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of April 5, 2001 No. 2365-III

About political parties in Ukraine

(as amended on 16-07-2021)

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. The right of citizens to consolidation in political parties

The right of citizens to freedom of consolidation in political parties for implementation and protection of the rights and freedoms and satisfaction of political, economic, social, cultural and other interests is determined and guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. Establishment of restrictions of this right is allowed in compliance with the Constitution of Ukraine for the benefit of homeland security and public order, public health care or protection of the rights and freedoms of other people, and also in other cases provided by the Constitution of Ukraine.

Nobody can be forced to the accession to political party or is limited in the right of voluntary exit from political party.

Accessory or not belonging to political party cannot form the basis for restriction of the rights and freedoms or for provision of any privileges and benefits.

Restrictions concerning membership in political parties are set only by the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine.

Article 2. Concept of political party

The political party is the voluntary consolidation of citizens registered according to the law - supporters of certain national program of social development, the aiming assistance to forming and expression of political will of citizens which is taking part in elections and other political actions.

Article 3. Legal basis and regulation of activities of political parties

Political parties perform the activities according to the Constitution of Ukraine, this Law, and also other laws of Ukraine and according to the party charter accepted in the procedure determined by this Law.

Political parties in Ukraine are created and are effective only with the All-Ukrainian status.

Article 4. Guarantees of activities of political parties

Political parties are equal before the law.

Public authorities, local government bodies, their officials are forbidden to allocate certain political parties in the relation or to provide them privileges, and also to render assistance to political parties if other is not provided by the law, in implementation of their activities.

Intervention from public authorities and local government bodies or their officials in creation and internal activities of political parties and their structural educations is forbidden, except as specified, provided by this Law.

Article 5. Restrictions on education and activities of political parties

Education and activities of political parties is forbidden if their program purposes or actions are directed on:

1) liquidation of independence of Ukraine;

2) change of the constitutional system in the violent way;

3) violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine;

4) undermining safety of the state;

5) illegal capture of the government;

6) propaganda for war, violence, incitement of interethnic, racial or religious strife;

7) infringement of human rights and freedoms;

8) infringement of health of the population;

9) promotion communistic and/or national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian modes and their symbolics.

Political parties cannot have paramilitary forces.

Activities of political party can be forbidden only by a court decision.

Section II. Membership in political parties and their education

Article 6. Membership in political parties and its restriction

The citizen of Ukraine who according to the Constitution of Ukraine has the right to vote on elections can only be the member of political party.

The citizen of Ukraine can be at the same time only in one political party.

Cannot be members of political parties:

1) judges;

2) prosecutors;

3) police officers;

4) security service specialists of Ukraine;

5) military personnel;

6) employees of customs and tax authorities;

7) personnel of the Public criminal and executive service of Ukraine;

8) employees of National anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine;

9) government employees in the cases provided by the Law of Ukraine "About public service";

10) members of the National commission performing state regulation in spheres of power and utilities;

11) citizens of Ukraine who are enlisted in voluntary forming of territorial communities;

11) employees of Bureau of economic safety of Ukraine;

12) employees of the State bureau of investigations.

For the period of stay on the specified positions or service members of political party stop membership in this batch.

The procedure for the accession to political party, suspensions and the terminations of membership in it is determined by the charter of political party.

The citizen of Ukraine has the right at any time to stop or stop the membership in political party by filing of application in the relevant authorized organs of political party. Membership in political party stops or stops from the date of submission of such statement and does not need additional decisions. From the same day stay of the citizen of Ukraine on any elective offices in political party stops.

Action of part six of this Article does not extend to members of the political parties elected to positions of the head and deputy manager of political party. Membership in political party of the specified heads stops from the date of, the election of the new head or his deputy following behind day.

Membership in political party is fixed. The compulsory provision of fixing of membership in political party is availability of the petition from the citizen of Ukraine submitted to authorized body of political party about desire to become the member of this batch.

The form of fixing of membership in political party is determined by the charter of political party.

Creation and activities of structural formations of political parties in bodies of executive and judicial authority and executive bodies of local self-government, military forming, and also at the state companies, in educational institutions and other public institutions and the organizations is not allowed.

Article 7. Program of political party

Political parties shall have the program. The program of political party is statement of the purposes and tasks of this batch, and also ways of their achievement.

Article 8. Charter of political party

Political parties shall have the charter. The charter of political party shall contain the following data:

1) name of political party;

2) list of authorized bodies of political party, procedure for their education, their power and term of these powers;

3) procedure for the accession to political party, suspensions and terminations of membership in it;

4) rights and obligations of members of political party, basis of the termination or suspension of membership in political party;

5) procedure for creation, general structure and powers of the regional, city, district organizations of political party and its primary cells;


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