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of April 2, 1992 No. 90

About approval of the Provision "About the Deputy Commission of Inquiry Created in Particular Cases"

The national council of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic decides:

Approve the Provision "About the Deputy Commission of Inquiry Created in Particular Cases".


Performing powers

President of the Azerbaijan Republic

Chairman of the Supreme Council

Azerbaijan Republic Ya. MAMEDOV

Approved by the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of April 2, 1992

Regulations on the deputy commission of inquiry created in particular cases

1. The Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic can create deputy commission of inquiry in particular cases.

2. During work of the commission her members can be exempted from accomplishment of other obligations with preserving the salary.

3. The commission has the right:

cause for giving explanations of officials of state bodies and public organizations, require the reference, invite citizens, including deputies;

get acquainted with any materials of the law enforcement agencies which are carrying on investigation of case which busy the commission, make copies of them, receive references;

get acquainted with any documents and other materials of state bodies and public organizations, make copies of them, and also withdraw them no more than for 10 days if these documents, in opinion, the commission, can be used for the solution of the tasks set for it (about withdrawal of documents the statement is drawn up);

put question before relevant organs of temporary discharge of officials of state bodies of the Azerbaijan Republic and republican public organizations from execution of service duties if it is proved that their actions interfere with objective conducting investigation;

visit together with the experts having the corresponding admission any objects irrespective of the privacy mode, get acquainted with documents and other materials irrespective of privacy degree;

involve to the work as the experts representatives of state bodies and public associations, scientists and specialists. Heads of the relevant companies, organizations and the organizations immediately (within one day) issue the order on sending of these persons to the order of the commission based on its decision on their attraction to work. All expenses in connection with involvement of experts and specialists are paid by the relevant companies, organizations and the organizations.

4. The commission is guided in the work as the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Constitutional act of the state independence of the Azerbaijan Republic, the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic, other regulations.

5. Commission sessions are competent with the participation of at least a half of its structure in them. Decisions are made by a majority vote payroll of the commission.

6. In case of education as a part of the commission of subcommittees, they make investigation in the sphere and give the commissions the offers.

7. The commission chairman will organize work of the commission, conducts its meetings, and also coordinates work of subcommittees.

8. The commission holds closed and, according to its decision, open sessions. About work of the commission its chairman or the commissions of person authorized by the decision give information.

9. The commission provides prevention of leakage of the closed or classified information received in the course of its work.

10. The commission finishes the activities by submission of the reference to the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic. The member of the commission can inform the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic the special opinion. The conclusions and offers containing in the reference shall be considered at the session of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic. The decisions of rather state bodies made by the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic, public organizations and officials are obligatory for execution by them.

11. Materials of the commission with the proof of essential elements of offense in actions of any person are reported to the authorities of prosecutor's office.

12. Officials of state bodies and public organizations shall follow without fail instructions of the commission and its members and render assistance to the commission.

The commission can start question of attraction according to the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic to disciplinary, administrative and criminal liability of officials for refusal of giving explanations, non-presentation, destruction, falsification of documents and other materials, making false data or obstacle for work of the commission in any other form.


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