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of December 29, 2006 No. 222-IIIG

About theater and theatrical activities

(In edition of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of 29.11.2016 No. 421-VQD)

This Law governs the relations arising in connection with preparation and mass demonstration of theatrical performances, determines the legal basis of theatrical activities and state support of theaters.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

1.0. The concepts used in this Law have the following values:

1.0.1. theater - the legal entity creating and performing public display in live execution of theatrical performances and other theatrical performances and owning the corresponding material and technical resources;

1.0.2. theatrical activities - activities for creation, distribution and preserving works of theater;

1.0.3. theatrical performance - the work created on the basis of works of various genre, having artistic design and the specific name;

1.0.4. performance - public display of theatrical performance in live execution;

1.0.5. the director (the director, the ballet master, the artist) the physical person performing theatrical performance or its separate part on the basis of the independent art decision;

1.0.6. the producer - legal entity or physical person which will organize also finances preparation and/or display of theatrical performance.

Article 2. Scope of the Law

This Law extends to all theaters and other organizations performing theatrical activities operating in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic irrespective of form of their property and form of business.

Article 3. Legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on theaters and theatrical activities

The legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on theater and theatrical activities consists of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, this Law, other regulatory legal acts and international treaties which participant is the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 4. The basic principles of state policy in the sphere of theatrical activities

4.0. The basic principles of state policy in the sphere of theatrical activities are:

4.0.1. state support of theaters;

4.0.2. ensuring independence of theaters;

4.0.3. development of network of theaters;

4.0.4. preserving identity of theatrical culture, creation of conditions for development of international and international cultural ties.

Article 5. Purpose and types of activity of theater

5.1. The purpose of activities of theater is development of theater and requirements satisfaction of the population in theatrics.

5.2. Types of activity of theater are:

5.2.1. creation of theatrical performances and other works of theater, their display on the main stage, tours and departures, the organization of festivals, tenders, reviews, implementation of tickets;

5.2.2. preparation of theatrical performances, concerts on the basis of contracts with legal entities and physical persons for display on their own or leased by them scenic platforms, on television, for broadcasting per radio, shootings on film, video and other material carriers in case of observance according to the legislation of the rights of authors and contractors (roles, batches);

5.2.4. provision to physical persons and legal entities of production services for holding performances, concerts and other art actions;

5.2.5. production by orders of legal entities and physical persons of objects of decorating of theatrical performances, concerts, other actions;

5.2.6. provision of the scenic platforms in lease or use to other theaters for holding tour and offside events, joint theatrical projects and programs;

5.2.7. preparation, replication and implementation of information and promotional materials, copies of the video records and soundtracks connected with art and creative activities of theater in case of observance according to the legislation of the rights of authors and contractors (roles, batches);

5.2.8. production, hire and sale of various articles of clothing, detail, properties, grimerno-postizherny, decorative, and also other scenic accessories and equipment, rendering other types of service.

Chapter II. Support of theatrical activities by state bodies

Article 6. Support of theatrical activities by state bodies

6.0. Support of theatrical activities by state bodies consists in the following:

6.0.1. creation of conditions for development of network of theaters, first of all theaters for children;

6.0.2. allocation of investments creation of theatrical infrastructure, on construction, reconstruction, restoration, capital repairs of theatrical buildings and constructions, upgrade of the equipment;

6.0.3. allocation of grants and target financial aid to the state theaters, theaters and children's theaters pursuing preferential price policy in relation to needy and juvenile segments of the population;

6.0.4. giving to theaters of creative orders, the separate projects provided by target programs in the field of culture

6.0.5. annual allocation of budgetary funds for creation and purchase of operas, operettas, ballets, drama and musical and drama works, statement on them of performances, implementation of innovative projects, implementation of tour activities;

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