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The additional protocol according to privileges and immunities of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

of April 30, 1999

States founders of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Republic Albania, Republic of Armenia, Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Bulgaria, Georgia, Hellenic Republic, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Republic of Turkey and Ukraine;

Considering that the 1st Article of Articles of organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation provides creation of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation by the states founders;

Considering that the 28th Article of Articles of organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation provides that the states should sign the Additional Protocol according to Privileges and Immunities of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation;

Considering that the 28th Article of Articles of organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation provides that ChES, her officials and representatives of state members shall use the privileges and immunities within the territories of state members determined in "The convention on privileges and immunities of the United Nations" accepted by the United Nations General Assembly on February 13, 1946 which are necessary for independent execution of the functions by them according to the principles and the purposes of ChES;

Agreed as follows:

Chapter I. Determinations

Article 1

For the purposes of the this Protocol:

a) "Charter" means the Articles of organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation accepted in Yalta on June 5, 1998.

b) "ChES" is meant by the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

c) "State members" mean the states which are the parties of the Charter and this Protocol.

d) "Council" means Council of Foreign Ministers of state members of ChES.

e) "Representatives of state members" mean all delegates, alternative delegates, advisers, technical experts and secretaries of national delegations participating in work of ChES and its bodies.

e) "PMS" means the Permanent International Secretariat of ChES.

g) "Secretary general" means the Secretary general of PMS.

h) "The personnel of PMS" mean the Managing personnel, Professional personnel and Support personnel of PMS.

i) "The property of ChES" means all property, including the funds and other types of property belonging and being in property of ChES and/or under its observation according to the official obligations represented to ChES.

j) "Rooms" mean buildings or parts of buildings, including the subsidiary lands used only for the purposes of ChES, irrespective of pattern of ownership.

k) "Archives" mean the records, correspondence, documents, business accounts and all financial records, manuscripts, immovable and movable pictures and movies, sound recordings, computer programs, written materials, videos or disks, disks or records containing data which belong or are stored under ChES.

Chapter II. Execution of the Protocol

Article 2

For the purpose of execution of this Protocol the Secretary general acts with the permission of the Acting Chairman and/or with the consent of Council.

Article 3

The secretary general shall cooperate with the competent authorities of state members for the purpose of simplification of necessary administration of law, ensuring compliance with law and order and prevention of all chances connected with abuse of the privileges, immunities, releases and privileges specified in the this Protocol all the time.

Chapter III. Property

Article 4

ChES, its property and assets, where and in whose the order they were, use immunity from any form of judicial intervention, except separate cases when Council the decision establishes refusal of this immunity. However it is supposed that no refusal of immunity extends to measures of execution or delay of property.

Article 5

Premises of ChES are inviolable. Its property and assets where and in whose the order they were, are not subject to search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation or any other form of intervention as by executive, administrative and judicial actions, and by legislative actions.

Article 6

The ChES archives and in general all documents belonging to it or stored by it are inviolable where they were.

Article 7

The flag and emblem of ChES are established on its rooms and vehicles in case of their use in official cases. Flags of state members are set on premises of ChES.

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