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of September 14, 2006 No. 142-V

About baby food

(as amended on 24-03-2022)

This Law determines strategic nation-wide priorities in the field of providing babies and children of early age with sufficient, high-quality and safe baby food for the purpose of realization of constitutional rights of the child on sufficient living level, health protection and life, and also organizational, social and economic bases of state policy in this sphere.

Section I. general provisions

Article 1. Main terms and their determinations

1. In this Law the stated below terms are used in such value:

the producer of baby food - the legal entity who performs economic activity on production of baby food for the purpose of introduction it in the address;

production of baby food - the economic activity connected with development of baby food including all stages of engineering procedure, including production, packaging and labeling;

children of chest age are children aged from the birth up to one year;

children of early age are children aged from one up to three years;

baby food - the foodstuff intended by the central executive body providing forming of state policy in the field of health care for special dietary consumption, specially remade or developed for providing satisfaction of dietary needs of children of chest and early age (children's mixes initial (starting), children's mixes for further feeding, feeding up products, drinks, the water bottled for preparation of baby food and/or drink);

children's mix initial (starting) - baby food for feeding of children of chest age within the first six months of life which completely provides all physiologic needs of the child for nutritive matters and energies;

children's mix for further feeding - baby food for feeding of children of chest and early age which is the main liquid component of their diet in case of introduction of the corresponding products of feeding up in the course of gradual variety of diet of the child;

ingredient - any substance, including food supplements and fragrances which is used for production of baby food and remains in it after the end of its production;

the address of baby food - movement (transportation) or the storage, any other actions connected with transition of the property right or ownership including sale, exchange or donation of baby food;

feeding up products - baby food which is amendment to breast milk or children's mix initial, or to children's mixes for further feeding for the purpose of gradual expansion of food allowance and made, including: on milk, milk and grain, grain and grain - milk basis; on the basis of fruit, berries, vegetables and/or their mix; on meat, meat and cereal and vegetable and meat basis; to fish, fish and vegetable and vegetable and fish basis; on milk basis with addition of fruit, berries, vegetables and/or their mixes; on the basis of fruit, berries, vegetables and/or their mix with addition of dairy products;

nutritional value - all main natural food ingredients, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and salts;

raw materials - raw materials of plant and/or animal origin which are used in production of baby food;

special raw zones - regions or separate farms which answer conditions of production of products of crop production and livestock production suitable for production of baby and dietary food;

functional baby food - baby food which contains medicines as component and/or is offered for prevention or mitigation of course of disease of the child with special dietary requirements, including in case of the inborn or acquired violations of digestion of separate feedstuffs, their intolerance and/or in case of certain diseases;

quality of baby food - degree of perfection of properties and characteristic features of baby food which are capable to satisfy the physiologic needs of organism of the child for food proceeding from their chemical composition and energy value.

2. The term "operational permission" is used in the value given in the Law of Ukraine "About the basic principles and requirements to safety and quality of foodstuff".

Article 2. Legislation of Ukraine on baby food

1. The legislation in the field of providing children of chest and early age with sufficient, high-quality and safe baby food is based on the Constitution of Ukraine and includes this Law and the laws of Ukraine "About child care", "About preschool education", "About the basic principles and requirements to safety and quality of foodstuff", "About milk and dairy products", other regulatory legal acts governing the public relations in this sphere.

2. If the existing international treaty which consent to be bound is this the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine establishes other rules than containing in this Law, then rules of the international treaty are applied.

Article 3. State policy on providing children of chest and early age with baby food

1. State policy in the field of providing children of chest and early age with sufficient, high-quality and safe baby food, is directed to strengthening and preserving health of the population, implementation of prevention of the diseases connected with power supply violation, improvement of demographic situation in Ukraine.

2. The state guarantees to the child the right to health protection and promotes creation of safe conditions for life and healthy development of the child, including balanced diet.

3. The state provides creation of social and economic conditions under which it is possible to satisfy needs of each child for high-quality and safe power supply at the sufficient level.

For this purpose the state takes measures on:

1) to ensuring availability in enough baby food, made on industrial basis of the high-quality raw materials which are grown up in special raw zones, their availability and safety;

2) to free and preferential providing children of chest and early age with baby food, including children's mixes for children of chest age and children's mixes for further stages of feeding, functional foodstuff, baby food on the basis of soy protein;

3) to providing parents of children or their other legal representatives with information on balanced diet of children, quality and safety of baby food, sets of baby food and procedure for free and preferential providing children of chest and early age with baby food;

4) to determination of favorable special raw zones for production of baby food;

5) developments of national production of wide range of baby food, in particular functional baby food;

6) it is excluded

7) to the state stimulation of national production of baby food and raw materials for their production by preferential crediting, the taxation, customs and tariff regulation;

8) to application of other measures directed to reduction in cost and improvement of quality of baby food.


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