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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Uzbekistan

On March 13, 1999 No. 667

Approved the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 15, 1998, No. 19 by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan of February 5, 1999 No. EG/30-01-12/7

Approximate Charter of investment fund

I. General provisions

1.1. Name of investment fund:

in Uzbek:

complete: "___________________" ochik aktsiyadorlik zhamiyat investment fund,

reduced: "__________" IF.

in Russian:

complete: open joint stock company _____________ investment fund,

reduced: IF "___________".

1.2. Location: _________________________________________.

1.3. Postal address: __________________________________________.

II. Legal position of IFA

2.1. _______________ investment fund (further referred to as "IF"), are the open joint stock company operating according to the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About the companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan", "About the mechanism of functioning of the security market", "About joint-stock companies and protection of shareholder rights", "Provision on investment funds", other acts of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and also constituent documents and this charter.

2.2. IF is investment fund: open type (shall redeem own shares upon the demand of their owners) or the closed type (has no obligations of the redemption own shares).

2.3. The rights and obligations of the legal entity of IF acquires from the date of its state registration. IF has round stamp with the name, logo (symbolics), settlement and other accounts.

2.4. Effective period of IFA _________ of years (or "is unrestricted").

2.5. Founders of IFA: __________________________________________________ (legal entities);

                          (full name, number and date

                             state registration,

                           legal address, settlement account)

                    ____________________________________________________ (physical persons).

                                 (Full name, passport data)

2.6. IF bears responsibility according to the obligations all property belonging to it. IF does not answer for obligations the shareholders. Shareholders do not answer for obligations IFA and bear risk of the losses connected with activities of IFA within cost of the stocks owned by them.

III. Purpose and object of activity of IFA

3.1. The purpose of activities of IFA is accumulation of means of physical persons and legal entities with their investment on behalf of IFA in securities, on bank accounts and in deposits for profit earning (income), and also decrease in risks of shareholders in case of their activities in the security market.

3.2. Object of activity of IFA is:

- release and share acquisition,

- security transactions,

- participation on customs of the shareholder in development and increase in efficiency of activities of the companies which shares he holds.

3.3. Combination of activities of IFA with other types of activity is not allowed.

3.4. Activities of IFA can be performed only after signing of the license by it in the Center for coordination and control of functioning of the security market (further referred to as "Center").

IV. Investment declaration

4.1. Directions of investment policy: (the aggressive policy directed to risk, high-profit investments; the passive policy directed on low-risk with the stable income of investment; the moderate policy combining two poles of the directions of investment policy).

The short description of expected activities of IFA in the security market, IF proceeding from the direction of investment policy, according to what will make security transactions and to make investments into securities, on bank accounts and in deposits.

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