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of January 9, 2007 No. 212-III-ZRK

(The last edition from 02-04-2019)

General part

Section 1. General provisions

Chapter 1. Basic provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Code

In this Code the following basic concepts are used:

1) portable source of emissions of pollutants in the atmosphere the vehicles, the equipment and other portable means and installations equipped with the internal combustion engines working at different types of fuel;

2) Item of observations - the stationary or mobile unit of observations of meteorological, agrometeorological and hydrological characteristics of the environment;

3) assigned amount - the total amount of emissions of greenhouse gases taking into account absorption of the greenhouse gases determined within obligations by international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4) assigned amount unit - the carbon unit used for scoping of emissions of greenhouse gases for the Republic of Kazakhstan according to international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of climate change;

5) biological diversity - variety of objects of plant and animal life within one type, between types and in ecological systems;

6) biological resources - the genetic resources, organisms or their parts, populations or any other biotic components of ecological systems having the actual or potential usefulness or value for mankind;

7) the mechanism of joint implementation - the procedure provided by international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan on implementation of the investment projects of joint implementation allowing to transfer carbon units between legal entities of the countries having quantitative obligations on restriction and (or) emission reduction of greenhouse gases;

8) validation - confirmation by accredited body on validation and verification of compliance of the plan of monitoring of emissions of greenhouse gases, and also project decisions and documentation within project development on emission reduction and absorption of greenhouse gases to the requirements established by the international treaties ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

9) verification - confirmation by accredited body on validation and verification of reliability of data of operators of installations in the passport of installation and about amounts of emissions of the greenhouse gases containing in their inventory reports of greenhouse gases for accounting year and about projects implementation on emission reduction and increase in absorption of greenhouse gases, performed according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 

10) genetically modified organisms - the organisms capable to reproduction or transfer of heritable genetic material, the other than natural organisms, received using methods of genetic engineering and containing genetically engineered material (genes, their fragments or combinations of genes);

11) genetically modified products - the products of plant and (or) animal origin received with use of methods of genetic engineering, containing lifeless genetically modified organisms or their components;

11-1) hydrological monitoring - system of regular and (or) periodic observations of condition of water objects and component of system of the state monitoring of water objects for the purpose of receipt of operational and forecast information about condition of water objects;

11-2) dispersants - mix of the surfactants and solvents allowing oil slick to break into small drops which can mix up more effectively with water, remaining in its thickness before destruction as a result of natural processes;

12) the best available technologies - the used and planned industry technologies, the machinery and equipment providing the organizational and managerial measures directed to decrease in level of negative impact of economic activity on the environment to providing target indicators of quality of the environment;

12-1) environmental assessment of projects - the expert evaluation of project decisions and calculations for questions of ecological safety and engineering environment protection which is part:

complex non-departmental examination of projects (feasibility statements and the design estimates) intended for construction new or reconstruction (expansions, modernization, upgrade) and capital repairs of the existing buildings and constructions, their complexes, engineering and transport communications;

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