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The document ceased to be valid since   December 14, 2018 according to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of December 12, 2018 No. 1231


of November 1, 2006 No. 1258

About compensation of employees of some managements financed from the budget

(as amended on 21-11-2017)

In pursuance of the Law on wages system in the budget sphere No. 355-XVI of December 23, 2005. (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2006, Art. No. 35-38, 148) DECIDES: the Government

1. Establish categories of compensation of workers of the administrative machine and working professions of Head department by Government buildings according to appendices No. 1 and No. 2.

2. In case of payroll calculation of workers to apply the coefficients of complexity of works approved by the Order of the Government No. 381 of April 13, 2006. "About payment terms of work of workers of the budget sphere on the basis of the Single scale of charges" (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2006, Art. No. 66-69, 431) and specified in appendix No. 9 to the resolution.

3. Persons whose compensation is made according to this resolution have the right to monthly length-of-service allowance as a percentage to the tariff charge (official pay rate) in the following sizes:

Length of service

The allowance, as a percentage to the tariff charge

(official pay rate)

from 2 to 5 years


from 5 to 10 years


from 10 to 15 years


from 15 to 20 years


more than 20 years



The length of service granting the right to length-of-service allowance joins operating time in the relevant management, and also operating time in organizations, irrespective of pattern of ownership, in positions which replacement was connected with work profile in this organization, and operating time in any positions in organizations if for these positions it was established and payment of length-of-service allowance was actually made.

4. Heads of managements are granted the right:

establish to employees of managements, including their deputies, allowances to the tariff charge (official pay rates) for outstanding performance of work, intensity of work, and also for accomplishment of separate especially important or urgent works, for the term of their accomplishment, for the account and within the salary fund, without restriction of their sizes. The amount of the means used for payment of these allowances cannot exceed 50% of the tariff charges (official pay rates) according to the approved staff list, taking into account length-of-service allowance. These allowances can be reduced or cancelled in case of failure to carry out of tasks in time, declines in quality of work or violation of labor discipline;

award monthly workers, using annually for this purpose 6 monthly salary funds for workers of the administrative machine of managements and respectively 4 monthly funds - for awarding of workers.

The monthly salary funds are estimated proceeding from the tariff charges and official pay rates taking into account length-of-service allowance, other allowances and surcharges according to the legislation. The specific bonus level is established depending on labor contribution of each worker and not limited;

establish surcharges for fulfillment of duties of temporarily absent worker in the amount of at least 50% of official pay rate of the absent worker.

The specific amount of surcharge is established proceeding from actually carried out amount of works.

Surcharges for accomplishment of obligations of temporarily absent heads to their regular deputies are not made;

give financial support to workers, using for this purpose means in the amount of one average monthly salary fund a year;

make, according to the existing regulations, from special means compensation of the workers who are directly involved to rendering services, performance of works or implementation of other types of activity including payment of allowances, surcharges, awards and financial support;

the amount of payments of the stimulating nature from the special means paid monthly to one worker cannot exceed its official pay rate taking into account length-of-service allowance.

The financial support given to workers including heads, is recalculated in proportion to worked time in position in settlement period in case of suspension or cancellation of the individual employment contract by resignation or dismissal before the termination of settlement year, except as specified, when the worker stopped or suspended activities based on Items and) and e) Articles 76, of Item d) parts (1) Articles 78, of Items and) and i) Articles 82, of Items b) - e) and u) parts (1) Article 86 and in case of transfer in educational institution according to part (2) Article 85 of the Labor code.

5. The chief of the department has the right to the allowance for complexity of executive position at the rate to 70% of official pay rate taking into account length-of-service allowance and the allowance for outstanding performance of work, intensity of work, and also for accomplishment of separate especially important or urgent works at the rate to 50% of official pay rate, and on awards and financial support - according to provisions of item 4 of this resolution according to the decision of higher body.

6. For workers, including workers who are not specified in this resolution, compensation is performed according to the procedure, the sizes and on the conditions established in the existing regulations for workers of the corresponding industries of the budget sector.

6-1. According to this resolution compensation for working professions of Management of servicing of buildings as a part of the Secretariat of Parliament is made.


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