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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan

of 09.08.2006 No. 226

Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan of August 8, 2006, No. 8

Procedure for conducting state examination of projects on creation and development of objects of informatization in the Republic of Tajikistan

1. General provision

1. This Procedure is developed according to Item 12 of the Instruction "About single procedure for conducting examination, approval, financing and control of projects on creation and development of objects of informatization", the Republic of Tajikistan approved by the Order of the Government of 30.12.2005, No. 508 also determines the basic principles, procedure for the organization and conducting state examination (daleeekspertiz) of projects on creation and development of objects of informatization (further - projects) which are offered on realization at the expense of means of the government budget.

2. The procedure for the organization and conducting state examination of projects on creation and development of objects of informatization affirms at meeting of Board of the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan and is registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan.

3. State examination is the activities performed according to this Procedure which is specially created by structural division, and also connected with the organization of carrying out researches, the analysis and assessment of objects of examination, preparation and execution of expert opinions concerning these objects necessary for reasons for adoption of socially significant decisions.

4. The project directed to creation new and/or development of the existing object of informatization and the development of informatization corresponding to the priority directions in the Republic of Tajikistan acts as object of examination.

5. Examination represents estimative analytical and research activities on the basis of the established and regulated principles and rules of preparation of expert and analytical data and includes system of actions according to the analysis and project evaluation by the criteria and indicators established by the Interdepartmental Commission on creation and development of objects of informatization under the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan (further - the Commission).

6. Preparation of the reasonable conclusions and recommendations for acceptance of reasoned decision of feasibility of implementation of these projects and their financing at the expense of means republican and local budgets, Special Purpose Funds or other sources is result of examination.

7. State examination is integral part of competitive selection of projects for complete or partial financing from means of the government budget.

8. Examination is based on single normative, organizational and methodical providing, performed by the Commission.

9. Main objectives of state examination are:

- creation of competitive conditions of selection of projects;

- objective assessment of the public, scientific and technical and production and economic importance of the projects provided for examination;

- development of recommendations for adoption of motivated and objective decisions of the Commission.

10. The basic principles of examination are:

- systemacity of the organization of expert work and unity of its normative and methodological providing;

- independence of the involved experts and lack at them of interest in misstatement of the received results;

- compliance of the used information and technical base to conditions of the carried-out expertize;

- complexity and argumentativeness of expert evaluations and recommendations;

- objectivity of the provided expert opinions;

- publicity of results of examination;

- confidentiality of the data reflected in request materials;

- complexity of the carried-out expertize.

11. Examination is performed in the form of complex project evaluation and includes the following directions:

- scientific and technical examination;

- financial and economic examination;

- patent and legal examination;

- legal;

- ecological, etc.

12. The Commission acts as the organizer of examination for what it creates Advisory council (further - ES).

ES develops the program of conducting examination, performs search and matching of experts, signs with them agreements, provides all request materials, necessary for conducting examination, in their order, renders information, technical, normative and legal and methodical support.

13. The involved expert as whom direct studying of the provided object, forming of the assessment, preparation and transfer to the organizer of examination the reasonable expert opinion signed by it on all questions specified in the agreement enters acts as the contractor of examination.

14. The agreement on conducting examination shall contain:

- bases of the conclusion of the agreement;

- monetary reward size;

- payment terms of works;

- completion date of works;

- responsibility of the parties;

- conditions of delivery and acceptance of works;

- other conditions necessary for examination goal achievement.

15. The monetary reward size for conducting examination is determined in the rates approved by the Meeting of Board of the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan approved with the State Agency on the antimonopoly policy and support of entrepreneurship under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

16. ES and the involved experts when conducting examination are guided by the following main directions:

- orientation to the highest achievements of development of science and technology, regulation and rule of technological and ecological safety, and also to requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan;

- objectivity of the examination excluding departmental and personal interest in positive (negative) results of examination;

- reliability and completeness of the carried-out analysis, justification of recommendations and their compliance to requirements of tasks for conducting examination;

- copyright compliance and confidentiality terms concerning the considered materials.

17. The main objectives of examination are:

- establishment of compliance of the considered project research works to the modern level of scientific and technical knowledge and the priority directions of development of informatization;

- assessment of novelty of the purposes and/or implementation methods of projects, the scientific and practical importance of the expected results;

- assessment of qualification of the offered group of contractors of the project, its security with necessary material and technical resources, justification of the required amounts of financing and the offered terms of accomplishment of the considered project;

- assessment in necessary cases of social and economic efficiency, scientific and technical and ecological effects of implementation of the considered project;

- preparation of the reasonable conclusion about opportunity and feasibility of implementation of the considered project, about amounts and sources of its financing.


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