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of March 23, 2000 No. 1584-III

About the victims of Nazi prosecutions

(as amended on 18-09-2018)

This Law determines the legal, economic and organizational principles of state policy concerning the victims of Nazi prosecutions and is directed to their social protection and preserving memory of them.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Concepts and terms

For the purposes of this Law the following terms and concepts are used:

the victims of Nazi prosecutions - persons which were affected in the years of World War II by Nazi prosecutions based on political, national and religious nature, the hostile relation to national socialism;

Nazi prosecutions - criminal deprivation by Germany in the years of World War II of freedom of civilians in temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine or beyond its limits by the conclusion it in concentration camps, ghetto, other places of detention, and also violent evacuation of civilians for forced labor on the territory of Germany or its allies who were at war with the former USSR or in the territory of other states occupied by them;

the concentration camp - the place of preventive detention of people based on political, national and religious nature according to the decision of the state secret police - Gestapo, without the investigation and court, without establishment of term, with especially cruel detention regime (isolation), and for the purpose of gradual extermination of prisoners back-breaking hard labor, hunger, executions, tortures, murders and executions, subordinated to inspection of concentration camps of the Third Reich with characteristic signs:

- complete isolation of prisoners from the outside peace which is ensured by complex of the constructions enclosed with system of wire barriers under the high voltage, establishment of weapon emplacements on security towers and in land earth-and-timber emplacements on barrier perimeter and also the system of external posts excluding possibility of penetration into the camp from the outside;

- registration of prisoners and introduction of special clothes and system of identification marks and numbers;

- protection by troops of CC;

- use of work of prisoners by the main service of economic board of CC;

- non-use of the preventive detention performed by the state secret police - Gestapo as punishment or replacement of imprisonment;

ghetto - the part of the territory of the settlement allocated for forced content of Jewish people for the purpose of their isolation and further destruction;

other places of detention and places of forced labor:

- labor camp - detention center of citizens for certain term for evasion from labor service, with the further direction on prior workplace or in the concentration camp subordinated to commandant's office of SD and security police with especially cruel detention regime;

- forced-labor camp for Jewish people - detention center of Jewish people for the purpose of their use on hard work, transformed from ghetto or newly created with evacuation of able-bodied Jews from ghetto, subordinated to management of police and CC;

- the camp of destruction, created for the purpose of carrying out executions in stationary rooms, and places of mass executions of civilians;

- Gestapo prisons - detention centers and contents for political motives using to prisoners of violent acts of exclusive cruelty, including tortures and murders;

- medical and child care facilities which violently contained donor persons, persons over whom criminal medical experiments, and persons selected for onemechivaniye were made;

- created in places of active anti-fascist actions of the camp for the hostages who were liable to mass physical destruction;

- portable groups (teams) from among civilians which were used by invaders for own protection when holding military operations or works on mine clearing;

- quarantine infectious the camp, the defenses created by Nazis on first line for spread of infectious diseases among civilians and troops of the Soviet Army;

- the camp for members of families of officers of the Soviet Army.

Article 2. Legislation of Ukraine on the victims of Nazi prosecutions

The legislation of Ukraine on the victims of Nazi prosecutions consists of this Law and other regulatory legal acts.


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