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Registered by the

Ministry of Justice

Republic of Uzbekistan

On August 24, 1998 No. 480

Approved as Uzgosstandart CEO of June 10, 1998

Procedure for marking by the Mark of conformity of the alcoholic products which are turned out by the companies in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

(as amended on 01-06-2016)



June 8, 1998


GPO "Davlat of Belgisa"

June 8, 1998

1. General provisions

1.1. This Procedure N221 "About Additional Measures for Strengthening of the State Monopoly for Production and Turnover of Alcoholic Products and Increase in Receipts in the Budget from Realization of Alcoholic and Tobacco Products in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan" and based on the Laws "About Standardization", "About Certification of Products and Services", "About Quality and Safety of Food Products", "About Consumer Protection", and also, Regulations on the state supervision of standards and measuring instruments in the Republic of Uzbekistan approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of August 12, 1994 N410 is developed in execution of the Resolution of the RUZ Cabinet of Ministers of May 21, 1998.

1.2. The main objectives of this Procedure are:

- strengthening of consumer protection from market penetration of poor-quality and counterfeited products;

- establishment of single procedure for marking of the alcoholic products which are turned out by the companies in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

1.3. The requirements for marking of alcoholic products established by this procedure extend to all producers of these products, irrespective of patterns of ownership, and the officials exercising the state supervision and control of quality and safety of alcoholic products in case of its production and realization.

1.4. Requirements of this Procedure are equated to requirements of the existing standards.

2. Procedure for marking by mark of conformity * alcoholic products

2.1. All alcoholic products according to the current legislation are subject to obligatory certification and marking on rules, the provided standards on specific type of products.


* "Mark of conformity" - the sign registered in accordance with the established procedure which marks alcoholic products, for specifying of the fact that these products conform to the specific Article standard

1. Law "About Certification of Products and Services")


2.2. For ensuring quality control and safety of alcoholic products it is marked by the Mark of conformity protected from counterfeit.

2.3. The mark of conformity is put down on the label, and also after discretion of the manufacturer in addition on stopper.

2.4. The place of putting down of mark of conformity, its form, the size and other parameters are determined by standards.

2.5. Labels for marking of alcoholic products shall be made at the polygraphic companies having in accordance with the established procedure the registration certificate of the polygraphic company. Labels shall be made of high-quality paper. Application of the corresponding methods of protection of labels against counterfeits is allowed.

At the discretion of manufacturer of alcoholic products of the label, can be also made outside the Republic of Uzbekistan, in case of observance of requirements of Item 2.6 of this Procedure.

2.6. On the face of the label shall be specified:

name of superior organization;

name of manufacturer;

the code of manufacturer corresponding to the code on excise stamp assigned for the company according to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the excise tax;

name and type of products;

the trademark (for the companies with registered trade mark);

volume fraction of ethyl alcohol as a percentage;

nominal amount in liters, dm3;

mark of conformity on O "z DSt 5.8 with number of registration in the State registry;

designation of this standard;

the medical prevention occupying at least 40% of the main area of the label in the form of text text and (or) the drawing:

"Alkogol mahsulotlarini me" yordan ortiq iste "mol qilish inson asab tizimi va ichki a" zolarining og "ir kasalliklariga olib keladi" - "Leads abuse of alcoholic products to serious illness of nervous system and internals".

2.7. The basis for the conclusion of contracts for label printing is availability of the license for production".

2.8. Ceased to be valid according to the Order registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 27.06.2016 No. 380-3

3. Responsibility for violation of rules of marking

3.1. Release and realization of the alcoholic products which do not have the marks of conformity provided by this Procedure is forbidden, and her manufacturers guilty of it are made responsible according to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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