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of July 15, 2021 No. ZR-302

About cinematography

Accepted by National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on June 30, 2021

Chapter 1. General provisions

The purpose of this Law - to provide development of the sphere of cinematography in the Republic of Armenia, to create sufficient legal guarantees and to promote creation, distribution, display and promotion of national movies, preserving and ensuring availability of film heritage and the film chronicle.

Article 1. Subject of regulation of the Law

1. This Law establishes the principles of state policy in the field of cinematography, the purposes and forms of the state assistance, power of the state and other bodies, governs the legal, organizational and financial relations in cinema activities.

Article 2. Legislation on cinematography

1. The relations connected with cinematography are regulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia (further - the Constitution), international treaties of the Republic of Armenia (further - the international agreements), this Law, other laws of the Republic of Armenia (further - the law) and other regulatory legal acts adopted according to this Law.

2. If international treaties establish other regulations, than are provided by this Law, then regulations of international treaties are applied.

Article 3. The basic concepts used in the Law

1. In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1) the national movie - the movie meeting the conditions specified in article 13 of this Law;

2) the helping person - legal entity or physical person which gratuitously allocates money for the purpose of creation, distribution and preserving movies without intervention in these processes and acquisitions of valuable interests;

3) classification - differentiation of the movie on criteria of age restriction of the audience;

4) the capital - the inviolable capital which is created or replenished due to the assignments made from the government budget and the helping persons and also other means which are not prohibited by the law;

5) subtitration - carrying out in shot of words of characters of the movie or text containing explanations;

6) the feature film - the movie lasting 52 and more minutes;

7) the short film - the movie lasting less than 52 minutes;

8) cinematography - the sphere of culture and art including set of the professional, creative, productive, technical, scientific and educational activity connected with creation, distribution, display of the movie;

9) movie theater - the place with one or more halls for display of the movie the appropriate technical means on the screen for 50 and more viewers;

10) film heritage - initial material of the movie, the original of the movie or its copy, the accessories necessary for creation of the movie (scenic elements, furniture, clothes, the device, the equipment, subject, construction), the personal and real estate inherited, kept, transferred to the next generations and which are public property;

11) the film register - the database created for the purpose of the organization of the statistical recording of national movies;

12) the film chronicle - documentary material in which in chronological procedure the sequence of events or the facts for further use is reflected;

13) film festival - the event held according to the competitive or not competitive program and the approved regulations for the purpose of display of the movies chosen in one and more nominations;

14) dubbing-in - scoring of simultaneous interpretation of syllabic articulation of words of characters of the movie;

15) coproduction - the filmoproizvodstvo meeting the requirements specified regarding 1 article 26 of this Law;

16) the certificate - the document confirming the right of acquisition of the services connected directly with filmoproizvodstvo at the price is 20 percent lower than the minimum beneficial price;

17) audiorepresentation - the short oral description of scenes of the movie for persons having problems with sight;

18) the supplier - the business entity who received state registration in the Republic of Armenia, delivering the services connected directly with filmoproizvodstvo;

19) the minimum beneficial price - economically reasonable minimum price at which the supplier would render service in the absence of price regulation of the state;

20) the beneficiary - the business entity who received state registration in the Republic of Armenia to whom, according to this Law, financing is allocated;

21) creative group - the working group participating in creation of the movie including the scriptwriter, the director or the chief director, the director or the director of photography, the director or the art director, the author of music, the sound producer, the editing director, the film editor, the animator, the costume designer, the artist, the make-up artist, to the actor of the first, second and third plan;

22) the distribution certificate - the document confirming the right to issuance of the original of the movie, its copy or copies;

23) business entity - the legal entity performing business activity in the field of cinematography;

24) the movie - the audiovisual work created by joint activities of creative group on the basis of the creative idea, fixed on the movie or other carriers and intended for representation to the public by means of the appropriate technical means;

25) the producer of the movie - the legal entity or physical person performing functions on stimulation and distribution of attractiveness of the Republic of Armenia as the countries favorable for filmoproizvodstvo, and also to rendering assistance to filmoproizvoditel at different stages of filmoproizvodstvo;

26) the distributor (distributor) of the movie - the business entity performing distribution of the movie;

27) the demonstrator of the movie - the business entity organizing display of the movie;

28) filmoproizvoditel - business entity acquiring exclusive rights on the movie based on the agreements signed with creative group who undertakes filmoproizvodstvo and bears responsibility for it;

29) filmoproizvodstvo - the activities performed by filmoproizvoditel for the purpose of creation of the movie with involvement of creative group, technical and other means;

30) the original of the movie - the first copy of finally approved version of the movie corresponding to format of initial material of the movie on high-quality criteria;

31) initial material of the movie - negative, контратип, the original of video soundtrack, music, sound comparison and magnetic soundtracks, the control copy and other materials which are stored on the material carrier and necessary for preserving and reproduction of the movie;

32) the draft of the movie - set of the documents concerning creation of the movie based on which the decision on filmoproizvodstvo or its financing is made;

33) preserving the movie - activities for long-term storage, ensuring safety and recovery of initial materials of the movie, the original of the movie or its copy and draft of the movie;


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