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of January 29, 2007 No. 32

About approval of the Code of ethics of government employees of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic

According to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About public service" and the Presidential decree of the Kyrgyz Republic "About ethics of government employees of the Kyrgyz Republic" of January 9, 2001 11, I order to No.:

1. Approve the enclosed Code of ethics of government employees of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic (further the Code).

2. To impose control of execution of this Order on the secretary of state Mambetov K. B.

Acting minister

Sh. Niyazov

Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic of January 29, 2007, No. 32

Code of professional ethics of government employees of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic

I. General questions

Action of this provision extends to all government employees of system of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic (further - the Ministry).

II. Basic principles of ethics of government employees

3. Ethics of the government employee are system of the regulations establishing and regulating rules of conduct of the government employee.

4. The government employee shall observe the following basic principles of ethics:

- at the highly professional level to carry out the obligations assigned to it, to increase the general education and professional level;

- in case of execution of the service duties and in the off-duty relations shall follow the commonly accepted rules of conduct in communication with management, colleagues, subordinates and citizens, to behave with advantage;

- be polite, correct, patient, basic, aim to understand deeply being of question, be able to listen to the interlocutor and understand its line item, and also weigh and reason for the made decisions;

- not disregard the facts of violation of regulations of ethics from other government employees;

- not force the subordinate to make illegal decisions or to make illegal actions;

- not distribute the office information representing the state secret;

- not discuss with citizens and other persons of action of the head, colleagues or the subordinate, and also own actions in public service;

- it is forbidden to use the official position for the purpose of the solution of questions which directly infringe on interests of the most government employee or members of his family, persons who are his close relatives.

5. Respect for ethics is job responsibility of each government employee and is fixed in its functional obligations.

6. The restrictions connected with ethics of the government employee.

The government employee has no right:

- be engaged in other paid activities, except pedagogical, scientific and creative;

- be engaged in personally business activity, and also use the official position for assistance to physical persons and legal entities in implementation of business activity by them with obtaining for it remunerations in any form;

- be the representative for the third parties in body in which he is in the service or which is directly subordinated or under control to it;

- use in not office purposes of means of material, financial and information support, office vehicles, other state-owned property and office information;

- earn from physical persons and legal entities rewards in the form of gifts, money and services for implementation of action or the failure to act connected with execution of office powers;

- participate in strikes, demonstrations and other actions to interfere with functioning of the Ministry and accomplishment of ex-officio full powers;

- participate in activities of political parties and religious organizations in connection with the office activities;

- be on the state position in the Ministry where its service is connected with direct subordination or submission to control with persons having with it close related relations (parents, the spouse (a), brothers and sisters, children);

- use office information and official position in private interests;

- give not approved and not authorized obligations and promises.

7. According to this Code the government employee in case of execution of the service duties shall:

- not allow conflict of interest in the activities;

- report in the relevant state bodies about the facts of violation of the law of the Kyrgyz Republic, inappropriate use of public funds which became to it known;

- respect the commonly accepted moral ethical standards, to treat customs and traditions of the people with respect;

- not allow illegal influence or impact from someone, including other officials, irrespective of the position held by them and provision, in the office activities.

The government employee in off-duty time shall follow the regulations and the rules established in the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About public service", the Presidential decree of the Kyrgyz Republic "About ethics of government employees of the Kyrgyz Republic" of January 9, 2001 No. 11 and this Code.

8. The situation in case of which the government employee has private interest as a result of the activities in public service, but which contradicts interests of state body, the certain citizen or society in general is recognized conflict of interest.

If the government employee is under the pressure from the direct head or the third parties directed to adoption of the illegal decision and leading to conflict of interest, he shall report without delay about it to the head of state body or higher body.

III. Commission on ethics of government employees of the Ministry

9. The commission on ethics is created from among government employees of the Ministry. The commission exercises constant control behind compliance with law about public service, ethics of government employees and ethical standards of government employees.

10. Members of the commission on ethics are elected the staff of the Ministry from among government employees.

The chairman is elected members of the commission on ethics.

The minister, the secretary of state, and also deputy ministers are part of the commission on position, but cannot be elected the chairman of this commission. The commission chairman on ethics cannot be dismissed from the held state position in connection with its activities in this commission without the corresponding consent of the commission on ethics, except for dismissals at own will, by a court decision, in connection with job change, in connection with election on elective offices.

The commission chairman is responsible for control of respect for ethics of government employees.

The commission chairman on ethics is member of the certification contest committee of the Ministry.

Commission session on ethics is considered competent if at it there is at least a half of her members. In case of equality of votes of members of the commission on ethics the opinion of its chairman is decisive.


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