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of March 22, 2007 No. 71-XVI

About registers

(as amended on 09-11-2023)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Subject of regulation and scope of application

(This law regulates 1):

a) procedure for organization, registration, maintaining, reorganization and liquidation of registers;

b) the legal relationship arising in the course of organization, registration, maintaining, reorganization and liquidation of registers;

c) types of registers and form of their maintaining;

d) system of the state registers and general principles of interaction of the state registers;

e) conditions of maintaining the state and private registers and requirement to them;

f) functions of control facilities behind registers.

(2) This law extends to all types of registers irrespective of pattern of ownership and procedure for their maintaining.

Article 2. Legal regulation

(1) Rules of maintaining the state registers are established according to this law the Government or other bodies of the public power authorized by the law.

(2) Rules of maintaining private registers are established by their owners and do not fall under operation of this law if the law does not provide other.

(3) If the international agreements, one of the parties of which is the Republic of Moldova, other provisions contain, than those which are provided by this law are applied provisions of international treaties.

Article 3. Basic concepts

In this law the following basic concepts are used:

the register - the set of documentary information in automated information systems organized according to the established requirements and the law;

register object ID - one of attributes of information object which is unique and remaining invariable for all lifetime of object in the register;

the qualifier - set of values of this or that characteristic of object and the digital or alphabetic codes corresponding to them;

information center - the legal entity or structural division of body of public management which is engaged in operation of automated information system;

information object - virtual reflection of subject of the register in information resource;

The register of the state information resources and systems - the systematized code of data on the state information resources (including information objects and qualifiers), the information systems of the state value, the websites of bodies of the public power and domains registered in the territory of the Republic of Moldova and also their owners, holders and developers;

maintaining the register - set of the measures of technical nature aimed at providing functioning of software and hardware complex and administration of information resources of automated information system.

Article 4. Principles of creation and maintaining registers

Creation and maintaining registers is based on the following principles:

a) legality of creation of the register;

b) protection of the rights of physical persons and legal entities;

c) personal data protection of physical persons;

d) succession under the authority of the register;

e) use of single technique of creation and maintaining registers;

f) unique identification of each subject of the register with use of the state system of identifiers;

g) use of single state system of qualifiers;

h) provision of authorized access to data of the register;

i) entering of data into the register in one language.

Article 5. Types of registers

(1) Registers are subdivided on state and private.

(2) the State registers contain information resources and are subdivided into basic, departmental and territorial registers.

(3) Private registers are created by physical persons or legal entities of private law for the purpose of, not contradicting the law.

Article 6. The subjects of the register and data on them containing in the register

(1) the Objects containing in the state registers are established by the Government according to the offer of the body which founded the register or other body of the public power authorized on organization of the register by the law according to purpose of the register if the law does not provide other.

(2) the State register is the single official data source about the objects registered in it. Data of the register are considered correct and reliable until in the procedure established by the law the return is proved.

(3) the Subjects of the register containing in private registers are established by the owner of the register.

Article 7. Accounting of the state registers

(1) Account of the state registers is kept in the Register of the state information resources and systems approved by the Government.

(2) Creation and maintaining the Register of the state information resources and systems are performed by the Agency of electronic control.

Article 8. Financing of registers

(1) Creation and ensuring functioning of the state registers are performed for the account and within the funds of owners of these registers allocated from the budget from which activities of the corresponding owner, and also from other sources provided by the law, including received from rendering services are financed.

(2) the Expenses connected with organization and operation of private registers become covered at the expense of means of physical persons and legal entities of private law.

Chapter II. Subjects of legal relationship in the field of registers

Article 9. Subjects of legal relationship in the field of registers

Subjects of legal relationship in the field of registers are:

a) owner of the register;

b) owner of the register;

c) holder of the register;

d) logger and sublogger;

e) supplier of data of the register;

f) receiver of data of the register.

Article 10. Owner of the register

(1) Owner of the state registers is the state.

(2) the physical person or legal entity exercising right of possession, uses and orders of the private register created and administered at his expense can be the Owner of private registers.

(3) the Owner of the register determines the owner, the holder of the register, the logger and the sublogger.

Article 11. Owner of the register

(1) Owners of the state registers are bodies of the public power and public organizations.

(2) the Owner of the register shall:

a) provide legal, organizational and financial conditions for creation and maintaining the register;

b) organize creation of the automated information systems intended for maintaining the register;


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