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of July 28, 2006 No. 854

About Rules of public conveyance and baggage road transport

(as amended of the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of 24.07.2017 No. 592)

The government DECIDES:


Prime Minister

Vasile Tarlev

Minister of Economic Affairs

and trade


Valeriu Lazer

Minister of Finance

Mihail Pop

Minister of Internal Affairs

George Papuk

Minister of Transport and

road economy

Miron Gagauz

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of July 28, 2006 No. 854


I. General provisions

1. The rules of public conveyance and baggage road transport (further - Rules) developed according to the Code of road transport approved by the Law No. 116-XIV of July 29, 1998. (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 1998, Art. No. 90-91, 581), is established by the main conditions of implementation in the territory of the Republic of Moldova and outside the country of public conveyances and baggage road transport and are obligatory for carrier agents - owners of the license (in dalneyshemtransportny agents), and also for the companies, the organizations, organizations and persons using services of road transport (daleezakazchik).

2. Carrier agents act in strict accordance with the existing normative legal acts, and also international agreements which party the Republic of Moldova is, ensuring traffic safety and safety of passengers, environmental protection, culture of servicing of passengers and safety of baggage.

Carrier agents shall have the license for the right of implementation of motor transportations of passengers in public concerns according to the current legislation and satisfy conditions concerning material and technical resources, professional suitability, financial opportunities. The documents confirming accomplishment of these conditions are specified in Item 6 of these rules.

3. Public administration road transport is exercised of industry body of the supervisory public control in interaction with bodies of local public authority and other authorities.

4. Carrier agents can perform the following categories and types of transport of passengers:

a) categories of transportations:

- national transportations;

- international carriages;

b) types of transport:

transportations in public concerns:

transportations along regular routes;

irregular transportations (by request):

transportations according to one-time requests;

tourist transportations;

taxi transportations;

transportations for personal reasons;

c) on the accomplishment mode:

- regular;

- high-speed (with limited quantity of intermediate stops);

- the express - transportations (without intermediate stops).

5. Use for public conveyance in public concerns of the vehicles re-equiped from cargo vans of general purpose is forbidden.

The exception of the re-equiped vehicles of works on transportation is performed according to the following schedule:

the second half of the year 2006 - the re-equiped vehicles of release of 1992 inclusive are excluded;

the first half of the year 2007 - the re-equiped vehicles of release of 1993 are excluded;

the second half of the year 2007 - the re-equiped vehicles of release of 1994-2006 inclusive are excluded.

6. The vehicles allowed to public conveyance work at the basis of permission to activities for route (appendix No. 2 to these rules). The carrier agent files petition in authorized body for issue of permission to activities for route, submitting the following documents:

a) license for transport activities;

b) the certificate of conformity issued by certification body, accredited and authorized in compliance

with the current legislation which confirms compliance of services in public conveyance to the existing requirements;

c) certificate of classification of buses by stars (in case of need);

d) the certificates confirming periodic (once in 3 years) occupational retraining of drivers and modes of transport managers.

7. For servicing of regular and irregular passenger international routes, regular and irregular national routes more than 100 km long, and also tourist transportations only the buses having 17 and more places, including driver's seat, classified by stars by body, authorized industry body of the supervisory public control according to the international requirements are used.

For servicing of irregular routes it is not obligatory to trade on the buses classified by stars.

8. Vehicles on which public conveyances are performed shall meet the requirements established for each mode of transport and have onboard document package, provided by these rules and the current legislation.

9. In these rules the following basic concepts are used:

taximeter (counter) - the measuring means having the control cash register with fiscal memory with additional functions on measurement of time and the passable way, automatic calculation based on the established (programmed) rates of the amount which the client (passenger), with printout of the amount which is subject to payment and issue at the end of route of the cash register receipt shall pay;

the bus - the vehicle intended on the design for transportation more than 9 sitting persons (including the driver) and their baggage. Can have one or two levels;

the tourist bus - specially equipped bus allowing to transport people including for the purpose of tourism, in safety conditions and comfort;

the tourist bus classified by stars - the bus intended for tourist trips in national and international messages and public public conveyances in the international message;


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