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Registered by

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

June 2, 2021

No. 738/36360


of April 9, 2021 No. 204

About approval of the Procedure for carrying out security audit of highways

According to part four of article 50 of the Law of Ukraine "About highways", PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve the Procedure for carrying out security audit of highways which is applied.

2. To provide to management of road infrastructure submission of this order in accordance with the established procedure on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (A. Ryabov).

3. To provide to department of external communications placement of this order on the official website of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine.

4. This order becomes effective from the date of its official publication.

5. To impose control of execution of this order on the deputy minister of Zhivitsky.

Acting minister 

D. Abramovich

It is approved:

Chairman of the Public regulatory service of Ukraine


A. Kucher

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

A. Avakov

Minister of development of communities and territories of Ukraine

O. Chernyshov

Representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for human rights

L. Denisova

First Deputy Minister of digital transformation of Ukraine

A. Vyskub

Approved by the Order of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine of April 9, 2021 , No. 204

Procedure for carrying out security audit of highways

1. This Procedure establishes the procedure of carrying out security audit of highways (further - audit) and registrations of its results.

2. In this Procedure terms are used in the value given in the Law of Ukraine "About highways".

3. Audit is booked by the auditor of safety of highways (further - the auditor) or legal entities who involve such auditors, data on whom are included in the register of auditors of safety of highways.

4. Financing of carrying out audit is performed according to article 42-1 of the Law of Ukraine "About highways".

5. Terms, stages of carrying out audit, the amount of works, the number of persons which will perform audit are determined by the customer.

6. Audit at stage of the feasibility statement (FS) is booked by the description of such elements of influence on traffic safety:

determination of shortcomings and potential risks of the highway;

the current situation and the predicted result on the scenario of "failure to act";

is more whole than traffic safety;

the analysis of influence of the alternatives offered by the auditor on traffic safety;

comparisons of alternatives, including cost analysis and benefits;

recommendations about prevention or reduction of weight of consequences of the revealed shortcomings and potential risks for safety of the highway or its site;

information concerning the road accidents, the predicted result on the scenario of "failure to act";

choice of arrangement of the highway and scheme of the organization of traffic;

possible influence on the available highway networks public, including intersections, transitions;

participants of traffic, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists;

traffic load and structure of transport flow, including expected flows of pedestrians and bicycles;

seasonal and climatic conditions;

availability of enough safe places for the parking;

seismic activity.

7. Audit at stage of preparation of the project or working project is carried out by the description of such elements of influence on traffic safety:

geographical arrangement (influence of landslides, floods, avalanches), seasonal and climatic conditions and seismic activity;

types of traffic intersections and distances between them;

quantities of lanes and material of covering;

traffic load and structure of transport flow;

functional purpose of highway network public;

seasonal and climatic conditions;

speeds of movement of vehicles;

information concerning the road accidents;

passenger common carrier and infrastructure;

railway crossings;

conditions for pedestrians, cyclists (including availability of alternative routes or department from high-speed movement of the car), persons who move on motor two wheeled vehicles, the personal electric or not motorized vehicles, on traffic safety;

density and arrangements of transitions for pedestrians;

schemes of the device of traffic intersections;

distributions of transport flows on lanes;

visibility distances;

engineering arrangement, including means of information support of traffic (in particular, route signs and indexes, road marking, traffic lights, video cameras, elements of systems of automated management of movement, the directing devices);

rated speeds of movement of vehicles on adjacent sites;

geometrical parameters of the highway;

walking paths and sidewalks;

bicycle tracks;

lighting of roads, intersections and crosswalks;

the decorative plantings intended for providing esthetic type of highways including green plantings;

providing safe places for stops, parking and parkings of vehicles;

adaptations of systems road content (the central clauses) and means for prevention of danger to pedestrians, cyclists, persons who move on motor two-wheeled, the personal electric or not motorized vehicles;

buildings and constructions, elements of road service.

8. Audit at stage after commissioning is booked taking into account national standards and the actual behavior of users of the highway by the description of such elements of influence on traffic safety:

safety of participants of traffic and visibility under different weather conditions, in night and day time;

readability and visibility of route signs and marking;

arrangements of the highway technical means of the organization of traffic, roughness indicators;

conditions of sidewalks, bicycle paths, crosswalks and lighting.

9. At any stage of audit the auditor can make the decision of rather additional description of elements of impact assessment on traffic safety which is carried out at the previous stages.


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