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of May 12, 2007 No. 724

About approval of Rules of improvement of high-quality structure of the woods

(as amended on 20-05-2022)

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decides:

1. Approve Rules improvement of high-quality structure of the woods which are applied.

2. Declare invalid the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of May 16, 1996 No. 535 "About approval of Rules of the cabins connected with forest management and other cabins" (the joint venture of Ukraine, 1996, Art. No. 12 336).

Prime Minister of Ukraine

V. Yanukovych

Approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of May 12, 2007 No. 724

Rules of improvement of high-quality structure of the woods

1. These rules determine the main requirements to implementation of the forestry and landscape actions directed to increase in firmness and performance of derevostan, preserving biodiversity of the woods, their improvement and strengthening of protective, sanitary and hygienic, improving and other functions by carrying out cabins of forming and improvement of the woods.

2. During cabins of forming and improvement of the woods the following cabins are applied: leaving, sanitary, reforestation, the reorganizations connected with reconstruction landscape.

3. Cabins of forming and improvement of the woods are carried out by methods which do not cause erosion of soils, damages of trees which remain for the subsequent growth exclude possibility of negative impact on condition of the woods and reservoirs, provide gradual reproduction and forming of the woods close to natural, continued support of firmness of derevostan.

4. The basis for cabins of forming and improvement of the woods is materials of lesoustoystvo and examinations which are conducted owners of the woods and permanent forest users. In case of carrying out noted cabins in the derevostana which are not designed by forest management, owners of the woods and permanent forest users notify on it executive body concerning protection of the surrounding environment of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the regional, Kiev and Sevastopol city state administration.

5. Features of carrying out cabins of forming and improvement of the woods depending on their purpose, pedigree structure of plantings, and also forest vegetation conditions are determined in the instruction for carrying out cabins of forming and improvement of the woods which affirms the Ministry of the environment of representation Derzhlisagentstva.

6. In reserved zones of biospheric reserves, national natural and regional landscape parks, natural reserves, pralesovy nature sanctuaries, nature sanctuaries, reserved natural boundaries, the woods, kvazipralesa and the natural woods carrying out all types of cabins of forming and improvement of the woods, cutting down of hollow, dead, doty trees and liquidation of clutter is forbidden.

On gentle, sloping and steep slopes in mountain fir and beechen forest stands only selective cabins of forming and improvement of the woods are carried out.

Development of the continuous windbreaks and windbreaks and also entirely struck with wreckers and diseases of plantings is performed by cutting down of all damaged trees in plantings with the subsequent reproduction of the woods.

In the Carpathian region carrying out continuous cabins of forming and improvement of the woods, except development of continuous windbreaks and windbreaks, and also entirely struck with wreckers and diseases of plantings is forbidden in:

the mountain woods, the located higher than 1100 meters above sea level;

in the woods in avalanche pools (wood strips on upper its bound depending on length of woodless slope);

in the woods in mudflow pools (all woods in zones of forming of mudflows which are established by national hydrometeorological service);

in bank protection sites of the wood.

Cabins of improvement and forming of the woods in the Carpathian region are performed taking into account the prohibitions and restrictions determined by the Law of Ukraine "About prohibition on carrying out continuous cabins in the mountain fir and beechen woods of the Carpathian region.

Cabins of leaving

7. Cabins of leaving are carried out by periodic cutting down of trees which subsequent preserving as a part of plantings is inexpedient, according to technological cards on sites with previously prepared network of technological corridors (trelevochny volok) and roads for movement of transport and so forth.

8. Cabins of leaving can be such types: lighting, clearing, thinning, cabin through passage.

9. Cabins of lighting create derevostana of desirable structure and density, provide such participation of the main breed in the derevostena who answers specific forest vegetation conditions and purpose of the created derevostan.

10. Cabins of clearing provide structure and uniform placement of trees of the main breed on the square, create optimum structure of future derevostan, regulate quantitative ratio of separate breeds.

11. Cabins of thinning create conditions for forming of trunk and krone of the best trees (the main attention is paid to quality and structure of derevostan, the second tier in difficult derevostana is created).

12. Cabins through passage are intended for increase in surplus of the best trees, increase in marketability деревостанав and reducings terms of cultivation technically of ripe wood, improvement of structure of structure and increase in firmness of derevostan.

Cabins through passage are carried out in the woods located within the territories and objects of natural and reserved fund (except economic zones of national natural parks, regional landscape parks and zones of anthropogenous landscapes of biospheric reserves)

13. Selection of trees for cabins of lighting and clearing is performed only on specially pledged trial sites which are standard for implementation of leaving on all square.

For cabins of thinning and cabins through passage selection of trees is performed on all site taking into account uniform placement of the best trees.

Cabins of thinning and cabins through passage are designed proceeding from forestry feasibility, but on completeness of plantings not of smaller 0,7 for cabins through passage in the pine woods of artificial origin, 0,8 for cabins through passage in other woods and 0,7 for cabins of thinning.

14. Intensity of liquefaction of derevostan during cabins of leaving depends on type of the wood, structure, age and site class of planting, and also forest growings are more whole and can be: weak - cutting down to 15 percent of inventory of derevostan, moderated - 16-25, strong - 26-35, very strong - more than 35 percent of inventory of derevostan.

15. Repeatability of separate types of cabins of leaving depends on planting condition. If the condition of planting needs more frequent repeatability of cabins, intensity of thinning will be less and on the contrary.

Such terms of repeatability of cabins of leaving are recommended: for lighting and clearing - 3-5 years, thinning - 5-10, cabins through passage - 10-15 years. In meshany and difficult plantings repeatability is more often. Specific terms of repeatability are established during forest management.


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