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of September 27, 1989 No. 3492-XI

About prohibition in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan of some types of cooperative and individual labor activity

(as amended of the Decree AF RU No. 516-XII of 14.01.92)

The presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan notes that cooperative movement in the republic created necessary premises for requirements satisfaction and reducing deficit in food, consumer goods, industrial goods, works and services.

At the same time decrease in share of cooperatives for production of consumer goods and high growth rates of trade and purchasing, intermediary, scientific and design and other cooperatives leads to transfer of money from non-cash in cash flow and by that leads to frustration of all credit and monetary mechanism, inflationary tendencies, difficulties in ensuring timely salary payment.

Due to the lack of systematic control from Council of Ministers of the republic, the ministries and departments, especially the Ministries of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, specialized republican banks, Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional executive committees and Tashgorispolkom, gorrayispolkom, financial and credit and law enforcement agencies on places practically remain not executed the republics of the resolution on the termination of separate types of the cooperatives occupied with the prohibited activities which are earlier accepted by the government.

The number of the criminal offenses connected with speculation, storage of the state-owned and cooperative property, bribery and racketing grows, merging of cooperatives with monitoring bodies goes deep, the shadow economy is legalized, level of living of the population worsens the soil for the social conflicts is created.

The presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan decides:

1. Prohibit the following types of cooperative activities:

- production of any kinds of weapon, ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnic products, and also repair of any kinds of weapon; training of karate and to other types of fight which requires permission of relevant organs. Carrying out drilling-and-blasting works;

- production and realization of narcotic, strong and toxic agents;

- crops, cultivation and sale of the cultures containing narcotic strong and toxic agents;

- public catering without own material resources on cultivation and sagination of the cattle and bird, and also production and sales of products of public catering in private households and the yards;

- production and sales of products from the skins of the valuable fur animals got by hunting and who are subject to obligatory delivery to the state, which do not have the state brand (stamp), and also from skins of carnivorous fur animals, containing which citizens have enough;

- production and realization wine and vodka, confectionery;

- production of awards and medals, seals and stamps;

- production multiplying and photocopiers;

- publishing activities on release of works of science, literature and art. Lecture activities;

- production of film and video production, the organization of exchange, sale, hire and public demonstration of film and video production, and also the foreign economic activity connected with it;

- replication of movies, movies and programs on video carriers, all types of activity connected with it;

- servicing of technical means the single automated communication system of the country and the transferring means of television and sound radio - and wire broadcasting;

- organization and holding paid concerts, discos, creative meetings, theatrical performances, entertainment programs;

- production, replication and realization of phonograph records, tape recordings and records on other carriers; sale of printed materials;

- the organization and content of gambling institutions, and also the organization of gamblings, acceptance of rates on sports and other meets, the organization and carrying out lotteries;

- implementation of all transaction types with cash foreign currency. Acceptance on the commission and purchase of goods, belonging to foreign citizens. Assistance in the organization of foreign tourism;

- production and use of registered trade marks of trade names of the domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations without their permission;

- organization of pawnshops;

- buying up and sales of goods (except system of consumer cooperation), made by the state companies or purchased abroad;

- production and restoration of icons, church utensils and objects of religious symbolics and attributes; production of candles (except decorative);

- production, buying up, sale of products from precious metals and gemstones, or products using such materials (including production of dentures from precious metals);

- rendering the following medical care; treatment of oncological patients; treatment of patients with infectious diseases, including venereal and infectious skin; treatment of drug addiction; treatment mentally the patients needing for health reasons urgent hospitalization; issue on hands of the conclusions about condition of mental health; observation and treatment of expectant mothers; invasive methods of research and treatment; surgical intervention, including abortions; carrying out dekretirovanny periodic and preliminary examinations and researches of citizens;

- production and realization of medicines;

- activities for establishment of hygienic standard rates of chemicals in circles;

- organization, comprehensive schools.

2. Prohibit to persons who are engaged in individual labor activity, production and sales of products of food, except for bread, products of bread baking and oriental sweets.

3. Leading employees of state bodies, state companies, organizations, organizations, and also employees of the bodies exercising control of activities of cooperatives have no right to enter in members of cooperative and to work in it according to the employment contract.

4. This Decree extends also to cooperatives of other regions of the country performing the activities in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

5. Enact this Decree since October 1, 1989.

To provide to Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional executive committees, Tashgorispolky, district executive committees proceeding from this Decree till January 1, 1990 re-registration of charters of cooperatives, to perform liquidation, and if necessary their reshaping on other types of activity. Create for this purpose on places liquidation commissions with participation of deputies of local councils, specialists of financial, bank and law enforcement agencies.

When carrying out this work not to allow unreasonable creation of the multi-profile cooperatives which are not connected by types of their activities.

6. To Council of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan to bring decisions of the Government of the republic into accord with this Decree.

Chairman of Presidium

Supreme Council

Republic of Uzbekistan M. Ibragimov

Secretary of Presidium

Supreme Council

Republic of Uzbekistan L. Bekkulbekova

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