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of August 15, 2022 No. ZRU-789

About organization of the award "Imom Buhory"

Accepted by Legislative house on August 12, 2022

Approved by the Senate on August 13, 2022

Article 1. Found the award "Imom Buhory".

Article 2. Approve Regulations on the award "Imom Buhory" it (is applied).

Article 3. Approve descriptions of the award "Oly Darazhali Yim Buhory" and the award "Imom Buhory" (are applied).

Article 4. Bring in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 22, 1995 No. 176-I "About the state awards" (in edition of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 11, 2018 No. ZRU-473) (Sheets of chambers of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2018, No. 4, Art. 221; 2019, No. 9, Art. 589; 2020, No. 3, Art. 200, No. 5, Art. of the Art. 299, 300, No. 6, Art. 334, No. 12, Art. 688; 2021, appendix to No. 4) following changes:

Part the second Article 8 to state 1) in the following edition:

"Also the award "Oly Darazhali D¸stlik", the award "Oly Darazhali Yim Buhory" and the award "Imom Buhory" are among awards of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

2) in Article 15:

the eighth to state part in the following edition:

"The awards "Oly Darazhali D¸stlik" and "Oly Darazhali Yim Buhory" rush on the right side of breast or on medal chain";

the twelfth to state part in the following edition:

"Rules of carrying tapes on levels are not applied to the highest distinction - the medal "Oltin Yulduz", the awards "Mustakillik", "Amir Temur", "Oly Darazhali Yim Buhory", "Zhaloliddin Manguberdi", "Oly Darazhali D¸stlik", and also to breastplates of honorary titles of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

Article 5. This Law becomes effective from the date of its official publication.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Sh. Mirziyoev

Approved by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan of August 15, 2022 No. ZRU-789

Regulations on the award "Imom Buhory"

1. The award "Imom Buhory" consists of two degrees:

award "Oly Darazhali Yim Buhory";

award "Imom Buhory".

The award "Oly Darazhali Yim Buhory" on degree is higher than the award "Imom Buhory".

2. "Oly Darazhali Yim Buhory" are awarded the order for the good results achieved in studying and broad promotion on the international scene of life and scientific heritage of the great scientists and thinkers who made huge contribution to development of science and culture, including Islamic enlightenment:

heads of the foreign states and governments;

representatives of parliaments of foreign countries;

heads and representatives of the international organizations, diplomatic representations, consular establishments and other organizations equated to them, and also foreign figures and scientists;

the famous state and public figures, heads and the leading ulama in the religious and public sphere, outstanding scientists, writers, teachers and scientific researchers of our country.

3. "Oly Darazhali Yim Buhory" are awarded the order for:

active participation in deep studying of scientific and educational heritage of our great thinkers and bringing to the international community of the invaluable contribution made by them in development of Islamic enlightenment and philosophy, and also world science;

outstanding merits in bringing to the international community of the noble universal ideas containing in hadisa on the basis of development and comprehensive study of scientific and spiritual bases of hadisovedeniye;

worthy contribution to promotion of the ideas of humanity and love for the country containing in works of our ancestors by their translation, research and the analysis, and also, development of scientific and educational bases of the solution of urgent problems of spiritual life of society at the present stage;

special merits in bringing to world community and broad promotion at world level scientific kommentirovannykh the translations and comparative texts of the works created by our thinkers who made invaluable contribution to development of Islamic civilization and culture;

active participation in collection and implementation of research works on hand-written and lithographic works of our great thinkers, to the rich and historical heritage of Islamic religion and culture which are stored in our country and the foreign states;

long-term and dedicated work on realization of the humane policy pursued in the Republic of Uzbekistan, protection of guarantees of liberty of conscience of citizens, to strengthening of interreligious and interfaith consent and tolerance among the country population, broad promotion of the reforms performed in the religious and educational sphere;

long-term fruitful work on careful preserving national and religious values, strengthening of international friendship, mercy, tolerance and unity, education of youth as harmoniously developed identity, and also providing stable social and spiritual situation in society.

4. Are awarded the order by "Imom Buhory" for merits in research and promotion of scientific and religious heritage of our great thinkers, bringing to the population, especially youth of the country, universal values and true essence of religion Islam:

workers of science, education and education, culture, art and literature;

employees of the state and public organizations;

religious figures;

scientists and researchers.

5. Are awarded the order by "Imom Buhory" for:

merits in deep studying of scientific heritage of our great ancestors, education of the growing-up younger generation in the spirit of respect of heritage of ancestors, love and commitment to the Homeland;

fruitful work in studying of historical heritage of our people personifying the high humanistic ideas and sacred values on system basis, preparation of necessary programs, education guidances and scientific and practical recommendations for the purpose of their use in religious education and spiritual and moral educational work;

activities for support of research works, holding the propaganda and explanatory actions directed to studying of religious and social processes and questions of ensuring religious tolerance in the country;

merits in the prevention, development and practical application of scientific and educational bases of counteraction to mercenary threats and actions in relation to religion Islam on the basis of the idea "Education against ignorance";

big merits in studying of role and value of Islamic civilization in development of universal values, including spirituality and culture of our people, and also research of their scientific-theoretical and practical aspects.

6. By the award "Oly Darazhali Yim Buhory" and "Imom Buhory" also other persons for special merits in development of science and enlightenment can be awarded the order.


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