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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

January 13, 2022

No. 29/37365


of November 19, 2021 No. 1795

About approval of Aviation rules of Ukraine of "The rule of airborne transportations of loads"

According to Article part one 11, I ORDER to part two of article 100 of the Air code of Ukraine, Item 8 of the Regulations on the Public air service of Ukraine approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of October 08, 2014 No. 520, for the purpose of enhancement of the regulatory framework regulating activities of civil aviation of Ukraine in the field of the organization of airborne transportations of loads:

1. Approve Aviation rules of Ukraine of "The rule of airborne transportations of loads" which are attached.

2. Approve Changes in Aviation rules of Ukraine "Procedure and conditions of airborne transportations of dangerous goods", No. approved by the order of the Public air service of Ukraine of November 12, 2020 1802, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on January 14, 2021 for No. 57/35679, which are applied.

3. (Sadlovskaya I. P.) in the procedure established by the legislation to provide to management of air transportation and international cooperation:

1) submission of this order on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

2) promulgation of this order on the official website.

4. Recognize invalid orders of Public service of Ukraine on supervision of safety of aircraft of November 2, 2005 as No. 822 "About approval of the Instruction on the organization of transportation of goods by air transport", registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 21, 2005 for No. 1403/11683 (with changes), and of March 14, 2006 No. 186 "About approval of Rules of airborne transportations of loads", registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on June 13, 2006 for No. 705/12579 (with changes).

5. This order becomes effective from the date of its official publication.

Chairman of State aviaservice

A. Bilchuk


It is approved:

Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine


A. Kubrakov

Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

A. Peschanskaya

Minister of Health of Ukraine

V. Lyashko

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

D. Kuleba

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

D. Monastyrsky

Chairman Chief state inspector on nuclear and radiation safety of Ukraine

G. Plachkov

Chairman of the Public regulatory service of Ukraine

V. Kucher

Approved by the Order of the Public air service of Ukraine of November 19, 2021 No. 1795

Aviation rules of Ukraine of "Rule of airborne transportations of loads"

І. General provisions

1. These Aviation rules extend to all subjects of aviation activities and determine conditions of airborne transportations of loads and are obligatory for execution by all subjects of aviation activities.

2. These Aviation rules establish general terms of transportation of goods by air transportation which provide the proper level of safety of flights and quality of transportations.

3. Transportation of dangerous goods by air and execution of documentation on such transportations is performed according to the order of the Public air service of Ukraine of November 12, 2020 No. 1802 "About approval of Aviation rules of Ukraine "Procedure and conditions of airborne transportations of dangerous goods", registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on January 14, 2021 for No. 57/35679 (further - the Procedure and conditions of airborne transportations of dangerous goods).

4. In these Aviation rules terms are used in such values:

the air freight bill (Air Waybill) - the document processed by the consignor or on behalf of the consignor including its electronic copy (in case of use) which is confirmation of the conclusion of the transportation agreement between air carrier and the consignor on transportations and acceptances of load to transportation on the conditions determined in it and also the receipt on receipt of load;

the air freight bill of the agent (House Air Waybill) - the document which is processed to each departure which is part of the integrated load and contains instructions for the load handling agent;

the air freight bill neutral (Neutral Air Waybill) - the document which is not containing code or any other data on air carrier before its registration;

the air freight bill main (Master Air Waybill) - the document which is processed for each batch of the integrated load;

the load handling agent - the agent who is carrying out at least one transaction on processing of orders for cargo hauling, document creation on load, to acceptance of load, packaging, selection, storage, collection of load including transactions on the integrated load, loading, unloading, land processing;

heavy load - load which weight of one place exceeds 150 kg;

load unloaded (Offload Cargo) - load and its accompanying documents which for any reasons were unloaded from the aircraft in the point of departure, appointments or in intermediate point along transportation route;

load integrated - the load consisting of several individual cargo departures combined by the load handling agent in one consignment;

the freight manifest (Cargo Manifest) - the document which contains list of all load transported on the aircraft along the corresponding route;

the freight transfer manifest (Transfer Manifest) - the document on load which is transported by different air carriers, the air carrier accepting the load which is drawn up by air carrier which performs transfer, and signed;

certain categories of loads - loads which transportation and servicing, considering their nature, shall be performed on special conditions;

wet load - the load containing liquid, or the load capable by the nature to emit liquid or large amount of moisture;

the summary loading sheet (Load Sheet) - the document which is processed for calculation of commercial loading;

embargo (embargo) - prohibition on acceptance to transportation of any category of load along the corresponding route (the sector of route, the territory or Items of joining) which is established by the country (the international organization) for a certain period of time;

freight forwarding - the service connected with the organization and ensuring transportations of export, inward, transit or other cargo for the freight forwarding agreement;

the applicable laws - the laws, resolutions and orders, and also other regulatory legal acts regulating implementation of transportation of goods of any country about the territories on which territory and through the territory transportation of goods and which provisions shall be applied as contractual conditions is performed even if their application will cause damage to the consignor;

bulk transportation - the cargo hauling by at least than two modes of transport performed according to the agreement of bulk transportation from the place where the load is transferred under control of the multimodal transport operator, to certain delivery location. The transactions on export or cargo delivery performed according to the transportation agreement only by one mode of transport as it is determined in such agreement, are not considered as bulk transportations;

the instruction of the consignor - the auxiliary document intended for collection of the complete information about load, necessary for air carrier or its load handling agent for execution of the air freight bill;

the feedwell - the cylindrical cover of the closed profile opened from end faces;

the order of different charges (Miscellaneous Charges Order) - the document which is used for payment of the additional services connected with transportation and which can be used for payment of transportation of unaccompanied baggage;

transfer - unloading of load from one flight and its loading on other flight for further transportation;

the preliminary arrangement - any special arrangement between the consignor and air carrier made in advance before shipment;

cargo damage - any difference (loss of original form) in load condition (internal or external) from its condition before transportation accomplishment (dispersal, course, change of form, properties);

standard means of packaging (Unit Load Device) (further - ULD) - the containers or pallets applied to packaging and transportation of goods on the aircraft;

special conditions of transportation - condition of transportation of goods which arise owing to nature of loads or discrepancy of provisions of these Aviation rules to rules of other country or if rules of other country establish lower level concerning conditions of transportations than what is established by these Aviation rules or if other country requires observance of its rules and at the same time arises threat of failure to carry out of the transportation agreement;

thermosensitive loads - the loads requiring certain temperature conditions in transit;

transfer load - the load brought to the airport of transfer by one flight and transported on other flight of the same or other air carrier;

valuable cargo - load which cost to transportation is declared in the amount of 1000 US dollars (one thousand US dollars or equivalent in other currency) and more for kilogram of load and also, irrespective of the declared cost, as valuable cargo are considered:

gold bullions (including the processed and raw gold) in the form of whetstone, gold coins and gold in the form of sand, sheets, foil, powder, sponge, wire, rod, tubes, rings and casting;

platinum, platinum metals (palladium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium and rhodium) and platinum alloys in the form of sand, plates, sponges, whetstones, sheets, rods, wire, tubes and tapes (excepting radioactive isotopes of the above-designated metals and alloys which shall be transported according to rules of transportations of dangerous goods);

banknotes, travel checks, insurance policies, shares, share certificates, brands are also suitable for use bank and/or credit cards;

diamonds (including diamonds for industrial use), rubies, emeralds, sapphires, disgraces and natural pearls (including artificially grown up pearls);

the jewelry and hours made of silver and/or gold, and/or of platinum;

products from gold and/or platinum, excepting the products having only covering from silver and/or gold, and/or platinum.

Other terms used in these Aviation rules are used in the values specified in the Air code of Ukraine and other regulatory legal acts in the field of civil aviation.

5. In these Aviation rules the following reducings are used:

ANM (_ATA A_rrogt Handling Manual) - the existing "Management on Airport Servicing" edition;

Cargo-IMP (_ATA Cargo Interchange Message Procedures) - the existing "Procedures of Exchange of Messages in case of Cargo Haulings" edition;

CASS (Cargo Accounts Settlement System) - system of accounting and calculations between air carriers and cargo agents;

SSA (Cargo Charges Correction Advice) - the document which is processed for the message on change of charges for cargo hauling which are mistakenly brought by air carrier which drew up the air freight bill, and/or changes in payment method for cargo hauling;

CDR (Cargo Damage Report) - the act of cargo damage, the document containing the detailed description of nature of damage and/or partial shortage of content of cargo departure;

IRP (Notice of Non-Delivery - Irregularity Report - IRP) - the act of nondelivery/lack of distribution - the act of defect, the document which is necessary for confirmation of the fact of defect in transit of load or breach of agreement of cargo hauling and is applied to informing on it all concerned parties;

LAR (IATA Live Animals Regulation) - the existing "Rules of Transportations of Live Animals" edition;


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