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of February 16, 2007 No. 23-XVI

About prevention of HIV / SPID-infektsii

(as amended on 09-06-2022)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Sphere of regulation and purpose of this law

(1) This law regulates the legal relationship connected with activities for prevention and decrease in impact HIV / AIDS - infections, ensuring compliance with the rights of persons infected with HIV / AIDS, way of reducing number of new cases of infection, control of large-scale growth of epidemic, providing medical and it is social - psychological assistance to persons infected with HIV / AIDS and members of their families, and also consolidations of efforts on prevention HIV / AIDS - infection and fight against it.

(2) the Purposes of this law are:

a) carrying out the complex policy directed to combination of efforts of the government, non-governmental and international institutions, persons infected with HIV/AIDS, entrepreneurs and individuals and also to implementation of monitoring system and assessment of actions for prevention of HIV / SPID-infektsii;

b) prevention implementation as systems of measures for counteraction of epidemic by means of informing the population, including social and vulnerable groups, for the purpose of increase in level of knowledge of questions HIV/AIDS;

c) exception of discrimination of persons, victims of HIV/AIDS, guaranteeing respect for human rights and respect of human dignity;

d) development and enhancement of programs for protection of children by realization of system of the differentiated education, promotion of healthy lifestyle, implementation of measures for the prevention of consumption of drugs, on prevention of HIV / SPID-infektsii, informing concerning protection against infection of HIV, the prevention of social orphanhood for cause of death from AIDS of one or both parents;

e) ensuring the guaranteed access for persons infected with HIV/AIDS to the medical and public assistance, including to treatment, leaving and support;

f) providing safe conditions in case of delivery of health care, performing laboratory diagnostics for the prevention of risk of intrahospital and professional infection.

Article 2. Legal base

(1) the Legal base of activities for implementation of prevention of HIV / SPID-infektsii is constituted by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, this law, other regulations, and also the international agreements which party is the Republic of Moldova.

(2) If the international agreements which party is the Republic of Moldova establish other regulations, than those which are provided by this law are applied regulations of international treaties.

Article 3. Basic concepts

For the purpose of this law the following basic concepts are used:

the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) - virus which leads to decrease and destruction of immune system of human body and causes disease AIDS;

The HIV-positive status - availability in human body of markers of the HIV testimonial of the infection fact;

acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) - the disease stage caused by HIV;

anti-retrovirus treatment (ARV-treatment) - use of specific medicines which constrain replication and spread of the HIV virus in organism;

post-contact prevention (PKP) - short-term rate of anti-retrovirus treatment for the purpose of decrease in probability of infection of HIV in case of potential risk within professional activity or in case of the violent sexual relations / in case of rape;

voluntary consultation and testing - to - and posttest consultation, including consultation for receipt of informed consent for testing for HIV markers;

confidentiality - protection and guaranteeing the right to observance of secrecy of information on the person tested for markers of HIV or diagnosed as HIV-positive;

National council on coordination of national programs for prevention and control HIV / SPID-infektsii, infections, sexually transmitted, and to control of tuberculosis - intersectoral functional structure which provides management and monitoring of strategy implementation and the actions provided by national programs for prevention and control HIV / SPID-infektsii, infections sexually transmitted, and to control of tuberculosis, and also use of grants of Global fund for fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and the World Bank;

universal standards of safety - the rules establishing compulsory provisions of the prevention of infection of HIV in case of direct contact with blood and other biological liquids in the course of rendering medical and other services;

replaceable treatment - therapy with use of treatment on replacement of drugs;

palliative treatment - package of measures and the therapeutic interventions directed to improvement of quality of life of persons infected with HIV/AIDS and members of their families;

nozokomialny infection - HIV infection in the course of medical interventions and manipulations.

Chapter II. Measures for prevention

Article 4. Strategic measures for prevention of HIV / SPID-infektsii

(1) Voided according to the Law of the Republic of Moldova of 12.04.2012 No. 76

(2) Programs for prevention and control HIV / SPID-infektsii join in the national development strategy, politicians and programs in the field of health and education.

(3) active involvement of persons infected with HIV/AIDS and non-governmental organizations in the field in development and implementation of the National program for prevention and control HIV / SPID-infektsii, and also adjacent programs, including training programs on prevention, leaving, treatment, on the legal and public assistance, and also politicians of employment Is encouraged.

(4) Forming of public opinion at the national level is performed by means of the information, educational, communication actions and information campaigns designed to propagandize healthy lifestyle, safe and responsible behavior, discrimination unacceptance, gender equality and effective inclusion of persons infected with HIV/AIDS in all aspects of life of society.

(5) In educational institutions should be provided distribution of the materials containing information on the prevention of transfer of HIV infection, propagandizing non-discriminatory and tolerance of persons infected with HIV/AIDS.

Article 5. Education in the field of the prevention of HIV / SPID-infektsii

(1) the State is responsible for development and realization at the national level of the educational programs designed to inform children from 12-year age, teenagers and youth, to impart it safe and responsible behavior.

(2) Questions of the prevention of HIV / SPID-infektsii join as obligatory rate in systems of average, secondary vocational, higher and post-university education, educational actions of formal and informal nature among teenagers and the studying youth, young people with limited intellectual and physical capacities, staff of armed forces.


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