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of May 5, 2022 No. 523-VIQ

About food security

This Law according to Items 11, 20 and 26 parts I of article 94 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic governs the relations in connection with safety of food and fodder products for protection of life and human health and animals, and also the rights of consumers in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Chapter 1. Basic provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

1.1. For the purposes of this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1.1.1. foodstuff - the raw, semi-processed or completely processed products intended for power supply of the person including food supplements, biologically active foodstuff, food raw material, drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic), the drinking water (packed) salt and chewing gum. This concept does not join the fodder products, live animals not ready for consumption, seeds, plants before harvesting, medicines, perfumery cosmetics, tobacco and tobacco products, narcotic and psychotropic substances and pollutants;

1.1.2. food raw material - the substances of plant, animal, microbiological, mineral, artificial and biotechnology origin used for processing of foodstuff and the water added to them in case of primary production, production and conversion of foodstuff;

1.1.3. offal - the meat products received in case of slaughter of animals and birds and suitable in food (language, kidneys, brain, heart, liver, lungs, stomach, books, spleen, diaphragm, extremities, tail, udder, etc.);

1.1.4. food products of animal origin - meat of animals, birds, offal of meat of animal and bird, fish and fish caviar, mollusks, Crustacea and other water invertebrates, eggs, honey and other products of beekeeping (propolis, uterine milk) used in the food, milk and foodstuff received from them by conversion;

1.1.5. food products of plant origin - the gathered mushrooms, fruit, vegetables used for power supply of people, other products of plant origin used for food and the foodstuff received from them by conversion;

1.1.6. the enriched (fortifitsirovanny) food products - food products to which it is added one or more ingredients and other substances which are not present at it it is initial or present at insufficient quantity, or lost in processing, for the purpose of increase in nutrition value of products and prevention of the diseases caused by deficit of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates) for giving to products of certain properties;

1.1.7. new types of food products - the food products having the new or changed molecular structure as a result of conversion using new technologies (including nanotechnologies), made from earlier unused raw materials and which were earlier not used for power supply of the person in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic;

1 1.1.8. food supplements - this or that substance added to food products with any technology (including organoleptic) the purpose, which is not consumed separately in the form of food or as characteristic component of food products irrespective of, it has nutrition value or not which can be directly or indirectly component of food products or affect its properties (color, taste etc.);

1.1.9. biologically active foodstuff - dosed (in the form of the capsule, tablet, ampoule, drops and other similar forms) the food products with the established and dosed daily dose of acceptance intended for enrichment of diet and consisting of one or several nutrients and other biologically active agents having nutritive and physiological action;

1.1.10. ingredient - the substances used in case of preparation of foodstuff or attendees as a part of ready-made product in the initial or changed form, substances of animal, plant, microbiological, mineral origin including food supplements;

1.1.11. the materials and products contacting to foodstuff - the materials and products used at stages of primary production, production, conversion, the address and utilization of foodstuff and which are directly contacting to foodstuff including container and packaging materials. The water supply system providing consumers with drinking water does not enter this concept;

1.1.12. primary production - collection, cultivation, sorting of products of primary production, and also hunting for wild animals, fish and seafood and collection of products of wild-plants, including product receipt of animal origin before slaughter of animals;

1.1.13. products of primary production - the food and fodder products received from primary production including from the earth and live animals, and also from bee, seafood, including fish and fish caviar, the got wild animals and products of collected wild-plants;

1.1.14. production of food and fodder products - any process consisting of cleaning, slaughter (including slaughter of animals), cabins, cutting, cuttings, grindings, crushing, dehiding, plucking out of wool, chilling, freezing or their combination, with respect thereto weighing and packing, packaging, labeling, and also intra production storage and transportation of food and fodder products;

1.1.15. conversion of food and fodder products - any process consisting of heating, drying, cooking, smoking, pickling, extraction, concoction of products of primary production and products received as a result of production or their combination, and also preparation of food and fodder products for conversion, weighing and packing, packaging, labeling, storage and transportation of food and fodder products in the territory of conversion;

1.1.16. turnover of food and fodder products - storage, transportation, import and export, delivery, realization by objects of wholesale and retail trade of food and fodder products, barter, transfer in any form (in commercial or non-commercial purposes), and also consumption of food products;

1.1.17. utilization of food and fodder products - technology conversion or use in other purposes of the food and fodder products which are not conforming to the existing requirements in the field of food security for the purpose of use in the assignment other than its initial assignment;

1.1.18. destruction of food and fodder products - reduction unsuitable for use and dangerous food and fodder products in the condition making impossible its use in this or that form and excluding harmful effects on life and health of the person and animals (further - life and health), the environment;

1.1.19. placement of food and fodder products in the market - realization of food and fodder products in commercial and non-commercial purposes or transfer in this or that form, storage for realization and distribution;

1.1.20. food chain - set of stages of primary production, production, conversion, turnover, utilization and destruction of food and (or) fodder products;

1.1.21. activities in food chain - the activities performed in connection with primary production, production, conversion, turnover, utilization and destruction of food and (or) fodder products;

1.1.22. subjects of food chain (further - food subjects) - physical persons or legal entities, municipal, state bodies (structures) performing activities in food chain;

1.1.23. object of food chain (further - food objects) - space, the site, the building, the vehicle and other object of modular type (transported) on which activities in food chain are performed;

1.1.24. tracking of products - tracking at all stages of food chain of movement of food and fodder product, animals from whom foodstuff, or the substances intended for addition in food and fodder products is received;

1.1.25. food safety - the condition of foodstuff which is completely excluding damnification by foodstuff of life and to human health at all stages of food chain and also in the course of food intake;

1.1.26. indicators of food security - the indicators providing protection of life and health of the person including sanitary and hygienic regulations, the most admissible quantity of remaining balance and pollutants, limits of daily consumption and other parameters;

1.1.27. the minimum quality factors - the physical, chemical, organoleptic and other characteristics of foodstuff guaranteeing suitability for use by people and the minimum intake of the nutrients necessary for human body;

1.1.28. batch of food and fodder products - group or set of the identified products which is initially made, made and processed, packed, received on the same technology conditions in the same production change and in the same place;

1.1.29. pollutant - the substance which is purposefully not included in structure of products in case of primary production, production, conversion and turnover of foodstuff and forages, or getting from the environment which can pose safety hazard or to the minimum quality of food and fodder products;

1.1.30. remaining balance - remaining balance of veterinary medicines, agrochemicals, means of protection of plants, heavy metals and pollutants in food and fodder products;


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