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of July 28, 2006 No. 468

About approval of inventories (works, services), duration of production cycle of production (accomplishment, rendering) of which constitutes over 6 months

(as amended on 01-12-2020)

According to Item 13 of article 167 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation the Government of the Russian Federation decides:

1. Approve enclosed:

The inventory (works, services), duration of production cycle of production (accomplishment, rendering) of which constitutes over 6 months;

the inventory which duration of production cycle of production constitutes over 6 months (confidentially).

2. Ceased to be valid according to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 01.12.2020 No. 1981

3. Item 2 of the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 22, 2006 N385 "About Temporary Rates of Import Customs Duties concerning Processing Equipment for the Aviation Industry" (The Russian Federation Code, 2006, N 26, the Art. 2848) to exclude.

4. Recognize invalid acts of the Government of the Russian Federation according to the enclosed list.

5. This resolution becomes effective from the date of its official publication and extends to the tax legal relationship which arose since January 1, 2006.

Russian Prime Minister

M. Fradkov


Approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 28, 2006 No. 468

The inventory (works, services), duration of production cycle of production (accomplishment, rendering) of which constitutes over 6 months

1. Goods according to the All-Russian Product Classifier

Code of group

Name of group


Serums immune

serums anti-toxic; serum protivobotulinichesky type A, antigangrenous, antitetanic, antidiphtherial, protivobotulinichesky type B, protivobotulinichesky types C and G; serums protivobotulinichesky polyvalent; immunoglobulins homologous antibacterial; immunoglobulin of the person of protivobotulinicheskiya, antitetanic; immunoglobulins of the person antistaphylococcal, against intestinal infections; immunoglobulin protivokoklyushny, antidiphtherial; serums other; serum anti-reticular cytotoxic, native horse on the Pilgrim; serums against poison of snakes of gyurza, efa and viper; serum horse or cattle, divorced 1:100, against poison of snake of the Central Asian cobra; the serum sterilized "f" polyvalent against poison of snakes of gyurza, efa and cobra, against poison of spider of karakurt; immunoglobulins homological against viral infections; immunoglobulin of the person anti-influenza, the person normal, antirabichesky donor, against hepatitis B, the person against tick-borne encephalitis; gamma and and immunoglobulins heterogeneous; immunoglobulin of antirabicheskiya, against tick-borne encephalitis; gamma globulin protivosibireyazvenny; immunoglobulin protivoleptospirozny, against the Japanese encephalitis, the Venezuelan encephalomyelitis, anti-lymphocytic; immunoglobulins antistaphylococcal; albumine; protein; fibronolizin; thrombin; plasmas antibacterial; gistaglobulin; immunoglobulin antiallergic; enzymes from blood and other biological substrates; medicine of enzyme of propionylcholinesterase No. 1 and No. 2, atsetilkholinesteraza enzyme from erythrocytes of blood of the person and horse, cholinesterase of I and II, III and IV/V, VI and the VII classes; medicines from other biological substrates; lactoglobulins; chigain; serums, medicines from blood and received by method of genetic engineering, applied in veterinary science; serums against anthrax, leptospirosis, pasteurellosis, diplokokkovy infections, paratyphoid and kolibakterioz of farm animals; gamma globulins; medicines from blood other and received by method of genetic engineering; interferona; serums other

Vaccines are bacterial live preventive, applied in medicine

vaccines are bacterial live preventive; the vaccine is brutsellezny skin; Kalmetta-Geren's (BTsZh) bacillus; the vaccine is tulyaremiyny skin, plague

Vaccines bacterial chemical and inactivated preventive, applied in medicine

vaccines are the bacterial, chemical and inactivated preventive; the vaccine is leptospirozny, cholera; holerogen-anatoksin; vaccine bryushnotifozny spirit, bryushnotifozny sorbed, meningococcal

Vaccines bacterial inactivated medical, applied in medicine

the vaccine is sinegnoyny, sibireyazvenny; vaccines the bacterial inactivated medical; the vaccine is brutsellezny medical; vaccines staphylococcal; solko; trikhovak; the vaccine is proteyny, multicomponent

Vaccines are virus live

vaccines are virus live; vaccines influenzal; vaccine clumsy; vaccines ospenny; vaccine of yellow fever, poliomiyelitny, parotitny, parotitno-korevy

The vaccines virus inactivated, applied in medicine

vaccines virus inactivated; vaccine against encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis, Japanese encephalitis; vaccines of tick-borne encephalitis, hepatitis, influenzal, antirabichesky; vaccine herpetic

Anatoksina and the toxins applied in medicine

anatoksina and toxins; the anatoksina diphtheritic adsorbed, diphtheritic and tetanic adsorbed, tetanic adsorbed, staphylococcal, gangrenous; anatoksin botulinicheskiya; sixth - penta-, tetraanatoksina; anatoksin sinegnoyny stick, koklyushny

Vaccines and other treatment-and-prophylactic bacterial medicines

vaccines bacterial associated; vaccine koklyushno - diphtheritic and tetanic (AKDS); hydroxide aluminum gel; vaccines rikketsiozny; vaccine against fever of KU; vaccines sypnotifozny; vaccines, anatoksina, toxins and other treatment-and-prophylactic bacterial medicines; pilastin; medicines from intestinal normoflora; tomitsid; baktisubtit; biosporin; sporobakterin; aktinolizat

Vaccines are bacterial live preventive, applied in veterinary science

vaccines sibireyazvenny

Sleeves rubber pressure head with textile framework

Sleeves the rubber pressure head not reinforced which are soaking up with textile framework

Shock-absorbers shaped rubber

shock-absorbers are shaped, shaped rubber, shaped rubber-metal

Fitting for pipes steel, except cast

connections of ship systems and pipelines; saturation connections paroprovodny; connections of ship systems of ventilation, hose, homutovy, etc.

Designs and details of ropeways from ferrous metals

bridges safety when crossings

Designs and details of hydraulic engineering constructions from ferrous metals

designs of mooring devices of hydraulic engineering constructions

Designs and details of designs from ferrous metals other, not included in other groups

metalwork special; treatment facilities

Boilers of central heating for production of hot water or pair of low pressure

coppers heating water-heating performance to 11,63 of MW (10 Gcal/h), performance from 11,63 of MW (10 Gcal/h) and from above


boilers performance of St. 10 t couple/h according to the personalized list; boilers performance of St. 10 t to 1000 t couple/h, St. 20 to 100 t couple/h, St. 100 to 1000 t couple/h inclusive, St. 1000 t couple/h; ship boilers

Coppers are steam-generating others

coppers utilizers and power technology


pipelines station and turbine on pressure to 22 kgfs/cm2; blocks of pipelines on pressure to 22 kgfs/cm 2, station and turbine on pressure of 22 kgfs/cm2 and from above; blocks of pipelines on pressure of 22 kgfs/cm2 and from above

Equipment boiler

grit arresters battery

Equipment heat-exchanging

heaters of low pressure, high pressure; heaters of network water; installations paropreobrazovatelny; evaporators for power plants; heat exchangers; cooling agents of vapor and water; installations reduktsionno-cooling high and elevated pressure; equipment other and devices heat-exchanging


Boiler superheaters

The service equipment for use together with boilers other

deaerators thermal and tanks deaerating; deaerators of elevated pressure with tanks; deaerators atmospheric with cooling agents of vypar and tanks deaerating; condensers; regulators of water-wheels automatic; installations for water-wheels oil-pressure


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