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of January 13, 1998 No. 9/98-BP

About cinematography

(as amended on 30-05-2023)

This Law determines the legal basis of activities in the field of cinematography and governs the public relations connected with production, distribution, storage and demonstration of movies.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Legislation of Ukraine on cinematography

The legislation of Ukraine on cinematography is based on the Constitution of Ukraine, and consists of this Law and other regulatory legal acts of Ukraine.

Article 2. Law coverage

Operation of this Law extends to legal entities irrespective of their patterns of ownership and physical persons who are engaged in professional activity in cinematography in Ukraine.

Article 3. Basic concepts

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

the author of the movie - physical person which personal labor determines creative intention and/or methods of its realization in the movie;

archive set of initial materials of the movie - set of film carriers of the original of the movie, (double negative) consisting of negative, reference and rolling positive of the image, optical soundtrack, the summary of the movie, and also the digital initial materials of the movie, paper and photographic materials, etc. intended for lifelong storage;

exclusive right on the movie - the property right of legal entity or physical person granting the right only to this person on use of the movie in any form and any permitted method;

the contractor of the movie - physical person which own work took part in realization of creative intentions of authors of the movie in the course of its creation;

the producer of the movie - subject of cinematography which took the responsibility for production of the movie;

production of the movie - the process of creation of the movie combining cooperation of authors and contractors of the movie and other subjects of cinematography, consisting of the periods (stages) of production (development of the film project, development of the scenario, preparatory, film-making, mounting тонировочный);

initial materials of the movie - material carriers of the original of the work of cinematography which use gives the chance to make (to replicate) film copies;

the demonstrator of the movie - the subject of cinematography performing demonstration (public display) of the movie;

demonstration (public display, public demonstration and the public notification (informing everyone) of the movie - the professional cinema activity consisting in display of the movie to the audience in the rooms (movie theaters, other film spectacular institutions) intended for this purpose on video installations, and also audiovisual media, including nonlinear;

the state aggressor - the state which by any method occupied part of the territory of Ukraine or making aggression against Ukraine, recognized as the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the state aggressor or the state invader;

the state fund of movies - public institution of culture which performs archive and research activities for the purpose of development of filmofond, recovery, restoration and preserving works of national and world cinema heritage, distribution of the relevant information;

duplication of the movie - the creative and productive activity consisting in synchronous reproduction of speech part of sound number of the movie in other language by transfer which corresponds to the constituting articulation of characters;

storage of the movie - the activities aimed at providing long-term storage of initial materials of movies and film copies and their restoration and preventive processing;

the film-making period of production of the movie - implementation of shootings of the film project;

the foreign subject of cinematography - the legal entity created or registered according to the legislation of foreign state with the location outside Ukraine which will organize or will organize also finances production, demonstration and distribution of the movie and/or which performs production of the movie;

the film commission - organization, division of organization of the state or utility pattern of ownership which purpose of activities is promoting of Ukraine and its regions as attractive locations for filmings, and also effective use of potential of the Ukrainian service industry in the field of cinematography;

mounting тонировочный the period of production of the movie - implementation of final processing of film material, including film editing, creation of visual effects, scoring, creation of credits and so forth;


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