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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

July 23, 1996

No. 372/1397


of July 8, 1996 No. 369

About approval of Rules of work of small retail retail chain stores

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According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 15.06.2006 No. 833 "About approval of the Procedure of trading activity and rules of trade servicing of the population of PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve Rules of work of small retail retail chain stores which are attached.

2. To head department concerning domestic trade, to the Main contractual legal department to register Rules of work of small retail retail chain stores in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

3. And information sciences to provide to information directorate the publication of Rules of work of small retail retail chain stores in the newspaper "Uryadovy of hens' ¾r".

4. Declare invalid the order of the Ministry of Trade of USSR of 14.02.75 No. 39 "About development of small retail network, organization of spring and summer trade in 1975".


S. Osyka

Approved by the Ministry of external commercial relations and trade of Ukraine of July 8, 1996 No. 369

Rules of work of small retail retail chain stores

General provisions

1. These rules determine requirements to the organization of small retail retail chain stores, its rooms and the equipment and extend to the subjects of housekeeping of all patterns of ownership performing business activity in the field of trade and restaurant economy.

2. The subject of housekeeping under the organization of work of small retail network shall be guided and fulfill requirements of the Laws of Ukraine "About consumer protection", "About consumer cooperation", "About ensuring sanitary and epidemic wellbeing of the population", "About safety and quality of foodstuff", "About application of registrars of settlement transactions in the field of trade, public catering and services", the Procedure of trading activity and the rules of trade servicing of the population approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 15.06.2006 No. 833, these Rules and other regulatory legal acts which regulate trading activity.

3. Retail trade through small retail retail chain stores is one of forms of not store sales of goods in case of which rooms have no trade floor for consumers.

The sales of goods are performed through:

Items of non-capital building - booths, lari, stalls, tents, pavilions for seasonal sale of goods, vending machines;

means of portable network - autoshops, autocafe, autodeliveries, truck tanks, benches trailers, carts, special processing equipment (low-temperature trays counters), delivery, trays, little tables, etc.

4. Through small retail retail chain stores realization food and nonfoods only of simple assortment which is carried out according to rules of their sale is allowed.

5. it is excluded

6. Trade food and nonfoods in one small retail trade Item is allowed only provided that food products are packed up, have the leak-proof (unimpaired) package, and at the same time the principle of the commodity neighbourhood is observed.

7. The subject of housekeeping in which subordination there are shops and Items of small retail retail chain stores not allow sales in these Items of those goods which are absent on sale in shops of the corresponding trade specialization.

8. In small retail retail chain stores sale is forbidden:

food products if in case of their sale there are no conditions for respect for sanitary standards and rules, and also for observance of temperature conditions, storage conditions and sale of these goods;

bulk and unpacked food products with raznosok, trays, little tables, baskets and unspecialized transport, except potatoes, vegetables, fruit, fruits, berries, melon cultures during seasonal sale, and also ice cream, flowers;

alcoholic beverages (except autoshops of system of consumer cooperation that perform exit trade in the rural zone, in the presence of excise duty brands);

tobacco products through means of portable network except for autoshops, autocafe, autodeliveries, shops trailers of system of consumer cooperation which perform sale in the rural zone;

tobacco products through stationary Items if the condition of rooms does not meet the requirements of regulating documents concerning their storage;

tobacco products without excise duty brands;

alcoholic beverages and tobacco products workers of the subject of housekeeping which did not perform 18 years;

technically difficult and large-size goods;

fabrics, footwear (except house and working), garments (except working clothes and headdresses for summer season) and the products of the upper jersey requiring fitting;

precious metals, gemstones and products from them;

inflammable goods of household chemicals, pyrotechnic toys, fuels and lubricants (except implemented through autodeliveries of system of consumer cooperation);

objects of sanitary actions, requirements to which actions are prohibited by legal acts; goods which free realization is prohibited, and also that which have no corresponding marking, proper trade dress whom the term of suitability is not specified or specified with violation of requirements of regulating documents which term of suitability passed, and also that which arrived without documents, stipulated by the legislation, in particular, certifying their quality and safety.

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