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of February 22, 2000 No. 1478-III

About hunting economy and hunting

(as amended on 07-02-2017)

This Law determines legal, economic and organizational basis of activities of legal entities and physical persons in the field of hunting economy and hunting, provides the equal rights to all users of hunting grounds in relations with public authorities on maintaining hunting economy, organization of protection, regulation of number to use and reproduction of fauna.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Terms and their determination

In this Law terms are used in the following value:

biotechnical actions - complex of the various economic works directed to improvement of conditions of dwelling, reproduction and increase in number of hunting animals;

the state hunting fund - the hunting animals who are in condition of natural freedom, and also containing in semi-free conditions or in bondage within grounds of the state hunting farms;

users of hunting grounds - specialized hunting farms, other companies, organizations and the organizations in which specialized divisions for maintaining hunting economy with provision in their use of hunting grounds are created;

hunting - type of special use of fauna by production of the hunting animals who are in condition of natural freedom or containing in semi-free conditions within hunting grounds;

hunting economy as industry - the sphere of social production which main objectives are protection, regulation of number of wild animals use and reproduction of hunting animals, rendering services to hunters in hunting implementation, development of hunting dog breeding;

hunting dog breeding - the activities connected with cultivation, cultivation, content, accounting, preparation for hunting and use for needs of hunters of dogs of hunting breeds;

hunting animals - wild animals and birds who can be subjects to hunting;

hunting trophies - appropriately processed parts of hunting animals (skin, horn, skulls, canines, etc.) got by hunting used in the scientific, esthetic, cultural and educational purposes;

hunting grounds - land areas and water space on which there are hunting animals and which can be used for maintaining hunting economy;

hunting grounds of the state hunting reserve (or inventory) - the hunting grounds which are not assigned to certain users or exempted due to deprivation of right to use, which protection and regulation of number of animals on which are performed by directly central executive body realizing state policy in the field of hunting economy;

permission to production - the document (the license, otstrelny card, permission to selection, diagnostic and scientific shooting) which grants the right to production (including catching) wild animal (animals), and also the right to use (transportation, transferring, storage) hunting products;

illegally the got hunting products - wild animal or his part got (caught) or acquired in any other way with violation of requirements of this Law or other regulatory legal acts adopted according to it, governing the relations in the field of use of natural resources of Ukraine;

shooting regulation - the assigned amount of hunting animals permitted for production by one hunter for certain term of hunting;

hunting - the actions of the person directed to tracing, prosecution for the purpose of production and production (shooting, catching) of the hunting animals who are in condition of natural freedom or containing in semi-free conditions;

hunting products - the carcasses of hunting animals extracted by hunting or acquired in any other way, their parts (meat, offal, skins, horns, skulls, canines, etc.), and also the caught live hunting animals;

regulation of number of wild animals - withdrawal (shooting and catching) of the wild animals staying in condition of natural freedom provided that their number in the specific territory threatens life and human health, pets, causes significant damage to agricultural, forest or hunting industry, breaks natural balance of types, threatens existence of other types of wild animals;

hunting season - the period of year (specific start and end date) during which hunting for certain type of hunting animals is allowed;

night-time - time of day which begins for hour after sunset and comes to an end for hour till the sunrise;

the device of hunting grounds - evidence-based assessment and inventory count of types of hunting grounds, the specific, quantitative and high-quality list of hunting animals of certain economy or the certain region, development (taking into account natural and economic conditions) the mode of maintaining hunting economy with determination of measures for protection, rational use, reproduction of hunting animals, to preserving and improvement of condition of grounds;

no content of hunting animals in semi-free conditions - content of the hunting animals acquired in accordance with the established procedure in simulated conditions in which they eat mainly natural sterns, but is had by opportunities to move freely out of limits of artificially isolated site of hunting ground;

content of hunting animals in bondage - content of hunting animals in the corresponding constructions where they have no opportunity to eat natural sterns and to independently go beyond such constructions.

Article 2. Hunting animals as natural resource of nation-wide value

The hunting animals who are in condition of natural freedom treat natural resources of nation-wide value.

Article 3. Property right to hunting animals and right to use by these animals

The hunting animals who are in condition of natural freedom within the territory of Ukraine are object of the property right of the Ukrainian people.

On behalf of the Ukrainian people of the right of the owner of hunting animals perform public authorities and local government bodies in the limits determined by the Constitution of Ukraine.

Public authorities perform the rights of the owner concerning all hunting animals, except for those which according to the procedure, established by this Law and other acts of the legislation, are transferred to the utility possession or private property legal and physical persons.

Use of hunting animals can be performed with withdrawal or without their withdrawal from the environment or artificially created semi-free conditions.

The hunting animals withdrawn from the environment in the procedure established by the law, divorced in bondage, semi-free conditions or acquired some other way not prohibited law, can stay in private, utility property of legal entities and physical persons.

For the purpose of safety of the population, and also for the benefit of protection of fauna the right of private property to hunting animals can be limited to the law.


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