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of December 7, 2018 No. 1385-VQ

About psychological assistance

(as amended of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of 04.05.2021 No. 312-VIQD)

This Law according to Item 1 of part I of article 94 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic determines legal basis of rendering psychological assistance in the Azerbaijan Republic, the rights and obligations of receivers of psychological assistance and psychologists, governs the relations arising in this sphere.

Chapter 1. Basic provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

1.0. The concepts used in this Law designate the following:

1.0.1. psychological assistance - the measures which are carried out on the basis of the psychological principles and methods for the purpose of the solution of psychological problems, elimination of consequences of stressful situations, improvement of the interpersonal relations and mental health, development of the personality, social adaptation;

1.0.2. the psychologist - the person who is meeting the requirements established by this Law, graduated in the field of psychology or profession of the psychologist in the form of additional education according to the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About education" and having the right to give psychological assistance;

1.0.3. the receiver of psychological assistance - person (persons) addressing person giving psychological assistance in connection with difficult psychological situation;

1.0.4. standards of psychological assistance - set of the minimum requirements to type, form, duration and quality of psychological assistance approved by body (organization) determined by relevant organ of the executive authority;

1.0.5. primary psychological assistance - the unspecialized actions directed to reduction of signs of acute stress at victims during emergency situations and satisfaction of basic needs of the person;

1.0.6. psychoanalysis - the psychological theory of treatment of mental disturbances and method of psychotherapeutic treatment;

1.0.7. crisis situation - defiant psychological problems of circumstance which the person cannot independently eliminate;

1.0.8. emergency psychological assistance - the specialized psychological assistance given to persons which are in crisis situation;

1.0.9. family therapy - the independent direction of psychotherapy oriented to rendering psychological assistance to families;

1.0.10. behavioural psychology - the field of psychology studying the principles of behavior;

1.0.11. neuropsychology - the field of psychology studying structure and functions of the central nervous system in connection with psychological processes;

1.0.12. psychopathology - the field of psychology studying disorder of mental activities;

1.0.13. clinical (medical) psychology - the field of psychology studying interrelation of mental conditions with diseases;

1.0.14. the clinical (medical) psychologist - person meeting the requirements established by this Law with education not below the master of clinical (medical) psychology and length of service in at least 1 (one) year and the having right to give psychological assistance in medical institutions;

1.0.15. psychological problem - the psychological concern connected with person, professional activity, the interpersonal relations, marital status and (or) other problems of private life;

1.0.16. clinical psychological assistance - psychological assistance given by clinical (medical) psychologists in the form of psychotherapy, psychological inspection (diagnostics), psychological recovery and psychological correction, and also psychological consultation.

Article 2. Legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on psychological assistance

The legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on psychological assistance consists of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, this Law, other regulatory legal acts and international treaties which participant is the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 3. Scope of the Law

3.1. This Law extends to citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic, foreigners and persons without citizenship, and also to all legal entities, the branches and representations of foreign legal entities operating in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic irrespective of their form of business.

3.2. The word "psychologist", "psychological", "psychoanalysis", "psychodiagnostics", "psychotherapy" and phrases containing these words in the names and other details can be used only by persons having the right to give psychological assistance according to this Law.

3.3. Provisions of this Law do not extend to the following cases:

3.3.1. the mental health services performed by the doctor according to the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About mental health services";

3.3.2. the psychological examination appointed according to the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on administrative offenses, the penal and civil procedural legislation;

3.3.3. psychological inspection in connection with employment in the workplaces determined by the Labor code of the Azerbaijan Republic in which professional activity is connected with source of enhanced danger, on military service in Armed Forces of the Azerbaijan Republic and in educational institutions of special function.

Article 4. Types and forms of psychological assistance

4.1. Types of psychological assistance following:

4.1.1. psychological prevention and education - awareness on the factors and conditions causing psychological problems;

4.1.2. psychological consultation - process of the help to person in understanding and the solution of the psychological problems;

4.1.3. psychological support - identification and prevention of psychological problems which can affect adaptation capability of person;

4.1.4. psychological inspection (diagnostics) - studying of the psychological problems of person breaking normal harmony of life, influencing its system of behavior and the relations, and assessment of individual and psychological properties of the receiver of psychological assistance for the purpose of the correct determination of type, form and amount of given psychological assistance;

4.1.5. psychotherapy - treatment of mental disturbances with use of psychological methods;

4.1.6. psychological recovery and psychological correction - psychosocial adaptation and recovery or development of effective social behavior of person with problems of mental health;

4.1.7. psychological training (psychological training) - the method of active training aimed at the development of the new knowledge, skills and relations connected with the field of psychology.

4.2. Psychological assistance is performed in the following forms:

4.2.1. depending on interrelation form between the receiver of psychological assistance and the specialist - straight line or mediated (with use of phone, the Internet and other technical means);

4.2.2. depending on quantity and the list of participants - individual, family, group;


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