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of June 3, 2006 No. 74-FZ

(The last edition from 27-12-2018)

It is approved by Council of the Russian Federation on May 26, 2006

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Code

For the purpose of of this Code the following basic concepts are used:

1) the water area - water space within natural, artificial or conditional borders;

2) water economy - activities in the field of studying, uses, protection of water objects, and also prevention and liquidation of negative impact of waters;

3) water resources - surface and underground water which is in water objects and are used or can be used;

4) water object - natural or artificial reservoir, waterway or other object, permanent or temporary concentration of waters in which has the characteristic forms and signs of the water mode;

5) the water mode - change in time of level, expense and amount of water in water object;

6) water fund - set of water objects within the territory of the Russian Federation;

7)  No. 417-FZ voided according to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 07.12.2011;

8) the water user - physical person or the legal entity which are granted right to use by water object;

9) water consumption - water consumption from water supply systems;

10) No. 417-FZ voided according to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 07.12.2011;

11) water management system - complex of water objects and intended for ensuring rational use and protection of water resources of hydraulic engineering constructions;

12) the water management site - the part of the river basin having the characteristics allowing to set limits of fence (withdrawal) of water resources from water object and other parameters of use of water object (water use);

12. 1) the soil extracted when carrying out dredging, hydrotechnical works (further - ground soil), - the soil of bottom of water object extracted in case of construction, reconstruction, operation of the hydraulic engineering and other constructions located on water objects, creation and content of inland waterways of the Russian Federation, prevention of negative impact of waters and liquidation of its effects, maintenance of proper sanitary condition of water objects and favorable state of environment;

13) drainage waters - waters which removal is performed by drainage constructions for dumping into water objects;

14) use of water objects (water use) use by different methods of water objects for requirements satisfaction of the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation, municipalities, physical persons, legal entities;

15) depletion of waters - permanent reducing inventories and quality degradation of surface and underground water;

16) negative impact of waters - flooding, flooding, destruction of coast of water objects, bogging and other negative impact on certain territories and objects;

17) protection of water objects - system of the actions directed to preserving and recovery of water objects;

18) the river basin - the territory, the superficial drain of waters with which through the connected reservoirs and waterways is performed to the sea or the lake;

19) sewage - rain, thawed, infiltration, watering, drainage snow, sewage of centralized system of water disposal and other waters, assignment (dumping) of which into water objects it is performed after their use or the drain of which is performed from the catchment area.

Article 2. Water legislation

1. The water legislation consists of of this Code, other Federal Laws and the laws of subjects of the Russian Federation adopted according to them.

2. The regulations governing the relations on use and protection of water objects (the water relations) and containing in other Federal Laws, the laws of subjects of the Russian Federation shall correspond to this Code.

3. The water relations can be governed also by presidential decrees of the Russian Federation which shall not contradict this Code, other Federal Laws.

4. The government of the Russian Federation publishes the regulatory legal acts governing the water relations within the powers determined by this Code, other Federal Laws, and also presidential decrees of the Russian Federation.

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