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of February 13, 2007 No. 30

About approval of the State program on financing of the actions connected with social protection of disabled people in 2007 social protection of the unemployed and citizens who for the first time are looking for work in 2007

For the purpose of ensuring execution of subitem 1.1. The presidential decree of the Azerbaijan Republic of December 22, 2006 "About application of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About the budget of the State Social Security Fund for 2007" the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic decides No. 495:

1. Approve "The state program on financing of the actions connected with social protection of disabled people in 2007" it (is applied).

2. Approve "The state program on financing of the actions connected with social protection of the unemployed and for the first time looking for work in 2007" it (is applied).

3. This resolution becomes effective since January 1, 2007.


Prime Minister

Azerbaijan Republic A. RASI-ZADE

Approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic of February 13, 2007 No. 30

The state program on financing of the actions connected with social protection of disabled people in 2007

1. Introduction

Due to the priority directions on creation of socially oriented market economy in the Azerbaijan Republic, important actions for improvement of social protection of the population, including disabled people were prepared and performed. Protection of the rights and social protection of persons which became disabled people, more than other members of society of persons in need in care and the help, is the main objective facing the state.

The main goal of the State program consists in that, being based on the dynamic development reached as a result of the social and economic reforms which are successfully undertaken in the country, social progress and on significant growth in budget incomes to solve social and medical rehabilitation of the disabled category of the population needing special care in comprehensive plan, to provide their social protection and finally - active integration into society.

The state program directed to financing of the actions connected with social protection of disabled people in 2007 was prepared on the basis of the Presidential decree of the Azerbaijan Republic "About measures for acceleration of social and economic development in the Azerbaijan Republic" of November 24, 2003 No. 4, of the strategic and political policy determining tasks on dynamic social and economic development, strong stability and consecutive progress of the country on the basis of democratic principles, and "The state program on social and economic development of regions of the Azerbaijan Republic (2004-2008)", the Azerbaijan Republic approved by the Presidential decree of February 11, 2004 No. 24.

The state program covers the tasks following from basic provisions the accepted United Nations General Assembly of the Declaration on the rights of disabled people, the obligations of the government of Azerbaijan connected with the European Social Charter, provisions of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "the Answer: to prevention of disability, rehabilitation and social protection of disabled people", relevant decrees and orders of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Expenses on providing disabled people with technical and recovery means, the organizations of their sanatorium treatment, on content of specialized houses boarding schools for disabled people and the recovery centers are performed within the budgetary appropriations allocated every year to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the population, financing of other actions is performed at the expense of means of compulsory national social insurance in the following directions:

o financial assistance for health protection of disabled people, and their treatment and medical recovery, providing with medicines, creation of conditions for rehabilitation in foreign countries and within the republic, development of the operating rehabilitation system;

o the organization of the information support connected with disability problem, creation of communications with the foreign organizations, holding seminars and conferences, identification of talented disabled people, the organization of free time, involvement of disabled people to physical culture and sport, creation of conditions for their participation in the international competitions and creation of the specialized sports center of health for disabled people;

o assistance to disabled people on the actions connected with significant days, drawing attention of society to their problems, technical assistance to handicapped children connected with their education;

o assistance in the solution of housing problems of disabled people and families of shekhid and implementation of the provided actions connected with improvement of their housing conditions.

2. The actions connected with social protection of disabled people in 2007

¦      Название мероприятия        ¦Сумма вы-¦Источник финансирования¦
¦                                  ¦деленных ¦                       ¦
¦                                  ¦средств  ¦                       ¦
¦                                  ¦(тыс.ман)¦                       ¦
¦I. Охрана здоровья инвалидов и ме-¦         ¦                       ¦
¦дицинское восстановление          ¦9256,958 ¦                       ¦
¦1.1. Снабжение лекарствами по  ин-¦  22,0   ¦за счет средств  обяза-¦
¦дивидуальным программам реабилита-¦         ¦тельного  государствен-¦
¦ции  в  восстановительных  центрах¦   2,0   ¦ного социального  стра-¦
¦инвалидов,  в  том числе по Нахчы-¦         ¦хования                ¦
¦ванской АР                        ¦         ¦                       ¦
¦1.2. Создание условий для реабили-¦ 250,0   ¦за счет средств  обяза-¦
¦тации инвалидов в зарубежных стра-¦         ¦тельного  государствен-¦
¦нах, в том числе в Нахчыванской АР¦  25,0   ¦ного социального  стра-¦
¦                                  ¦         ¦хования                ¦
¦1.3. Оказание  помощи  для лечения¦  80,0   ¦за счет средств  обяза-¦
¦инвалидов в Республике, в том чис-¦         ¦тельного  государствен-¦
¦ле  в Нахчыванской Автономной Рес-¦   7,0   ¦ного социального  стра-¦


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