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of March 17, 2022 No. 305

About features of work of Ukrpochta joint-stock company in the conditions of warlike situation

(as amended on 29-04-2022)

According to the Law of Ukraine "About legal regime of warlike situation" and for the purpose of non-admission of social and food crisis the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decides:

1. Agree with the offer of the Ministry of infrastructure on the organization of work of Ukrpochta joint-stock company (further - JSC Ukrpochta) for action of warlike situation and assignment on JSC Ukrpochta of such tasks:

ensuring delivery of pensions and the monetary assistance to citizens who receive pensions and the monetary assistance (if technically possible);

implementation of delivery of drugs, humanitarian assistance, mailings and periodic printing editions (if technically possible);

implementation of free transportation of property domestic subjects of managing according to the list which is created by the Ministry of Economics and is transferred to the Ministry of infrastructure;

implementation of free transportation of food products and packaging goods for their packing for issue to the population according to the list which is created by the Ministry of Economics according to procedure which is established by JSC Ukrpochta.

implementation of lump sum payments of cash to persons which are evacuated from settlements which are located in areas of carrying out military (fighting) operations (possible fighting), to safe areas;

implementation of payments to air carriers for transportation of goods of the humanitarian assistance, other freights by aircrafts.

2. Determine that:

use of all available vehicles which belong to JSC Ukrpochta or are attracted by JSC Ukrpochta on a contract basis, it is performed only for ensuring activities of JSC Ukrpochta;

JSC Ukrpochta for accomplishment of tasks, certain in paragraphs four and the fifth Item 1 of this resolution, has the right to attract on a contract basis the subjects of managing performing motor transportations, to determine rate for transportations and to perform payment of the corresponding services from the account of JSC Ukrpochta. On vehicles and workers of subjects of managing who perform motor transportations and are involved with JSC Ukrpochta in accomplishment of the tasks determined by this resolution, the regulations established by this resolution extend;

in the territories in which there is fighting JSC Ukrpochta establishes on own transportations, and also transportations with involvement on a contract basis of the subjects of managing performing motor transportations, rate with coefficient of no more 1,5;

to vehicles, employees of JSC Ukrpochta who accompany them and to the employees of JSC Ukrpochta involved in rendering services and in production processes, and also the vehicles belonging to other subjects of managing which transport property domestic subjects of managing, the stipulated in Item 1 this resolution, and to the workers such subjects of managing accompanying vehicles are granted the right of extraordinary journey (except vehicles of Armed Forces, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security service, Public service on emergency situations, National police and the specialized hospital transport) through posts (artificial constructions), including in case of need - during curfew, based on permission (with indication of number of the vehicle, surname, name, middle names (in the presence) the driver and workers accompanying freight together with the driver (in case of their availability) and passport numbers), the issued JSC Ukrpochta to which the commodity-transport delivery note issued to JSC Ukrpochta is applied, and in case of implementation subjects of managing of transportation of own property by the vehicles belonging to subjects of managing or the vehicles raised by them for own means (without compensation for expenses of such means), - the route leaf and commodity-transport delivery note issued by such subjects of managing;

the expenses of JSC Ukrpochta performed in pursuance of paragraphs of the fourth - the seventh Item 1 of this resolution, belong on results of financial and economic activities within amount of means from rate decrease of transfer of dividends in state byudzhettaky expenses are performed before exhaustion of amount of means from rate decrease of transfer of dividends in the government budget. In case of insufficiency of the means determined by this paragraph for financing of the actions provided by this resolution for calculations of JSC Ukrpochta based on the appeal of the Ministry of infrastructure financing of such measures is performed at the expense of means of reserve fund of the government budget (according to the separate decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine).

implementation of mail service by the national operator which functions are performed by JSC Ukrpochta of economic activity on international carriages of mailings and the humanitarian assistance by vehicles for action of warlike situation is performed without license for the right of implementation of economic activity on international carriages of freights by cargo vehicles.

military authorities which powers extend to the territory on which it is transported according to paragraphs the fourth and fifth Item 1 of this resolution confirm the fact of implementation of such transportations of JSC Ukrpochta or the subjects of managing attracted with JSC Ukrpochta performing motor transportations by signing by representatives of military authorities of acts of the rendered services (in the form determined by JSC Ukrpochta) which are drawn up according to commodity-transport delivery notes (in the form determined by JSC Ukrpochta), the corresponding representatives of military authorities (or representatives of local executive body to which appropriate authority is delegated by military authorities).

3. Limit withdrawal (compulsory acquisition) of weapon and ammunition, the bullet-proof vests consisting on balance of JSC Ukrpochta attraction of vehicles which belong or are in use of JSC Ukrpochta on a contract basis, to transportation of weapon, ammunition, mines and other explosive loads.

4. Include JSC Ukrpochta in the list of subjects of managing concerning which high public need is had in this connection to exempt JSC Ukrpochta from obligation of transfer of vehicles and the equipment to military forming (The Armed forces formed according to the laws to other military forming, and also law enforcement agencies of special purpose, Public service of special communication and information security and the Public special service of transport) during mobilization.

5. In Item 1 of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 8, 2022 No. 230 "About approval of the basic standard rate of assignment of the part of profit directed to dividend payout by results of financial and economic activities in 2021 of economic societies in which authorized capital there are corporate laws of the state":

In paragraph seven of the word and figures "in the amount of 80 percent" shall be replaced with words 1) also in figures "in the amount of 30 percent";

2) to add Item with the paragraph of the following content:

"for Ukrainian Railroad joint-stock company in the amount of 30 percent.".


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