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of September 25, 1997 No. 67

About place names in the Kyrgyz Republic

(as amended on 06-04-2023)

Accepted by General Court of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on September 18, 1997

Article 1.

Place names of the Kyrgyz Republic consist of names of the cities, villages, the rivers, channels, bridges, swamps, lakes, falls, mountains, mountain systems, mountain tops, passes, glaciers, gorges, natural boundaries, rocks, caves, winterings, settlements, pastures, streets, the areas, prospectuses, boulevards, avenues, parks, natural parks, reserves and others similar it objects, and also the places connected with historical events and activities of historic figures.

Article 2.

Place names of the Kyrgyz Republic are national property of the people of Kyrgyzstan, constitute integral part of history and culture of Kyrgyzstan and are protected by this Law.

Article 3.
Article 4.

The state will organize studying of place names, keeps their registration and account.

The order of registration and accounting of place names is established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 5.

The name and renaming of the administrative and territorial units, villages and other objects listed in article 1 of this Law, except for objects, the name and which renaming according to article 7 of this Law is referred to competence of local self-government are established by the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic in the sphere of the administrative-territorial device.

The procedure for introduction of offers on the name and renaming is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 6. The name and renaming of administrative and territorial units, local government bodies and villages is forbidden by names of people, except as specified, if:

1) persons directly took part in opening, studying, development or the basis of geographical objects;

2) outstanding state and public figures, representatives of science, culture and historic figures had merits before the state.

Renaming of geographical objects is allowed for the purpose of return to separate geographical subjects of names, widely known in the past and the present. All expenses on renaming of geographical objects are made at the expense of the initiated party according to the procedure, determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 7.

The name and renaming of prospectuses, avenues, areas, city or rural parks, boulevards, streets and lanes is performed by local government bodies according to the decision of local keneshes.

Article 8.

Names are appropriated to geographical objects in the Kyrgyz Republic in the state and official languages.

In the documents, cartographical and other editions intended for the international use, names of geographical objects of the Kyrgyz Republic are transferred from the state and official languages by letters of the Latin alphabet in the procedure established by international standards.

Article 9.

Names of settlements, rivers (in the presence of the bridge), passes (if the highway is laid), natural boundaries are designated on special index boards (signs) with determination of sort of object.

Article 10.

Voluntary waste of the established index signs with the name or their destruction attract responsibility according to the procedure, established by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on offenses.

Article 11.

Names are appropriated to the following geographical objects of the Kyrgyz Republic:

- to anonymous geographical objects;

- to again formed administrative and territorial units and new administrative educations.

Assignment of the same name to several uniform objects located within one administrative and territorial unit is not allowed.

Article 12.

All expenses connected with the name of geographical objects of the Kyrgyz Republic are made for the budget account of local government body in the territory of which there are these objects.

Article 13.

Regulating documents geographical objects determine single requirements, regulations and rules for establishment, the use and preserving place names in the Kyrgyz Republic by names.

Article 14.

This Law becomes effective from the moment of publication.

To the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic:

bring the regulatory legal acts into accord with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About place names in the Kyrgyz Republic";

in three-months time to develop and accept regulations on procedure for the name and renaming, accounting and registration of place names of the Kyrgyz Republic.

President of the Kyrgyz Republic

A. Akayev


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