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of December 20, 1996 No. 184-1

About the museums and museum case

(as amended on 09-11-2013)

This Law governs the public relations in the field of museum case, establishes the legal, economic, social principles of scientific completing, studying, storage and use of nature sanctuaries, material and spiritual culture, activities of museum institutions in Turkmenistan.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Museums, their main objectives and activities

The museums are cultural and educational and the research establishments intended for studying, storage and use of nature sanctuaries, material and spiritual culture, acquaintance of citizens with property of national and world historical and cultural heritage.

The main directions of museum activities are:

cultural and educational, research activities;

completing of museum meetings;

exposition, share, publishing, restoration, pamyatniko-security work.

The museums are legal entities, except those which are created and are effective under the companies, organizations, the organizations, educational institutions.

Article 2. Museum case

Museum case is special area of the cultural and educational and scientific activities performed by the museums on completing, storage, studying and use of monuments of material and spiritual culture.

Article 3. National museum policy

The national museum policy is set of the main directions and the principles of activities of the state and society in the field of museum case.

The main directions of national museum policy are:

providing social and economic, legal and scientific conditions for effective activities of the museums;

assistance to forming of modern infrastructure of museum case;

support and development of network of the museums;

ensuring preparation and increase in professional qualification of museum personnel, their legal and social protection;

budget financing (including on the equity beginnings) and priority material logistics of development and implementation of the state and local development programs of museum case;

ensuring protection of the museums;

support of the scientific research connected with museum case;

assistance to international cooperation in the field of museum case.

Article 4. Legislation of Turkmenistan on the museums and museum case

The legislation of Turkmenistan on the museums and museum case consists of this Law and other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan.

If international treaties of Turkmenistan establish other rules than containing in this Law, then regulations of international treaties are applied.

Section II. Types of the museums, procedure for their creation and material resources

Article 5. Types of the museums

On the profile the museums are subdivided into the following types:

historical, archaeological, local history, estestvovedchesky, literary, art, ethnographic, technical, industry, etc.

On the basis of ensembles, complexes of monuments and separate nature sanctuaries, stories, culture and the territories which are of special historical, scientific and cultural value can be created historical and cultural reserves, memorial estates and other museums.

The museums can be:

nation-wide which founders are the central bodies of the state executive authority;

local which founders are relevant organs of the local executive authority, the company, organization, the organization, citizens.

The status of the national museum of Turkmenistan can be provided to the state museum which has museum meeting of monuments of nation-wide value and is the leader cultural and educational and research establishment in the corresponding profile groups of museum network of Turkmenistan.

Article 6. Creation of the museums

Decisions on creation of the museums are made by their founders.

For creation of the museum founders shall provide:

forming of museum meeting;

the material resources necessary for creation of proper working conditions, - rooms for exposure, repositories and for carrying out restoration works;

conditions for protection of the museum;

financing and completion by personnel for its proper functioning;

work of the museum on the accurate schedule.

Founders of the museum can create branches and departments of the museum, not being legal entities

The parcels of land, other natural resources necessary for creation of the museum are provided in use in the procedure established by the legislation.

Article 7. Charter of the museum

The museum acts on the basis of the Charter (provisions), approved as his founder or founders.

In the charter (provision) of the museum are determined:

name of the museum, its status, list of founders, their rights and obligation;

organizational structure, main objectives and activities;

sources of means and their procedure for use, structure of property of the museum, procedure for its reorganization and liquidation, the storage condition of museum meeting in case of liquidation of the museum;

other conditions of activities of the museum.

Article 8. State registration of the museums

State registration of the museums, irrespective of patterns of ownership, is made by the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan.

For registration of the museum the payment which amount is established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan is brought.

For registration of the museum the following documents are filed:

decision of the founder (founders) on creation of the museum;

charter (provision) of the relevant museum;

document on payment for state registration;

the documents certifying sources of the financing necessary for proper functioning of the museum.

Registration is made according to the procedure, established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.

The museums created under the companies, organizations, the organizations, educational institutions are not subject to registration. The procedure for creation and accounting of such museums is determined by the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan.

Article 9. Liquidation and reorganization of the museums

Liquidation of the museums is performed according to the decision of the founder, and also by a court decision in the cases provided by the current legislation.

The procedure for further use of museum meetings of the liquidated museums founded on state-owned property is determined by the legal successor in coordination with the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan. In case of liquidation of the museums founded on non-state patterns of ownership, the privilege to acquisition of museum meetings belongs to the state.


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