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of October 9, 1992 No. 3612-1

About culture

(as amended on 30-04-2021)

Being guided by the Constitution (Fundamental law) of the Russian Federation, the Federal agreement, rules of international law,

recognizing fundamental role of culture in development and self-realization of the personality, humanization of society and preserving national identity of the people, approval of their advantage,

noting continuous communication of creation and preserving cultural values, familiarizing with them of all citizens with social and economic progress, development of democracy, strengthening of integrity and sovereignty of the Russian Federation,

expressing aspiration to international cultural cooperation and integration of domestic culture into world culture,

The Supreme Council of the Russian Federation accepts these Bases of the legislation on culture (further - Bases) as the legal base of preserving and cultural development in Russia.

Section I. General provision

Article 1. Tasks of the legislation of the Russian Federation on culture

Tasks of the legislation of the Russian Federation on culture are:

providing and protection of constitutional right of citizens of the Russian Federation on cultural activities;

creation of legal guarantees for free cultural activities of associations of citizens, people and other ethnic communities of the Russian Federation;

determination of the principles and precepts of law of the relations of subjects of cultural activities;

determination of the principles of the state cultural policy, precepts of law of the state support of culture and guarantees of non-interference of the state to creative processes.

Article 2. Legislation of the Russian Federation on culture

The legislation of the Russian Federation on culture consists of these Bases, the laws of the Russian Federation and the laws of subjects of the Russian Federation on culture.

In the cases provided by these Bases and other legal acts of the Russian Federation for culture regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation in the field of culture are published.

Article 3. Basic concepts

The terms used in these Bases mean:

Cultural activities - activities for preserving, creation, distribution and mastering of cultural values.

Cultural values - moral and esthetic ideals, regulations and examples of behavior, languages, dialects and dialects, national traditions and customs, historical toponyms, folklore, art crafts and crafts, works of culture and art, the results and methods of scientific research of cultural activities having the historical and cultural importance of the building, construction, objects and technologies unique in the historical and cultural relation of the territory and objects.

The cultural benefits - conditions and the services provided by the organizations, other legal entities and physical persons for satisfaction with citizens of the cultural requirements.

Creative activities - creation of cultural values and their interpretation.

The creative specialist - physical person which creates or interprets cultural values, considers own creative activities integral part of the life, acknowledged or requires recognition as the creative specialist irrespective of, it is connected or not by labor agreements and is or not the member of any association of creative specialists (creative specialists persons ranked as those by the World convention on copyright, the Bern convention on protection of literary works and art, the Roman convention on protection of the rights of actors - contractors, producers of soundtracks and employees of bodies of broadcasting are among).

Advantage of cultures of the people and national groups - recognition of their value and manifestation of respect for them.

Cultural heritage of the people of the Russian Federation - the material and cultural wealth created in the past and also monuments and the historical and cultural territories and objects, significant for preserving and development of identity of the Russian Federation and all its people, their contribution to world civilization.

Cultural property of the people of the Russian Federation - set of cultural values, and also the organizations, organizations, the companies of culture which have national (all-Russian) value and owing to this fact undividedly belong to the Russian Federation and its subjects without the right of their transfer to other states and unions of the states with participation of the Russian Federation.

Cultural aspects of development programs - perspectives of social and economic, scientific and technical and other development programs from the point of view of impact of results of their realization on preserving and cultural development, and also influence of the culture on these results.

The state cultural policy (policy of the state in the field of cultural development) - set of the principles and regulations by which the state in the activities for preserving, development and dissemination of culture, and also activities of the state in the field of culture is guided.

Article 4. Scope of Bases of the legislation of the Russian Federation on culture

These Bases regulate cultural activities in the following areas:

identification, studying, protection, restoration and use of historical and cultural monuments;

fiction, cinematography, scenic, plastic, musical art, architecture and design, photoart, other types and genres of art;

art national crafts and crafts, national culture in its such manifestations, as languages, dialects and dialects, folklore, customs and ceremonies, historical toponyms;

amateur (amateur) art creativity;

museum case and collecting;

book publishing and library science, and also other cultural activities connected with creation of works of seal, their distribution and use, archiving;

television, radio and other audiovisual means regarding creation and distribution of cultural values;

esthetic education, art education;

scientific research of culture;

international cultural exchanges;

production of the materials, equipment and other means necessary for preserving, creations, distribution and mastering of cultural values;

other activities as a result of which cultural values remain, created, extend and accustom.

Article 5. Sovereignty of the Russian Federation in the field of culture

The Russian Federation independently realizes in the territory agreements and other acts governing the relations of the Russian Federation in the field of culture with other states, associations of the states, and also the international organizations.

Article 6. Equal advantage of cultures of the people and other ethnic communities of the Russian Federation, their rights and freedoms in the field of culture

The Russian Federation recognizes equal advantage of cultures, the equal rights and freedoms in the field of culture of all people living in it and other ethnic communities, promotes creation of equal conditions for preserving and development of these cultures, provides and strengthens integrity of the Russian culture by means of legislative regulation of federal state cultural policy and federal state programs of preserving and cultural development.


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