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of November 2, 2022 No. 152-VII ZRK

About amnesty

Being guided by the principle of humanity, this Law is adopted.

Article 1. Persons to whom amnesty is applied

This Law extends to persons who made in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January 4 to January 7, 2022 the criminal offenses connected with mass riots, or in case of their suppression, provided by the following articles of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan of July 3, 2014:

Article 102 (The murder committed in case of exceeding of limits of justifiable defense);

Article 103 (The murder committed in case of exceeding of the measures necessary for detention of person who committed crime);

Article 104 (Negligent homicide);

parts one and second Article 106 (Intentional causing severe harm to health);

Article 107 (Intentional causing average weight of harm to health);

Article 112 (Causing severe harm to health in case of exceeding of limits of justifiable defense);

Article 113 (Causing severe harm to health during detention of person who committed crime);

Article 114 (Careless damnification to health);

Article 115 (Threat);

Article 119 (Leaving is in danger);

Article 131 (Insult);

Article 132 (Involvement of the minor in making of criminal offenses);

Article 149 (Violation of inviolability of home);

Article 155 (Hindrance of the organization, to holding peaceful assembly or participation in it);

Article 157 (Coercion to participation in strike or to refusal of participation in strike);

Article 187 (Petty theft);

Article 188 (Theft);

Article 191 (Robbery);

Article 196 (Acquisition or sale of the property which is obviously got in the criminal way);

Article 200 (Illegal occupancy by the car or other vehicle without the plunder purpose);

Article 202 (Intentional destruction or damage of alien property);

Article 204 (Careless destruction or damage of alien property);

Article 207 (Violation of work of information system or networks of telecommunications);

Article 252 (Abuse of authority by employees of private security services);

Article 269-1 (Illegal penetration on the protected object);

Article 272 part one (Mass riots) if this act is made by the minor;

parts two and third Article 272 (Mass riots);

Article 273 (Obviously untrue report on the act of terrorism);

Article 274 (Distribution of obviously false information);

Article 287 (Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying weapon, ammunition, explosives and destructive devices);

Article 288 (Illegal manufacture of weapon);

Article 291 (Plunder or racketing of weapon, ammunition, explosives and destructive devices);

Article 293 (Hooliganism);

Article 294 (Vandalism);

Article 345 (Road traffic offense or operation of vehicles by persons managing vehicles);

Article 350 (Intentional reduction in worthlessness of vehicles or means of communication);

Article 371 (Negligence);

Article 378 (Insult of the public agent);

Article 379 (Disobedience to the public agent);

Article 380 (Use of violence to the public agent);

Article 381 (Hindrance of activities of the prosecutor and non-execution of its legal requirements);

Article 384 (Unlawful taking of documents, stealing, destruction, damage or concealment of documents, stamps, seals);

Article 389 (Arbitrariness);

Article 400 (Violation of procedure for the organization and holding peaceful assemblies);

Article 401 (Management of the prohibited strike, hindrance to work of the organization in wartime or conditions of emergency state);

Article 402 (The actions provoking to continuation of participation in the strike recognized by court of illegal);

Article 414 (Obviously illegal detention, detention or detention);

Article 415 (Coercion to evidence);

Article 432 (Concealment of crime);

Article 433 (Shelter of criminal offense);


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