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of August 8, 2022 No. 88

About the Park of the creative industries

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on June 30, 2022

Article 1. Regulation subject

This Law determines legal status of the Park of the creative industries, features of management of the Park of the creative industries and procedure for its functioning.

Article 2. Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on the Park of the creative industries

The legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on the Park of the creative industries consists of this Law, other regulatory legal acts and also which became effective in the procedure for international treaties established by the law which participant is the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 3. The basic concepts used in this Law

The basic concepts used in this Law:

1) the creative industry - type of the economic activity based on creativity and creation of products of intellectual property with use of talent, innovations, technologies, cultural heritage of which goods, the work, service having economic value are result;

2) creative professions - professions in which the main economic value is created as a result of creative activities;

3) the Park of the creative industries (further - PKI) - the particular legal regime operating concerning residents of PKI.

Article 4. Creative industries

The following industries of economy belong to the creative industries:

1) architecture, city and regional planning, landscaping, interior design;

2) the fine arts, including creation of scenery;

3) media art, including digital art, creation of virtual and augmented reality, the mixed reality, 3D - design;

4) music, performing art;

5) cinema, television, radio, photo, videography, videoprodakshn;

6) animation, graphical design, design of multimedia;

7) media, Internet striming, maintaining podcasts and blogs;

8) workmanship, arts and crafts, art crafts;

9) the fashion industry, including design of clothes, accessories, creation of collections;

10) programming, development of IT products, robotics and artificial intelligence;

11) creation of computer and mobile games, cybersport;

12) literature, writing of scenarios, storytelling;

13) art management;

14) publishing;

15) activities of creative spaces, including the museums, galleries, libraries, recreation parks, co-workings, training centers, meykerspeysa;

16) activities of accelerators and business incubators;

17) activities of tour operators, guides, guides, translators, animators, organizers of tourist entertainments and development of tourist routes;

18) organization of conferences, forums, entertainments, fashionable displays, show and mass actions, producing;

19) advertizing, marketing on social networks, public relations;

20) training in the sphere of creative professions, including professional development course, the centers of testing and certification.

Article 5. Types of activity of PKI

Types of activity to which the PKI mode is applied are determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic within the industries listed in article 4 of this Law.

Article 6. PKI mode

1. The PKI mode - particular legal regime of implementation of business activity by the persons performing types of activity of PKI and registered as residents of PKI.

2. Residents of PKI pay taxes according to the procedure, established by the Tax code of the Kyrgyz Republic.

3. Workers of residents of PKI are subject to the national social insurance according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About rates of insurance premiums on the national social insurance".

Article 7. Purposes of creation of PKI

PKI is created for the purpose of the accelerated development of creative (creative) entrepreneurship, involvement of historical and cultural capacity of the Kyrgyz Republic in development of national economy, research of the creative industries of the republic, promotion of results of creative activities in the domestic and international markets, promoting of creative professions and the creative industries, development of educational projects in the field of the creative industries.

Article 8. Residents of PKI

1. Residents of PKI are the legal entities and physical persons conforming to requirements of part 2 of this Article, registered as resident of PKI according to the procedure, determined by this Law.

2. As resident of PKI the legal entity or physical person, including foreign whose revenue for 90 percent consists of revenue received as a result of implementation of types of activity of PKI at least can be registered.

3. Activities of resident of PKI are performed according to the agreement on activities implementation which is signed between resident and directorate of PKI (further - the agreement).

Article 9. Receipt of resident status of PKI

1. Activities of resident of PKI are performed according to the agreement for which conclusion the applicant submits to directorate of PKI the application in the form established by the Supervisory board.

2. The directorate of PKI considers the application and directs submission to the Supervisory board. Within three working days after decision making by the Supervisory board the directorate of PKI signs the contract on implementation of activities of resident of PKI with the applicant and includes it in the register of residents of PKI.

3. The register of residents of PKI is kept by directorate of PKI and is placed on the PKI official Internet resource.

Article 10. Termination of resident status of PKI

1. The resident status of PKI stops in the following cases:

1) based on the statement of resident of PKI;

2) deprivations of resident status of PKI.

2. The resident of PKI loses resident status of PKI in case of violation of the requirements provided by part 2 of article 8 of this Law, or terms of the contract.

3. The decision on deprivation of the status is made by the Supervisory board on representation to directorate of PKI.

4. After decision making by the Supervisory board the directorate of PKI initiates agreement cancelation.

5. The agreement is subject to termination according to the procedure, provided by this Law, the civil legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the agreement.

Article 11. Management of PKI

1. The supreme body of management of PKI is the Supervisory board.

The regulations on the Supervisory board affirm the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. Management of the current activities of PKI is performed by the directorate of PKI headed by the director.

Article 12. Supervisory board of PKI

1. The supervisory board of PKI consists of 7 members and is created for three years in the following procedure:


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