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of June 25, 1992 No. 2494-XII

About ethnic minorities in Ukraine

(as amended on 13-12-2022)

The Supreme Council of Ukraine proceeding from vital interests of the Ukrainian nation and all nationalities in creation of the independent democratic state, recognizing continuity of human rights and the rights of nationalities, aiming to realize the Declaration of the rights of nationalities of Ukraine, observing the international obligations concerning ethnic minorities, adopts this Law for the purpose of guaranteeing to ethnic minorities of the right to free development.

Article 1. Ukraine guarantees to citizens of the republic irrespective of their natsimassovy informatsonalny origin the equal political, social economic and cultural rights and freedoms, keeps development of national consciousness and self-expression. All citizens of Ukraine use protection of the state on an equal basis. When providing the rights of persons belonging to ethnic minorities, the state recognizes that they are integral part of the conventional human rights.

Article 2. Citizens of Ukraine of all nationalities shall observe the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, to preserve its state sovereignty and territorial integrity, to respect languages, cultures, traditions, customs, religious identity of the Ukrainian people and all ethnic minorities.

Article Z. Groups of citizens of Ukraine, not being Ukrainians on the nationality showing feeling of national consciousness and community among themselves treat ethnic minorities.

Article 4. The relations arising concerning realization by citizens of Ukraine of the rights and freedoms connected with their belonging to ethnic minorities are regulated by the Constitution of Ukraine, this Law adopted on their basis by other eakonodatelny acts, and also international treaties of Ukraine.

Article 5. Ensuring forming and realization of state policy in the sphere of the international relations and protection of the rights of ethnic minorities of Ukraine perform the central executive bodies determined by the President of Ukraine.

In case of need local councils can create the permanent commissions on questions of the international relations, local public administrations - the relevant structural division.

Article 6. The state guarantees to all ethnic minorities of the right to national and cultural autonomy:

use and training at the native language or studying of the native language in the state educational institutions or through national cultural societies, development of national cultural traditions, use of national symbolics, the celebration of national holidays, confession of the religion, requirements satisfaction in literature, art, media, creation of national cultural and educational institutions and any other activities which are not contradicting the current legislation.

Historical and cultural monuments of ethnic minorities in the territory of Ukraine are protected by the law.

Article 7. The state takes measures for preparation of pedagogical, cultural and educational and other national personnel through network of educational institutions. State bodies on the basis of interstate agreements assist ethnic minorities in training of specialists in other countries.

Article 8. Language of work, clerical work and documentation of local authorities of the government and local self-government is determined by article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "About the principles of the state language policy".

Article 9. The citizens of Ukraine belonging to ethnic minorities have the right to be chosen or be appointed respectively on equal terms to any positions in bodies of legislative, executive, judicial authority, local self-government in army, at the companies, in organizations and the organizations.

Article 10. The state guarantees to ethnic minorities the right to preserving the habitat in places of their historical and current resettlement. Issues of return to the territory of Ukraine of representatives of the deported people are resolved by the corresponding legal acts and contracts of Ukraine with other states.

Article 11. Citizens of Ukraine have the right to freely choose and recover nationality. Compulsion of citizens in any form is not allowed to refusal of the nationality.

Article 12. Each citizen of Ukraine has the right to national surname, name and middle name.

Citizens have the right in accordance with the established procedure to recover the national surname, name and middle name.

Citizens in whose national tradition there is no custom to fix "middle name", have the right to write down in the passport only name and surname, and in the certificate of birth - name of the father and mother.

Article 13. The citizens belonging to ethnic minorities are free in the choice of amount and forms of implementation of the rights granted to them by the current legislation and realize them personally, and also through the relevant state bodies and the created public associations.

Participation or nonparticipation of the citizen of Ukraine belonging to ethnic minority in public association of ethnic minority cannot form the basis for restriction of its rights.

Article 14. State bodies give help in activities of the national public organizations functioning according to the current legislation.

The part two is excluded according to the Law of Ukraine of 16.10.2012 No. 5461-VI

Article 15. The citizens belonging to ethnic minorities national public associations have the right in the procedure established in Ukraine freely to establish and support communications with persons of the nationality and their public associations outside Ukraine, to receive from them the help for satisfaction of language, cultural, spiritual needs, to take part in activities of the international non-governmental organizations.

Article 16. Special assignments for development of ethnic minorities are provided in the government budget of Ukraine.

Article 17. Ukraine assists development of international cooperation in providing and protection of the rights and interests of ethnic minorities, in particular by the conclusion and implementation of multi-lateral and bilateral agreements in this sphere.

Article 18. Any direct or indirect restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens on national sign is forbidden and punished by the law.

Article 19. If the international treaty of Ukraine establishes other provisions, than those which contain in the legislation of Ukraine on ethnic minorities then are applied provisions of the international treaty.


President of Ukraine


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