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of August 22, 1996 No. 126-FZ

About the state support of cinematography of the Russian Federation

(The last edition from 28-11-2018)

Accepted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation on July 17, 1996

Approved by the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on August 7, 1996

Cinematography of the Russian Federation (further - cinematography), being integral part of culture and art, shall remain and develop with assistance of the state.

This Federal Law determines the main activities of the state by preserving and development of cinematography and establishes procedure for the state support of cinematography.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. The principles of state policy in the field of cinematography

State policy in the field of cinematography is based on the following principles:

recognition of cinematography by the area of culture and art which compulsory provision of existence is development of creative, educational, production, technical, scientific and information base;

responsibility of the state for preserving and development of cinematography;

creation to the population of conditions for access to works of cinematography.

Article 2. Legislation on the state support of cinematography

The legislation on the state support of cinematography consists of Bases of the legislation of the Russian Federation on culture, this Federal Law, other Federal Laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, and also of the laws and other regulatory legal acts of subjects of the Russian Federation.

Article 3. Basic concepts

For the purposes of this Federal Law the following basic concepts are used:

cinematography - the area of culture and art including set of the professional, creative, productive, scientific, technical, educational activity directed to creation and use of works of cinematography;

the movie - the audiovisual work created in art, chronicle and documentary, popular scientific, educational, animation, television or other form on the basis of creative intention, consisting of the image fixed on film or on other types of carriers and connected in thematic whole the personnel which is consistently connected among themselves and intended for perception by means of the corresponding technical devices. The movie lasting at least than 52 minute is the feature film. The movie duration is less than 52 minutes the short film;

the film chronicle - regular shootings of the documentary plots reflecting characteristic (mainly leaving) features of time, the place, circumstances and expected in the long term production of the movie;

hire of the movie - distribution of the movie in any form and any methods;

display of the movie - the public demonstration of the movie performed in cinema hall on radio, cable, satellite television and other technical methods;

the producer of the movie - the physical person or legal entity which took the lead and charge of for financing, production and hire of the movie;

the film distributor of the movie - the physical person or legal entity having the right of hire of the movie and performing or organizing its hire;

the demonstrator of the movie - the physical person or legal entity performing display of the movie;

cinema hall - the place in which display of the movie is performed;

the organization of cinematography - the organization irrespective of legal form and pattern of ownership which core activities are production of the movie; production of the film chronicle; replication of the movie; hire of the movie; display of the movie; recovery of the movie; maintenance of cinema hall; production of film materials; production of the film equipment; performance of works and rendering services in production of the movie, film chronicle (hire of the film equipment, lease of pavilions, film complexes, tailoring of suits, construction of scenery, production of make-up, pastizhersky products, detail, game equipment, special effects, processing of film, sound execution of the movie and other); educational, scientific, research, publishing, advertizing and propaganda activities in the field of cinematography; storage of the movie; storage of initial materials of the film chronicle;

the film project - set of documents based on which the decision on public financing of production of the national movie is made;

initial materials of the movie - negative, контратип, the control copy of the movie, the original of magnetic soundtracks of rewriting, music, noise, video soundtrack master, compact disk and others, necessary for replication of the movie in any material form;

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