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of July 21, 2022 No. 213

About livestock production

(as amended of the Law of the Republic of Moldova of 26.10.2023 No. 305)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

This law shifts in the national legal system Regulations (EU) 2016/1012 of the European Parliament and Council of June 8, 2016 about the zootechnical and genealogical conditions applicable for cultivation of thoroughbred breeding animals, hybrid breeding pigs and their germinal products, trade and their import in the Union and about change of Regulations (EU) No. 652/2014 and Directives 89/608/EES and 90/425/EES of Council, and also about cancellation of some acts in the sector of livestock production ("Regulations about livestock production") (the text concerns EEP) published in the Official magazine of the European Union by L 171/66 of June 29, 2016.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Subject and scope of application

(This law establishes 1):

a) requirements to the institutional organization and management of the livestock sector;

b) requirements to content, feeding, reproduction and animal husbandry;

c) requirements to preserving genetic resources;

d) requirements to trade in breeding animals and their reproducing material;

e) requirements to recognition of societies on cultivation, farms on cultivation and breeding stock-rearing farms;

f) the rights and obligations of owners of animals, societies on cultivation and farms on cultivation;

g) requirements to entering of breeding animals into herdbooks and zootechnical registers and the admission to reproduction of breeding animals and their reproducing material;

h) requirements to appraisal of quality of breeding animals;

i) requirements to issue of zootechnical certificates for breeding animals and for their reproducing material.

(2) This law is applied to breeding animals and their reproducing material if the corresponding animals or the posterity received from their reproducing material are intended for entering into herdbook as thoroughbred breeding animals or in the zootechnical register as hybrid breeding pigs.

(3) This law is not applied to breeding animals and their reproducing material if the corresponding animals and the corresponding reproducing material are held for use in experimental or in other scientific purposes.

Article 2. Purpose and tasks

(1) the Purpose of this law is strengthening of institutional base and creation of the organizational, economic and legal conditions favorable for sustainable development of the livestock sector which will provide:

a) increase in productivity of animals by means of implementation of advanced technologies of their cultivation and use;

b) support to owners of animals in the course of implementation of advanced technologies and the innovation projects in the field of livestock production;

c) improvement of the existing breeds and animal species;

d) creation of new breeds, types and crosses of animals with high productive potential;

e) improvement of quality and product competitiveness of animal origin and their promotion in the internal and external markets;

f) environmental protection, health of the population and health of animals in the course of their cultivation and movement.

(2) Tasks of this law are:

a) ensuring succession in activities for cultivation and cultivation of livestock of top-level animals;

b) maintenance and increase in breeding value and genetic variety of animals;

c) use of methods of cultivation of the animals meeting standards of environmental protection, regulations of protection of animals, regulations of public health care, sanitary and veterinary regulations and market requirements;

d) preserving genetic fund of local breeds, the existing livestock of animals, genetic variety of this livestock;

e) orientation to international standards in the livestock sector.

Article 3. Basic concepts

For the purposes of this law the following basic concepts are determined:

animal husbandry - the complex activities performed by means of selection and reproduction which includes actions and methods, the managed change of genetic structure of populations of the animals who are subject to selection and reproduction;

animal - pet of types of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats or horse, rabbits, fur animals, and also bee, bird, fishes, silkworms, snails;

breeding animal - thoroughbred breeding animal or hybrid breeding pig;

thoroughbred breeding animal - animal who conforms to necessary requirements for its entering into the main Section of herdbook;

association of owners of animals - any form of consolidation created legally which members own the animals registered in the State register of animals and which is acknowledged competent authority in livestock production according to this law;

competent authority on cultivation - the body responsible for animal husbandry appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and the food industry, for storage, preserving and use of genetic fund of animals;

appraisal of quality - the process of testing of productivity and genetic assessment of breeding animals allowing to determine class of animals by complex of morfo-productive and biological characters;

the zootechnical certificate - the official document issued in paper or electronic form on breeding animal and its reproducing material which provides information on family tree, on identification and if those are available, about results of testing of productivity or genetic assessment;

class - horizontal division of the main Section of herdbook in which thoroughbred breeding animals depending on their qualities are entered;

the commission on cultivation - the collegiate consultative body responsible for document package assessment which does not have the status of the legal entity for approval of programs of cultivation, for recognition of societies on cultivation, farms on cultivation and breeding stock-rearing farms and for the admission of the third parties;

official control - the any kind of check of compliance to requirements of this law which is carried out by competent authority in livestock production;

the owner of animals - as it is determined in the Law on identification and registration of animals No. 231/2006;

embryo - phase of development of live organism from the impregnated ovum through all natural physiological stages to fruit;

economy on cultivation - any association of owners of animals, any state or private enterprise which perform the activities in the closed system of animal husbandry and which are acknowledged as competent authority in livestock production for the purposes of program implementation of cultivation of the hybrid breeding pigs registered in the zootechnical register;

breeding stock-rearing farm - economy which is engaged in selection, cultivation and reproduction of the pets who are not belonging to types of cattle, sheep, goats and horse;

the private enterprise performing the activities in the closed system of animal husbandry - the private enterprise realizing the program of animal husbandry in which or other owners of animals do not participate or their number is limited and they have obligations to private enterprise to receive from it hybrid breeding pigs or to deliver it hybrid breeding pigs;

the line - subpopulation of thoroughbred breeding animals of certain breed, genetically stable and uniform from the genetic point of view;

the operator - any physical person or legal entity to which the regulations provided by this law extend: the owner of animals participating in the program of animal husbandry, society on cultivation, economy on cultivation, the third party approved by competent authority in livestock production, the center of collection/storage of seed grain, group of collection/production of embryos;

organism on cultivation - competent body / organization for animal husbandry of the country of source or other country approved for import to the Republic of Moldova of breeding animals for reproduction;

the third party - public or private legal entity, other, than society on cultivation or the economy on cultivation approved by competent authority in livestock production for the purposes of management of programs of animal husbandry, including testing of productivity both genetic assessment, and having the equipment and qualified personnel;

hybrid breeding pig - the animal of type of pigs registered in the zootechnical register, received by deliberate crossing or used for deliberate crossing between the thoroughbred breeding pigs belonging to different breeds or lines or between breeding pigs who in turn are result crossings (hybrids) between different breeds or lines;

the program of cultivation - the program consisting of set of systematic actions - including registration, selection, cultivation of breeding animals and their reproducing material, exchange of breeding animals and their reproducing material - developed and applied for the purpose of preserving or improvement of desirable phenotypical and/or genotypic characteristics of target breeding population;

breed - population of animals, rather uniform that it could be considered as other than other animals of the same type, one or several owners of animals who agreed to bring these animals in herdbooks, with indication of detailed data on their famous ancestors for the purposes of reproduction of their inherited characteristics by means of reproduction of exchange and selection within the program of animal husbandry;

herdbook - the magazine founded by society on cultivation which is conducted in paper or electronic form, in which information on evolution of any breed from types of cattle is entered, sheep, goats or horse and consisting of the main Section to which if necessary one or several additional Sections can be added;

the zootechnical register - the register founded by economy on animal husbandry which is kept in paper or electronic form, in which hybrid breeding pigs with indication of detailed data on their ancestors and their qualities are registered;

food resources - set of forages of plant, animal, mineral origin and the synthesized industrial products which can be used directly or after conversion as forage for animals;

genetic resources - thoroughbred animals, seed grain, embryos, ova, the bird's eggs, eggs of silkworms, fish roe intended for reproduction;

the main Section - the Section of herdbook in which the thoroughbred breeding animals who are subject to introduction with indication of detailed data on their ancestors and their qualities are brought or registered;

selection and reproduction - complex of the organizational and zootechnical and selection actions directed to genetic improvement and increase in productivity of animals;

society on cultivation - any consolidation of owners of animals recognized by competent authority in livestock production for the purposes of program implementation of cultivation of the thoroughbred breeding animals brought in herdbook which is founded and is conducted by it;

testing of producers - action for testing of productivity of posterity of animals for the purpose of assessment of breeding value of producers;

transfer of embryos - the reproductive biotechnology in livestock production consisting in implantation in uterus of one female of the embryo which is taken away from other female;

breeding value - assessment of the expected influence of genotype of breeding animal on certain characteristic of its posterity;


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