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of August 18, 2022 No. 576

About approval of Rules of recognition of technologies as "green" technologies

According to Item 2 of article 130 of the Ecological code of the Republic of Kazakhstan the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan DECIDES:

1. Approve the enclosed Rules of recognition of technologies as "green" technologies.

2. This resolution becomes effective after ten calendar days from the date of its first official publication.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

A. Smailov

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of August 18, 2022 No. 576

Rules of recognition of technologies as "green" technologies

Chapter 1. General provisions

1. These rules of recognition of technologies as "green" technologies (further – Rules) are developed according to Item 2 of article 130 of the Ecological code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and determine procedure for recognition of technologies as "green" technologies.

2. In these rules the following concepts and determinations are used:

1) the environment – the set of the conditions surrounding the person, substances and objects of material world including the natural and anthropogenous circle;

2) "green" technologies – ecologically safe production technologies created on the basis of modern achievements of science, considering ecological, economic, social aspects of sustainable development which cover the following spheres and are directed on:

production of non-toxical products on the closed cycle: "production – utilization – new production";

the maximum reducing waste at the expense of innovations in technologies and structure of consumption;

replacement of non-renewable natural resources by alternative renewable sources of raw materials and energy;

implementation of biotechnologies in agriculture, livestock production and conversion of agricultural products, production of biological medicines for agricultural industry;

energy production from renewable energy resources (solar energy, wind energy, gidro-, geothermal power, biomass, hydrogen), decrease in harmful emissions in the atmosphere, increase in efficiency of use of fuel, and also energy efficiency of buildings and household appliances;

removal of the steady green plantings having the high absorption effect of greenhouse gases from the environment directed to mitigation of the consequences of climate change;

production of the construction materials which are not containing toxic and cancerogenic substances with use of production wastes and consumption;

4) issues – intake of the pollutants released from anthropogenous objects in atmospheric air, waters, on the earth or under its surface;

5) the applicant – physical person, person who is engaged in business activity without formation of legal entity or the legal entity who submitted the application for recognition of technology as "green" technology.

Other concepts and determinations used in these rules are applied according to the ecological legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chapter 2. Determination of criteria of "green" technologies

Paragraph 1. Criteria of "green" technologies

3. In case of determination of compliance or discrepancy of technologies to criteria of "green" technologies consider the following criteria:

1) appointment;

2) resource-saving;

3) energy efficiency;

4) prevention and minimization of waste;

5) safety of technology for the person;

6) safety of technology for biological diversity.

In case of this criterion provide in themselves one or more representative indicators characterizing type of technology for three or several criteria of reference of technology to "green".

4. Criteria of "green" technologies are single for technologies of any kind of economic activity.

5. The main target orientation of the specified criteria is essential decrease in negative impact on the environment and achievement of sustainable development.

6. The criterion "purpose" of technology is determined proceeding from target orientation of technology on achievement of the following effects for the environment and the person:

1) environmental protection;

2) decrease in issues to the environment;

3) conversion of waste with extraction of secondary raw materials and materials;

4) water purification (drinking and waste) with use of the closed cycle;

5) decrease in carbon trace;

6) health protection of the person.

If the technology is directed to achievement at least of one of the listed effects in this Item of Rules, then "appointment" appropriate to criterion value 1, if it is not applicable – 0.

7. The criterion "resource-saving" of the natural resources used in production (water, fossil resources, energy, fauna resources, etc.) is estimated on the following formula:  

576-22 (Ф.1)


R1t – the value of the characteristic of resursosoderzhaniye of technology equal 0 or 1;

R2t – the value of the characteristic of materials consumption of technology equal 0 or 1;

R3t – the value of the characteristic of power consumption of technology equal 0 or 1;

V – operator of disjunction (or).

If at least than one of values of representative indicators of resursosoderzhaniye, materials consumption and power consumption of technology correspond to achievement of criterion "resource-saving", appropriate to such corresponding characteristic value 1, if does not correspond – value 0.

8. The criterion "energy efficiency" is determined by amount of the energy spent for production of unit of production, works or services.

The less energy is spent, the technology energy efficiency for comparable conditions is higher. To criterion it is applied one or more representative indicators reflecting the relation of useful effect of use of energy resources to the costs of energy resources made for the purpose of receipt of such effect in relation to products, engineering procedure, the legal entity, the individual entrepreneur.

If value at least of one of certain representative indicators of energy efficiency of technology corresponds to achievement of criterion "energy efficiency", appropriate to such corresponding characteristic value 1, if does not correspond – value 0.

9. Representative indicators for criterion "prevention and minimization of waste" are total technological waste of all engineering procedures constituting technology. This criterion is directed to stimulation of creation and use of the technologies making the minimum quantity of waste or being wasteless.

If the technology is referred to one of the following categories:


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