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of November 2, 2021 No. 426

About placement (distribution) of advertizing


For the purpose of streamlining of advertizing activities, accounting and systematization of information on advertizing distributors I decide:

1. Create the state information resource "Register of Advertising Distributors" (further - the Register).

2. Determine that:

2.1. the advertizing distributors included in the Register have the right to render services in placement (distribution) of advertizing.

Rendering services in placement (distribution) of advertizing by the advertizing distributor who is not included in the Register is illegal and is forbidden.

Advertizing distributors have the right to render the services in placement (distribution) of advertizing specified in appendix without inclusion in the Register;

2.2. The ministry of anti-monopoly regulation and trade (further - MART) is the owner Reestra, performs its forming and maintaining.

The register is posted in open access on the official site of MART on the global computer Internet.

The procedure for forming of the Register, structure of the data included in it, and also order of interaction of state bodies and other state organizations for its maintaining are determined by Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

Creation, operation and program and technical support of the Register, including upgrade of the software, are performed at the expense of the means of the republican budget provided on content of MART, and other sources which are not prohibited by the legislation;

2.3. inclusion of information about the advertizing distributor in the Register is performed based on the notification sent by the advertizing distributor to MART, except for case, specified in part one of subitem 2.5 of this Item;

2.4. the decision on the advertizing distributor's exception of the Register (further - the decision on exception) is made by MART in cases:

identifications of MART or other authorized state body of violation by the advertizing distributor of the legislation on advertizing, about mass media and failures to carry out (inadequate accomplishment) by the advertizing distributor of the requirement (instruction) about elimination of the revealed violation;

receipts from the advertizing distributor of the notification on exception of the Register;

other cases established by Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

The decision on exception made according to the paragraph the second parts one of this subitem is brought to the attention of the advertizing distributor within 5 working days from the date of its acceptance;

2.5. the decision on repeated inclusion of the advertizing distributor in the Register is made by MART based on the statement within 5 working days from the date of its receipt.

In case of exception of the Register on the basis provided in the paragraph the second part one of subitem 2.4 of this Item, the application is submitted not earlier than in 6 months after decision making about exception.

3. For office use.

4. To provide to Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus till January 1, 2022 reduction of regulatory legal acts in compliance with this Decree and to take other measures for its realization.

5. This Decree becomes effective in the following procedure:

Item 1, subitems 2.2-2.5 of Item 2 - since January 1, 2022;

subitem 2.1 of Item 2 - since February 1, 2022;

other provisions of this Decree - in 10 days after its official publication.

President of the Republic of Belarus

A. Lukashenko


to the Presidential decree of the Republic of Belarus of November 2, 2021 No. 426

Services in placement (distribution) of advertizing which advertizing distributors have the right to render without inclusion in the Register

Services in placement (distribution):

outdoor advertizing;

advertizing on vehicles and in their salons;

advertizing by means of telephone, telex, facsimile, cellular mobile telecommunication, e-mail;

advertizing in buildings (rooms, constructions), and also in venues of cultural, educational, sporting, sports and mass, tourist events, competitions, tenders, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and other similar actions;

advertizing on paper, not belonging to printing mass media;

the advertizing on the global computer Internet (including with use of advertizing services) which are not connected with placement in online media;

other advertizing, the Republic of Belarus determined by Council of Ministers.


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