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of September 14, 2000 No. 1947-III

About the Nation-wide program of the address with toxic waste

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decides:

1. Approve the Nation-wide program of the address with toxic waste it (is applied).

2. This Law becomes effective from the date of its publication.


President of Ukraine L. Kuchma

Approved by the Law of Ukraine of September 14, 2000 No. 1947-III

The nation-wide program of the address with toxic waste


In Ukraine as a result of formation of large volumes of toxic (dangerous) waste the problem of ecological safety acquired special sharpness. The gap between the progressing accumulating of toxic waste and measures for their utilization and neutralization threatens with deepening of ecological crisis and aggravation of social and economic situation in Ukraine.

The effective solution of all complex of the questions connected with liquidation or restriction of negative impact of toxic waste for the surrounding environment and health of the person is possible only on the basis of the measures provided by the Nation-wide program of the address with toxic waste (further - the Program) which considers the current state of economy in Ukraine, the prospects of its social and economic development.

Need of forming of the special Program is caused by also considerable need for scientific research and capital investments, rather low cost efficiency, duration and technological complexity of the most part of measures for the address with toxic waste. It provides coherence of the main program actions, goals management of cross-industry and interregional communications, control of the course of accomplishment of tasks, attraction of financial resources from the different sources which are not forbidden by the law.

In case of development of the Program the international experience of the problem resolution in the sphere of the address with toxic waste is considered.

The state customer of the Program is the central executive body to which maintaining questions of providing ecological safety and protection of the surrounding environment are carried.

The term of accomplishment of the Program - 2000-2005.

Inventory count and the statistical reporting for 1995-1999 demonstrate that at the companies of Ukraine about 100 million tons of toxic waste is annually formed. From them 2,5-3,5 of one million tons concerns to the most dangerous according to the European standards (I-III classes of danger).

The number of the companies at which toxic waste is fixed exceeds 2500. The total amount of accumulating of toxic waste constitutes 4,4 of one billion tons, and current expenses on their removal and hraneniyeokolo 120 million hryvnias in 1995 and about 361 million hryvnias in 1998.

Depending on the number of accumulating of amounts of toxic waste in certain territories of the country the issue of the treatment of them is resolved at the following levels:



local (object).

On amounts of education the toxic waste containing heavy metals (chrome, lead, nickel, cadmium, mercury) prevails. Mainly it is waste of the companies of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering (galvanic productions).

The separate group of toxic waste is constituted by the unsuitable to use and forbidden to application chemical remedies of plants (further - unsuitable HSZR). According to official statistics, the number of this waste which is saved up in Ukraine makes thousand tons about 13,5. They are dispersed on all territory of Ukraine, quite often are in unadapted and accidental rooms, and here and there under the open sky. There are 109 warehouses of centralized storage of the toxic waste which is under authority of local public administrations, and about 5000 warehouses in agricultural enterprises.

Considerable part of objects where toxic waste is stored, is very dangerous to the surrounding environment owing to migration of toxic components by infiltration in underground and surface water, razneseniye by wind, animals and activities of the person.

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