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The document ceased to be valid since  April 12, 2017 according to Item 1 of the Section II of the Law of Ukraine of  April 12, 2017 No. 1965-VIII


of February 20, 2003 No. 545-IV

About the State program of aviation safety of civil aviation

(as amended on 23-12-2015)

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decides:

Approve the State program of aviation safety of civil aviation it (is applied).

President of Ukraine

L. Kuchma

Approved by the Law of Ukraine of February 20, 2003 No. 545-IV

State program of aviation safety of civil aviation

Section I. General provisions

1. The state program of aviation safety of civil aviation (further - the Program) is developed according to conventions on international civil aviation, on fight against illegal capture of air vehicles, on fight against the illegal acts directed against safety of civil aviation on the crimes and some other acts made onboard air vehicles and of marking of plastic explosive substances for the purpose of their identification, and also other international acts.

The program considers requirements of the UN Security Council about the direction of common efforts to the prevention and suppression of acts of terrorism, in particular resolutions of September 28, 2001 No. 1373.

2. The program is developed based on Appendix 17 to the Convention on international civil aviation "Safety. Protection of international civil aviation against acts of illegal intervention" and Managements on safety for protection of civil aviation against acts of illegal intervention.

Section II. Terms and their determination

3. The terms applied in this Program are used in the following value:

aviation safety - package of measures, and also the human and material resources intended for protection of civil aviation against acts of illegal intervention in its activities;

the air enterprise - the air transport enterprise offering or operating air service;

general aviation - civil aviation which activities do not concern the regular air transportation and irregular air-transport transactions which are carried out for a fee or on hiring;

the agent on the organization of servicing of air transportation (further - the agent of air transportation) - the personnel of service of passenger servicing performing passenger check-in and registration of their baggage by rules of air carrier and the operating technologies;

airfield, marine aerodrome - certain site terrestrial, surface of the water, including any buildings, constructions and the equipment, intended fully or partially for arrival, departure, movement, the parking and servicing of air vehicles;

the airport - the complex of constructions intended for acceptance/departure of air vehicles, servicing of airborne transportations, carrying out aerial works and having airfield, air terminal, other land constructions and the necessary equipment for these purposes;

the act of illegal intervention is:

violence against person which is onboard the air vehicle in flight time if such actions can threaten safety of this air vehicle;

destruction of the air vehicle which is in operation or its damage that can put the vessel out of action or threatens its safety in flight time;

placement or attempts of placement in the air vehicle which is in operation, devices or substances which can destroy or entail it the damage menacing to safety of the air vehicle in flight time;

destruction or damage of objects of radio navigational providing or intervention in their operation if any specified action threatens safety of the air vehicle in flight time;

the message of obviously inveracious data which can entail safety hazard of the air vehicle in flight time;

illegal and intentional use of the device, substance or weapon:

for implementation of act of violence concerning person at the airport, in airfield that does or can do harm to his health or cause death;

for destruction or major damage of the equipment or constructions of the airport, airfield, its services and located at the airport, in airfield of air vehicles;

for safety hazard of flights at the airport, in airfield;

baggage - the things of passengers, crew members transported onboard the air vehicle under the agreement with the operator;

baggage container - reservoir into which the baggage for transportation onboard the air vehicle is loaded;

baggage which is transported by several carriers, - the passengers' luggage which is subject to overload from the air vehicle of one operator on the air vehicle of another in transit of passengers;

onboard supplies - the objects provided by the operator for use or sale onboard the air vehicle in flight time, including food;

load - property, except onboard supplies and baggage, transported onboard the air vehicle;

cargo area - the land area, and also the buildings, the equipment intended for load handling: platform, cargo warehouses and storages, stalls of vehicles, related means of communication, etc.;

the cargo warehouse - the building in which there is load at stage between airborne and land transportation and where there are means of load handling or is stored load before its airborne or land transportation;

the militarized protection - the special division of service of aviation safety of the airport with singular authorized problems created for protection of air vehicles, objects of state-owned property and the property of the companies of civil aviation placed on them, and also for maintenance of the necessary internal object mode;

the operator - the legal entity operating the air vehicle or offering the services in this area;

explosion threat - threat, the message on which arrived anonymously or other channels and which contains true or unchecked information that or on the earth, the airport, to means of civil aviation or person explosion from use of explosive substance or other objects or devices can threaten safety of the air vehicle in flight;

departure lounge - space between check-in location and the place of expectation of the controlled area;

the registered agent, the freight forwarder of load - the legal entity registered by the relevant authorized body of the executive authority performing business activity with the operator and providing control on safety concerning load, express and mailings;

mishandled baggage - baggage which inadvertently or by carelessness is separated passengers or crew;

retroactive effects - the measures determined by standards, regulations, rules performed for the prevention and/or settlement of crisis situation, suppression of the act of illegal intervention, other illegal infringement of normal, regular, safe activities of civil aviation;

the zone of limited access - zone of the airport, construction and means, access to which is limited or is controlled for the purpose of ensuring aviation security and aviation safety;

maintenance zone of air vehicles - the land area, and also the means and the equipment provided for maintenance of courts: platforms, hangars, buildings and workshops, stalls of land vehicles and related means of communication;


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