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of September 22, 2021 No. 1770-IX

About prevention and counteraction to anti-Semitism in Ukraine

This Law is directed to prevention and counteraction to anti-Semitism, its manifestations in Ukraine.

Article 1. Determination of the term

1. Anti-Semitism - certain perception of Jews which is expressed as hatred to Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed to Jews or non Jews and/or their property, organizations, religious places of the Jewish community.

Article 2. Main manifestations of anti-Semitism

1. Manifestations of anti-Semitism are:

objections in the right of self-identification of persons of the Jewish origin;

appeal, concealment or justification of murder or damnification to persons of the Jewish origin;

the statement of false data, hateful and embittering, statements for persons of the Jewish origin;

the public statements connected with condemnation of persons of the Jewish origin as collectively responsible for the real or imaginary offenses made by one person or group of persons irrespective of ethnic origin or religion;

denial of the fact of prosecution and mass extermination of Jews during World War II (Holocaust);

production, distribution of any materials containing anti-Semitic statements, and also public use of materials, symbols and images of anti-Semitic content;

intentional damage or destruction of the buildings and other constructions belonging to persons of the Jewish origin, the Jewish communities and the public Jewish organizations and also religious or cult constructions (houses) based on anti-Semitism;

intentional damage, destruction or defilement of places of burials of persons of the Jewish origin, monuments, the memorable signs devoted to persons of the Jewish origin based on anti-Semitism;

intolerance to persons of the non Jewish origin who were identified as persons of the Jewish origin;

appeals to anti-Semitism.

Article 3. Prohibition of anti-Semitism, its manifestations

1. Anti-Semitism, its manifestations in Ukraine are prohibited.

Article 4. Responsibility for violation of the legislation on anti-Semitism

1. Persons guilty of violation of requirements of this Law bear civil, administrative and criminal responsibility according to the law.

Article 5. Compensation of material damage and moral harm

1. Person has the right to compensation of material damage and moral harm, the caused to it owing to anti-Semitism, its manifestations, according to the procedure, determined by the legislation of Ukraine.

Article 6. Final provisions

1. This Law becomes effective from the date of, its publication following behind day.

President of Ukraine

V. Zelensky


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