on urban electric transportation

1. The legislation on urban electric transportation consists of this Law, the laws of Ukraine "About transport", "About traffic" and other regulatory legal acts governing the relations in this sphere.

Section II. Transportation by urban electric transportation

Article 4. Procedure for rendering transport services

1. Transport services are rendered with observance of the following requirements:

regularity (reliability) of transportations on routes (lines) providing the prevention of unplanned traffic interruptions and recovery of transportations in case of their origin;

accounting of passenger traffics in case of determination of quantity of the railway vehicles working at routes (lines) and creation of the schedule of movement for appropriate time of days;

establishments of motion speed on routes (lines) taking into account technical and utilization parameters of railway vehicles, and also safety requirements of movement;

compliance of technical condition of the railway vehicles working at routes (lines) to the norms determined by the legislation;

safety of transportations.

2. Transport services are rendered on contractual bases between carrier and the customer taking into account:

regulations of ensuring servicing with urban electric transportation; figure of merits of transport services.

3. Payment of transport services is carried out directly by passengers and the customer. The right to use of transport services is granted by the acquired one-time ticket, the zakompostirovanny subscription coupon, the ticket of long-term use, card of the certificate or the reference granting the right to preferential journey according to the legislation, and in case of implementation of the automated system of accounting of payment of journey - the registered electronic ticket.

4. Financing of transportation of preferential category of citizens is performed according to the legislation.

5. The carrier has no right to refuse preferential transportations, except the cases provided by the laws.

6. Lgotny Proyezd in urban electric transportation does not grant the right to free transportation of baggage.

7. Rules of rendering services by urban electric transportation affirm the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

8. Instructions for use urban electric transportation affirm relevant organ of local self-government. They determine procedure for journey and its payment, the right and obligation of passengers, and also relations of carriers and passengers by provision of transport services, considering features of transport infrastructure and availability of the automated system of accounting of payment of journey.

Article 5. Routes (lines) of transportations

1. The main form of transport servicing of the population is transportation by trams and trolleybuses along routes, and the subway, the high-speed tram - on lines according to the transport schemes of the cities (regions) approved in accordance with the established procedure.

2. Routes (lines) are divided by types of transport connection on city, suburban (country) and long-distance.

3. Approval of routes (lines) is performed by the customer based on the master plan of the settlement and the scheme of planning of the respective region taking into account demand for city, suburban (country) and long-distance passenger traffic.

4. Routes (lines) are equipped with dispatching stations, controls movement, pavilions (stations) for passengers, and also necessary sanitary and hygienic arrangement.

5. The schedule of movement on the established routes (lines) affirms carrier in coordination with the customer of transport services.

6. The list of routes (lines) and change to them are brought to the attention of the population through local mass media.


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