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of February 22, 2007 No. 698-V

About the State register of voters

(The last edition from 06-12-2016)

This Law determines legal and organizational basis of creation and maintaining the unified State register of voters in Ukraine.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. State register of voters

The state register of voters (further - the Register) the automated information and telecommunication system intended for storage, the data processing containing the data provided by this Law, and uses by them created for ensuring the state accounting of citizens of Ukraine who have the right to vote according to article 70 of the Constitution of Ukraine (further - voters).

Article 2. Main objectives of the Register

1. The main objectives of the Register are:

1) conducting the personified accounting of voters;

2) creation of electoral registers for elections of the President of Ukraine, People's Deputies of Ukraine, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local councils, rural, settlement, mayors, All-Ukrainian and local referenda.

2. The database of the Register, any its part, the copy of the database or its part, the personal data of voters containing in the database of the Register (further - personal data of the Register), can be used only for the purposes, stipulated in Article the 26th this Law.

Article 3. Basic principles of maintaining Register

1. The basic principles of maintaining the Register are:

1) legality and priority of human rights;

2) general nature;

3) completeness of data;

4) reliability of data;

5) momentariness of inclusion of the voter in it;

6) permanency;

7) public nature;

8) renewability of data;

9) security.

2. Legality and priority of human rights in the course of maintaining the Register guarantee human rights protection and the citizen, compliance of procedure for maintaining the Register to requirements of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, to international treaties of Ukraine which consent to be bound is provided by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

3. General nature of the Register provides inclusion in the Register of all voters irrespective of the place of their accommodation or stay for the purpose of realization of the principle of common voting right.

4. Completeness and integrity of data of the Register are provided with entering into the database of the Register of complete amount of the information about the voter provided by this Law, their correctness, and also maintaining the database of the Register in single format.

5. Availability in bodies of the Register of documentary confirmation of personal data of the Register which contain in the database of the Register and also provides to information on the bases of inclusion of the voter in the Register or modification of personal data of the Register established by this Law reliability of data of the Register.

6. Momentariness of inclusion of the voter in the Register means that the voter can be included in the Register only once to one selective address and is respectively carried to one polling precinct.

7. The permanency of the Register provides lack of the term of its functioning established by the legislation irrespective of terms of elections or referenda, and also permanent (within the terms established by this Law) storage of personal data of the Register.

8. Public nature of the Register provides availability to each voter of data of the Register in amount and according to the procedure, established by this Law, and also other forms of public control of observance of the bases of maintaining the Register established by part one of this Article provided by this Law.

9. Renewability of data of the Register means periodic or initiative updating of the database of the Register (introduction or destruction of records, change or refining of personal data of the Register) in terms and according to the procedure, established by this Law.

10. Security of the Register means ensuring protection of the database of the Register against unauthorized access and abuse of access, from illegal use of personal data of the Register, violation of integrity of the database of the Register and its hardware or the software.

Article 4. Language of maintaining Register

1. Language of maintaining the Register is the state (Ukrainian) language.

2. The rules of transliteration established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine are applied to transliteration of surnames, names, middle names and other own names.

Article 5. Data of the Register

1. Are entered in the Register and are stored (personal data) of such types established by this Law of the information about the voter in the database of the Register:

1) identification personal data of the voter;

2) the personal data determining the place and conditions of vote of the voter;

3) office personal data.

2. In the absence of separate personal data the mark about their absence is entered in the Register.

3. Bodies of maintaining the Register are forbidden to collect, to enter in the Register and to store in the database of the Register of the data (personal data of voters) which are not provided by this Law.

Article 6. Identification personal data of the voter

1. Treat identification personal data of the voter which unambiguously determine his personality:

1) surname;

2) own name (all own names);

3) middle name;

4) birth date;

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